I started talking only when I turned three years old. My parents were very much worried because of that. But finally when I started talking, they realised that they have a bratty chatterbox at home. They started telling me to keep quiet. I never kept quiet anyways.As time went by, my non-stop talking instincts grew with my age. I have been asked to shut my mouth by many people I have met in my life. But I still kept on talking.

Now I have been given an opportunity to talk non-stop for an hour. Yes! Yours truly will be entertaining a live audience in a stand-up comedy act. I'll be performing this act sitting-down on a stool. So I'd rather call myself a Sit-down comedian. The topic I have chosen to talk is "SEX".

(Click the picture to view the Invitation)

I have five free tickets to give to the first five blog-mates who e-mail me for the tickets. I am taking my guitar & Harmonica (mouth organ) along with me. I might be singing a couple of songs too. My Red underwear is accompanying me too. I hope that i would not come back with a collection of brickbats, tomatoes and rotten eggs.