Friday, December 04, 2009

379. How to market your blog?

One might have great language skills, great writing skills, great content, great thought process to run a blog page. But if the blog is not marketed properly, the world will not know about all these skills.Shakespeare did not become popular because of his English. England made him popular. Hence it is every blogger's birthright to market his/her blog. You might be a popular figure in your friends circle. But are you a popular figure in your college/workplace/town/state/country? You can become an international personality in no time, only if you know how to market your blog. You might say," Chriz! You are not an International personality. So Who gave you the right to write on this topic?". If you think that i am not yet an International personality, please check the following three pictures.. Click the pictures for enlarged (better) view.

1)Obama talks from his heart

He might be the President of America. But he remembers his inspiration in this picture

2) What does people around the world say about Chronicwriter?
Black or white, Yellow or Tanned, Brown or Pink. What ever be the race of the person, they all salute Chronicwriter here.

3) Secret behind Sehwag's dismissal

When Sehwag was dimissed in the 290s, his fans were disappointed; but he knew why he got out.

As I have proved my worth regarding my International fame and success, i am gonna carry on giving some tips for marketing your blog. There are two factors that are necessary to market your blog. 1) Primary Factors 2) Non-primary factors (otherwise called as secondary factors)
Primary factors to market your blog

1) You should have a blog. Click this [link] to read my article on blogging for beginners.
2) You should write something on your blog.
3) Visit other blogs and leave comments
4) Have a template that suits your stream of writing. If you write about world politics, a curved template like the one in this page will not suit you. If you are a joker, wear a joker costume; if you are a professional, wear a tie and a suit; if you are an informal guy, just be casual.
5) Perform steps 2 and 3 again
Non primary (Secondary) factors to market your blog
Now you are all dressed up to go to the party. Everyone will be in their best attire for the party. So you need to catch everyone's attention if you want everyone to notice you. So here are some tips to make your blog popular in the blogsville. The secondary factors is all about how well you Display your blog.
Public Display
  • Print your blog url in your t-shirt and walk around in crowded places. Walking around near IT parks yield better results. (8 % increase in blog readership)

Private Display

  • Stick your blog url in public toilets, dressing room mirrors in shops (28% increase in blog readership)

Mobile Display

  • Send your blog url as sms to random numbers if you have free sms service. ( % increase varies)

e-mail Display

  • Add your blog url to your signature and send a bulk mail to everyone on your e-mail list. ( 17 % increase in blog readership)

Twitter Display

  • Join twitter and keep on tweeting your blog url. (% increase depends on number of followers)

Cricket Display

  • Write your blog url on a placard and go to cricket matches. (2 % increase )

Chronicwriter Display

  • Interview chronicwriter and add the interview in your blog (Ain't i cruel?) ( 56 % increase)

Educational Display

  • Pay a visit to primary schools and visit every classroom. When the teacher is not looking at you, write your blog url on the black board. (13 % increase)

Library Display

  • Go to a library and open as many popular books as you can and write your blog url on the pages. (6 % increase in traffic)

Media Display

  • Call for a press meet and tell that Sachin Tendulkar is not a Marathi. ( Does not matter, even if people start hating you. Your blog traffic will increase multi folds)

Most of these tips might sound silly and wierd. But when you think crazy and act crazy, the world will notice you. Getting noticed is all that is needed to make your blog popular.



  1. will hav eto do this as i aint blogging these days..

  2. thanks chriss for those brilliant marketing i know:)

  3. I have to do this... Atleast to beat U !!!

  4. Tried the public toilet system.. But people just wrote more stories and drew lewd diagrams over it when I went the next time.. :(

  5. @nirmal : haha.. the godfather theme rocks bro

    @mflowerr : yus.. now you know ;P

    @aishwarya : if you scold me, ill cry.. if you beat me, ill die

    @sirpy : never give up bro.. write on the ceiling too, where people can't easily reach.. someone said" its not crowded at the top"

  6. U trying to be the SRK of blogosphere? ;)

  7. hahahha..
    now i cm to know..all ur tricks :P..
    just a pic with such looks :P

  8. eventhoush crazy... luks like it might work

  9. Hahaha! Enjoyed this! I'm going to follow all your suggestions!

  10. Hahaha! :D Nice tips, Chriz! Especially the toilet one.

  11. hehe. nice one.
    some are actually doable :P

  12. wowowow :) cool tips .. hope this revitalises my dying blog.. cheers and do the tag :)

  13. I was going through a pretty depressed phase myself Chriz especially with reference to my writing.But now I have come to understand that readers or readers, I will continue to write and read writings I like and comment.
    I do not think very many people are consistent in returning visits but I surmise that's everyone's choice.There was a time I expected, now "naught".:D

    Sorry for a sad-sounding comment to a "nutty" post. Cheers. Continue to rock. :)

  14. Bro...toilet ah? :D unga creativity ena kodumayooo..!! :D .. Well i tried to do that T shirt thing...but ore budget patrakurai... how abt asking Namitha to wear our blog brand?


