Marrying an old bachelor is like buying a second hand furniture -Jackson Brown Junior

In India, the average Joe marries at the age of 26. I am already one year late. Am I a second hand furniture? That was a shocker of a news for me. Half of the bachelors in India would be sad to read this quote. I was sad too. In fact, i cried a little too.

Second hand... Second hand... Second hand.. These words echoed in my mind. My alter-ego added fuel to the fire with his hard hitting words;

" Chriz! What have you achieved all these years?"

" You are fit for nothing"

" Even Rakhi Sawant finds her way into the news. Why can't you create some news?"
" You neither have a girlfriend, nor fame and fortune"
All these insulting words egged me on to create some news. But What can a single, 27 year old bachelor do to create news? ( Don't tell me that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a single 27 year old bachelor too). I cannot do an item number like Mallika Sherawat. All I can do is stand inside water and show my bare back like this.

How many of you, out there tilted your heads to your left to have a better view of Chronicwriter's back? Curiosity; sure kills the cat! Ain't it? I am not going to try the easy way of becoming famous by verbally attacking Sachin Tendulkar. I am not emotionally impotent like the Tal Backerey's of the Arabian sea. The only weapon that i have with me is my humor page.Without a reader a like you, i would not have come all this way. When I started this blog, one of my inspiration was " Jammy". He was voted as the second most humorous blogger in India by indibloggies in 2006. I had a dream then -" To become one of the most humorous bloggers in India".
Now i have an opportunity to become the best in the business. The indibloggies jury has selected my blog in the final -list for the most humorous blog category. It is indeed a great honour to be pitted along some of the Big-humor-guns of the country. So if i have touched your heart/tickled your funny bone with my humor, you can vote for me. Click this [link] to vote for me. My Blog is in the 5th category " Most humorous indiblog category" . Blog name is "Chronicwriter". When you vote, use your email id to vote. You will get a confirmation mail to your email id. Just confirm it. It is as simple as this.
Winning this coveted award is entirely dependant on your mouse clicks. You can show love and affection for me by voting from different e-mail ids too . I remember when i was a kid, i used to tell my classmates that i had voted in the elections. Making them believe me was so simple. All i had to do was apply a black mark on my middle finger using my black Reynolds pen. Those were the days.
On this day, I would like to thank everyone who has travelled along with me in my blogging journey including the guy who came here looking for "Namitha - sexy thighs in bed" and vowed never to ever come back to this blog again. This journey was tough. My only weapon was humor. Initially, my only effort was to pull in as many comments as possible. If 10 readers comment on my page, I would individually reply to all the 10 comments and hence i would have a total of 20 comments on my page. I had to struggle to get comments on my page in the earlier days.
If i had been a girl or at least pretended to be one, i would have had million hits in the very first year. I was amazed by their ability to pull in almost 100 comments for a " I am crying today" blog post, that includes 7o "Don't worry" comments and other suggestions that include " call me", " I am there for you", " Love you " ,"awww", "Hugs". I never had a clue to rake in comments like that during my early blogging days. But as time went by, i started receiving a good number comments too which included constructive criticism as well as anonymous bashings. Soon I realised that raking in comments does not really matter. What really matters is -How you make the readers feel? and What you provide for your readers?. It took me a long time to understand this simple truth.
My blogger friends helped me a lot to increase my blog traffic. Facebook and twitter also played a great role. I should also thank Google for directing many readers to my blog even for search words like " Jessica Alba Nibbles " , " Paris Hilton red underwear", "Pamela anderson silicon implants". I would like to say sorry to all such guys whose hopes were shattered after realising that this ain't a porn page.I also thank all those lovely souls who constantly send me mails encouraging me for all my posts. I also thank all the wonderful people who have blogrolled me, bookmarked my page and receive my blog posts through emails.
Special mention to Rakesh for forwarding some of my humor posts through e-mails. I got one of my own posts as a forwarded e-mail too. I was so happy. But when I saw that my name was replaced by your name, i was angry for sometime. But my anger was short lived when i got the mail from you mentioning that your girlfriend liked that mail so much and that is the reason for you doing such an act (Hope your girlfriend is not reading this post of mine) . If she is Hot, let her read this post; If not, you can keep her.
So What if i am a second hand furniture? I have my blog and that makes me happy.

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