To start with, I would like to extend my gratitude to all my readers for voting me as India's third most humorous writer in the recently concluded indibloggies poll. The vital statistical information of the poll is added here. I bow down to all my friends who voted more than once from proxy ids. The results of this year's polls has taught me to be more vigilant and competent for next year's finals. I promise to create many e-mail ids before next year's poll.

Moving on to today's topic, I am gonna write about one thing that gets on my nerves every time i go online. I am talking about Farmville. Farmville is an addictive game application found in facebook.Farmville fans can now enjoy the addictive farming game on and bypass the Farmville Facebook App which they have been using so long. You still require to connect to Facebook for log in, so that you can retrieve your saved game and level, but the interface is much better. I was never sucked into the Farmville Craze even though, I was once forced to join Farmville by one blackmailing friend of mine.

Let me tell you, how i was tricked to join farmville. It was a cold November night. I was online and I was asking my friends to vote for my blog in the indibloggies competition. My friend Meera happened to be online too. I should have kept quiet. But out of sheer greed to get one more vote i started a conversation with her on Facebook chat.
Chrony : Hi Meera. Ssup?
(No reply for a long time. Was she throwing attitude? Should i send another message?What the heck? After all I get one more vote.)
Chrony : Hey Meera
Meera : Tell me. I am busy.
Chrony : Ok I'll make it quick then. Do vote for me in the indibloggies poll in the humor blogger category.
Meera : Yes. I will vote for you if you do me a favor
Chrony : and that is..???
Meera : Be my neighbour in farmville
That's how i joined farmville. out of the 161 votes, Meera's vote was because of farmville (Thanks to farmville). Every farmville expert would have seen this brown cow in their farm. It is not just an ordinary cow. It gives chocolate milk. What can one do with virtual chocolate milk? I am at least ok with the brown cow roaming around in the farm. But I could never digest the existence of the lonely pink cow which gives strawberry milk. We should be really vary of these cows. They have the audacity to give milk in different flavors but still end up getting lost in various farms. The moment i see them with their innocent faces, i feel like punching them. I would have done that, if i were using my friend's laptop instead of mine.Where on earth can you find a pink cow? I haven't seen one in my entire lifetime. I have seen a pink bull though. I saw the pink bull in a jallikattu ( The bullfight of Tamilnadu). I was just thinking whether it would give strawberry milk too. If you are a smart reader, you would have said," Hey Chriz! But one cannot milk a bull". To all those smart readers, i have one thing to say," Try milking the pink bull. You will see it smile"

A recent online conversation between Suresh and Chronicwriter. (Suresh is Chronicwriter’s classmate in college and he is recently married)

Chrony : Hi bro.. Howdie?
Suresh : Hi Chriz.. I am ok. How you?
Chrony: Just ok? You are just married for a week.
Suresh : Yeah Right
Chrony : Why do you sound so down? Any problem with your wife?
Suresh : Things were better when I was single, bro.
Chrony: Why? What happened?
Suresh : Its 11.30 P.M and she is playing Farmville.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Farmville is cited as a major reason for future divorces around the globe.A public message to Mrs. Suresh: I hope you would have understood your mistake by now. But I would rather prefer you to continue playing Farmville, because I am pretty sure that you would have a quality time tending your crops at Farmville than spending it with Suresh. Does he brush his teeth at least now?

My collegemate-Robert, who once had the habit of pelting dogs with stones especially during the dog-mating season ( I have no idea why he was jealous) is also in facebook and he plays farmville too. He is very gentle to his ducks, turtle and all the farm creatures. I can't believe it.

I would have earned the wrath of many of my friends through this post. But that doesn't stop me from saying this to all my facebook friends, "One more farmville request from anyone,I will surely massacre all your animals in the farm and eat them up.I would not stop there... I would chop off all the plants in your farm and burn your crops and would even cut your pink cow's tail.

Conclusion : Stop fooling around in farmville. Start helping the real farmers


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