A year passed by like whiskey going down Shane Warne's throat. 2009 went like a whisker. I have become old and this might be the last Bachelor year for me. I have taken a few resolutions too ( as though i am gonna abide by it)

The resolutions

I promise not to add pictures of beautiful girls with the bad intention of pulling more ogling-readers to my page.

I have decided to stop clubbing . Even if i dance, I would never ever dance with a taller girl. The last time I danced with someone taller than me (Thanks to Saranya's three inch heels) i dropped her on the floor.

And I would never teach Salsa to a guy. I am not gonna give wrong signals to all the non-straight people out there.

I promise never to have this Osama Bin laddu beard again in my life. I was stopped and interrogated at the airport. It took 15 minutes for them to realise that I was just a comedy piece.

I hereby promise to work hard for the "Save Earth" campaign. Earth is the only planet where one can find Mandira Bedi.

I will not hang around girls - they think you love them and that sucks.

I will never ever pinch baby-bums and make them cry. I took many other decisions too. I promise to write at least two blog-posts per month. But before I complete this post, I would like to pass on a very shocking message to all working people/students. People with a weak heart are not advised to view the following picture.

Wish you a Happy New year.