Trivia: If not for Sex, we would not be on earth in the first place. I would not be typing this post and you would not be reading it either.

Talking openly about sex is a taboo in culturally rich countries like India and also in Countries which are governed by religious laws. How ever the rape, child molestation rates are high in these countries too. This clearly indicates that there is a complete imbalance in the law-setting (vs) law-abiding percentage in these countries.

Peter Sickle says," Talk openly on the topic of Sex, because everyone are good orators in this topic even if they do not have practical experience" . Please do not ask who this Peter Sickle is. He was sitting next to me in a train journey and this was one of his statements from the conversation i had with him. This quote made me to think and I realised that we are all Hypocrites when it comes to Sex.

The hypocrisy is passed on by Parents to their children even when they are very small kids. 99 % of the parents find it really hard to talk confidently with their children about sex. Pseudo names are given to private parts and are taught to the children. Some of the names that are commonly taught are tutu, chuchu, puppy shame, winky, peepee, poopoo. This makes the child to believe that there is something dirty and weird about private parts. You wouldn't make up another name for a nose or ear. So why use a nickname for private parts?

Parents should openly talk about private parts with their children. Every child should know the actual name of their body parts. A penis is always a penis and a vagina should always be a vagina. Avoid using comical names like Turtle, Cuckoo.

Recently in Mexico a three year old baby girl was molested by her family car driver and the parents could not win the lawsuit against the culprit because the little girl used terms like " Pie and Dudu". The father of the child was furiated that he attempted to kill the driver. Now the father is in prison and the actual culprit is free.
Psychologists always stress that it is the natural way to communicate with kids about their bodies which makes them confident in real life. It will boost the personality of little children also. I recently talked on this subject with my friend and his wife. They have two children aged 7 and 4 respectively. This is what my friend's wife had to say

I never had taught them the proper names because they had made up their own name for their vagina (their body). Don't know where they got it from but we never corrected them until now. I will have to say that I told my girls to not talk about their private parts with friends because each parent talks to their kids about it in their own way.

Parents should also teach their kids that private parts are not supposed to be part of public conversations and the kids would learn where to use the terminologies and where not to use them in a conversation. I am not trying to be corny. I am just voicing my view on a topic that is very serious. If you can relate to this post, you would understand the thin line between vulgarity and being Broad minded. If you can't fathom the idea behind this post, there is every possibility of drawing your own conclusions.

Yes we need a change in the way we bring up our children. We should stop being a hypocrite. Interviews with sex-offenders give a clear indication that they were not taught the right words for private parts when they were young and when they grew up, their curiosity on the topic on sex took dangerous turns.

Oh my goodness! Did i just type this post? I was going through this post and i was reminded by Mr.X( my alter-ego) that i am still single. It has been 24 years of falling in love and i have never been reciprocated for any of my attempts at falling in love. When I thought about this, i was filled with sadness and i could hear a feeble voice in my head saying," Mera Number kab aayega?". I was controlling my tears and i almost succeeded in controlling my tears until i read the news article about the 112 year old man who married a 17 year old teenage girl [link]

Some guys are lucky indeed. But still at 112? I am still crying.