Wednesday, November 11, 2009

371. Confession time

Warning : Reading this post is like wetting your white pants. You get a warm feeling and people will notice it too

(Chronicwriter's water skiing days)

I have not made this known to anyone yet. For the first time in my life, i am confessing a few bad things i committed in my life. It doesn't matter if the reader forms a bad impression about the author of this page after reading this post (As if Chronicwriter has a good impression amongst people)

Death of Pinku and Tinku

In the summer of 1989, my neighbour's two cats "Pinku and Tinku" were found dead inside their Well. The reason for their suicide was not known. No one suspected Chronicwriter's hand behind their death. Jimmy Carr's quote, " Cats have nine lives, which makes them ideal for experimentation." acts as a guilt nullifier for me now.

Rajan Uncle's Glass window

There was this grumpy old man,"Rajan" in our locality. He was very rude to all the children in our locality. When I was a young boy, i used to play street cricket with my friends. Many a times the ball would be hit inside the backyard of Rajan Uncle's house. He was very strict and he would never give the ball back to us. There were times when we would sneak inside his house to reclaim the mishit ball. But at such times if he catches any one of us, he would smack us to glory. Eventually we stopped playing cricket near his house. But his glass window was constantly pelted by some unknown creepy Boy. No one suspected the Chronicwriter then.

Death of Bruno

Bruno, was my neighbour's pet dog. He once tried to commit suicide by biting his own private parts. He was this nagging, irritating dog. He never allowed me to enter my neighbour's house. So the day Bruno ate too much of rat poison and died, no one doubted Chronicwriter's hand behind the whole incident.

The rat poison that was in the store room of my house went missing.That does not mean that Chronicwriter poisoned Bruno. Who asked Bruno to eat Rat poison? Rat poison is meant for Rats and not for dogs.

Cry Babies

Why do young babies cry when Chronicwriter is around? Does he pinch them?

-Chronicwriter ( I might look like one. But I am not a sadist)


  1. Ivlo naughty ya???? No wonder babies cry when u are around!!!

  2. hey babies cry when i'm around too!! :D seriously! there are hardly who actually come to me or rather say who can get well along with me! Sigh! but i love kids! They dont love me :D

  3. lol... Good to be back reading your stuff bro...

    Glad that I didnt know you back then :P

    stay well...


  4. lolz. loved the last one :) a lot.

  5. I thought the list would have been a little longer!
    My sympathies are with the victims of Chronicwriter's pranks.
    And I hope Mrs. Menaka Gandhi reads this post :P

  6. pinku tinku...:(:(
    i hv special sentiments for cats :(..

  7. Hahah! Now I know why you posted that recent DP on FB - that pic conveys guilt! Bad boi Chriz :|

  8. hey had fun reading it:-),still u have been a bad kid,u shd have been grounded 4 dis,escaped huh?:/:-)

  9. hahah....i now know y the babies cry when ur around :P...


  10. I couldn't find the humor with the cruelty on animal..

  11. hahaha.. think you probably did whats's in the pic too :D

  12. the last one was the best!! :P mebbe they get scared of u. :D

  13. dude dude dude.... naughty have been are you haan ;),

    but i feel bad abt the cats yaa :(

    take care and keep writing.........

  14. omg!! i didnt realise u had this sadistic a side in u!! :P

  15. Just enjoyed it. Hope you will continue to add few more confessions to the list in the later posts.

  16. Chriz... forget it. I am reconsidering marrying you right now. The Poriyal will make a video of your misadventures. You shall see revenge!!

  17. i know one more bruno who tries to eat his private parts.. only problem is he is a better comedian than u and has a very sexy wife..

  18. tell me all this isnt true!! U killed a dog and two cats?? :( :( :(


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