  15. super tips bro.... read a similar one at, when are the blogger award results gonna be announced?

  16. I HAVE to use one of them..thanks for the tips :P

  17. All the lines can help alot..


  18. first time here. Leaving the comment to advertise my blog. :P

  19. LOL nice one chrizz :)

    The Library display was so cool :) Randomness at its peak. Very nicee :D

    I likeeee.

  20. LOLzzzzz what a brilliant way to market one's blog... hehehehe :D and i really wonder from where does these ideas rain in your head :D ... those pictures are hillarious :D

  21. oh chrizz u just revealed my crisis!
    looks like you've been watching my every step in increasing blog traffic!

  22. Machi...dont ve words to say...Simply "shit"y....the best word to substitute

  23. @harish : i'd never jump inside a tub filled with rose petals though :P

    @amrita : :P many pics there my girl

    @pappu : it works bro for sure..

    @shenoy : thank you very much

    @dhanya : you too obsessed with toilet?

  24. @pooja : impossible is nothing

    @DS : hOT hOT hOT

    @ POSHIN : LOng way to go

    @ preeti : tag? lemme check out

    @ srini : you write in a very niche area bro.. only a few have the talent that u have.. cheers

  25. @hary : namitha promoting the blog.. wow.. never thought abt this.. thank you

    @jasper : i have read that post by twisted DNA.. i love his humor.. checked it again.. i found a couple of points similar in both the posts.. hope he starts writing again.. the results will be out by dec15

    @ekam : the toilet one?

    @escapist : :)

  26. @communi : haha

    @jyoti : welcum back

    @rajalakshmi : thanks for visiting this page on a regular basis.

    @sam : :P

    @raghu : thanks much

    @sundar : join the club bro

  27. How lovely ! Thank you for all the tips and tricks !

    And if that man became president ... Yes We can !

  28. hee hee gud one...loved ur pictures :D

  29. I was laughing hysterically while i read your post. Loved it man. U write really well. And ofcourse you take your readers with you..

  30. @Chriz

    Thanks bro. Made my day. :)

  31. wonderful techniques...
    Am already famous like u :P..juss tat I need photoshop to publish it on my blog :P

  32. funny as always, and those are some cool tips, will abide them for sure....

    take care and keep writing...........

  33. Point 5 of Primary factor!!

    I just did that!!

  34. I agree with the "its all about projecting" approach of yours!! Loved the post!! :)

  35. You sure have great talent in marketing, so with your mba skills you have helped even in blogs!! great job.

  36. man!am gonna try all this very soon...including interviewing u :D

    my aim is to make atleast monika lewinsky talk abt my blog, if not barack obama :D

  37. Am here after a long time da sorry was little occupied. Good Post though funny it make more sense. Primary reasons were rite facts on blogging

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. haha.. vry funny.. i jus started blogging.. thot this post is gng to help me.. :D private display is too gud..LOL

  40. recent tip:tease a writer in his twitter page until he blocks retweet it. soon a mob will create a hashtag like #chetanblocks...and some e-news mags will interview you..and you can bcom famous! eventhough you dont post anything in blog regularly!

    second slidela afghan aal bathila simbu potruklaam..resemblance match aagirkum!

    kosuru:blogger display pic ah oru ponnu pic eh vekalaam..enna maathri vaaliba pasanga antha bloglaye tent potruvaanga! :D

  41. had learnt a from this post now :P...have to learn more in blogging :P..


  42. i know the secrets of your popularity.
    Obama's reply sounded like the patent answers of IAS exam toppers. :D

  43. Chriz Bro...webneetech interview...:D was me who mentioned yu as my GURU... :D

    bad decision and all long back chosen...

  44. Awesome strategies! Stumbled upon your profile at! Best humor I've come across till now in the blog world! Will try to market my blog on the lines you've mentioned...lemme see what happens ;)

  45. i m gonna implement most of it, how about displaying them on ur red undies?

  46. Hilarious blog man! Your pics had THE attitude!

    Private display and classroom blackboards are superb techniques :D. I should try it sometime :P

  47. my readers are not my readers ... i guess i should follow ur tips :P

  48. Excellent ways to promote our blog... naliki naan ascendas pakama poren.. so gonna wear t-shirt with ma blog url on it!! :P

    Cheers :)

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    - Mark

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