Thursday, October 22, 2009

367.Bicycle memories

I was recently going through the photo gallery of Tiziano Taddei (a famous photographer) and I stalled on this particular photo. This bicycle picture spoke a million words and it pulled me back down memory lane and all those childhood memories flashed across my mind.
  • The first cycle in my life was actually a tricycle. It is still very much alive
  • The second cycle was a big bicycle. It was my grandfather's bicycle. Now it looks like the bicycle in the picture.
  • The first bicycle that i ever rode was a ladies BSA-SLR. It was my sister's cycle. I was ten years old then. The first monkey-pedal is very fresh in my memory. I learnt to ride a bicycle in two days.I used to ride that cycle past Renu's (My first girlfriend) house.
  • When I was thirteen, I got my first double shock-absorber bicycle. I used it till class twelve
The last time I cycled was in the year 1999. Now it has been ten years. Time sure runs fast. I would like to talk about few techniques on mounting on top of a bicycle.
Mounting Technique

Mounting on top of a bicycle and parking your rear-end on the seat becomes a tough job if you are short like Chronicwriter. Chronicwriter stands a total of 165 cms. (Actually he is just 164.7 cms. But he has rounded it to 165cms). Mounting is very essential to ride a bicycle. There are two basic ways of mounting on top of a bicycle.
a) The Karate Kick technique

This is the easiest technique to get on top of a bicycle. The cyclist should use his hands to hold the handle-bar and he should stand on the left side of the cycle.The left leg should be placed on the pedal and using the right leg, the cyclist should generate velocity and when the cycle moves forward, the cyclist should perform the "Karate-Kick" move which would enable him to clear the bar and position his right feet on the right pedal of the cycle.
Care should be taken during the Karate-Kick move. If not properly performed, serious damage could happen on the groin-zone of the cyclist. The author of this blog has been a victim on a couple of occasions. Are you a victim too?

b) Male Dog-Peeing Technique

This is the professional way of climbing on top of a cycle to ride it. Instead of the "Karate Kick" move,the cyclist should lift his leg like a peeing-male-dog. J.K.Starley, the inventor of modern day bicycle was the first to use this way of mounting a bicycle. He got this idea from his pet dog.
Now I have a question for the readers...
Why do male dogs lift their legs while peeing?



  1. LOL! I swear. I tried to control myself from laughing out loud but this was.. I mean the "Karate Kick" point was hilarious =))

    I wish I could answer your question though. Got me thinking real bad :|

  2. Good question but I want to know why not???
    Re.: cycle
    After watching the picture which is one of the best click I have seen, I say: The cycle stops.

  3. for the inverse reason that women cant use mens

    what a way to explain the techniques :P and karate kick one has hillarious :D
    as for the question... why not ask the dog :P

  5. never knew an old rusted bicycle could give birth to such a wonderful post :)

  6. "Male Dog-Peeing Technique" ROFLMAO !!!!

  7. if evolution is to be belived , then dogs might well be doing a yoga posture that could help prevent kidney stones.

  8. hehehe No answer to ur question saar!!!

    The last time I drove a cycle was 3 weeks back and failed as the height of the cycle bar was too much for me :D

  9. From an old bicycle to a dog peeing!!
    Frankly thats a valid Q! maybe u can ask a dog or even a modified Q to a bitch! 8-)

  10. I never did karate kick technique...i always do male dog peeing technique while riding bicycle...i started riding cycle while in 3rd std and bought new cycle in 7th std and rode it till my college final year.
    monkey-pedalling is fun!:D
    rotfl on bicycle kick technique!

  11. :)...nice memories refreshed mine to :)..

    ans for the question idea :P...


  12. lol!tat was hilarious,experience speaks out loud i guess,with all those techniques,,lol!(tech A)

    about the question,still thinking.........:)

  13. kasta kalam... kurunga pedal is more fun and can often still see boys by the street doing so...abt yur question....answer : " Munorgal sonanga...athunal than " :D ...

  14. to let everyone know who has the
    b***s in the house ofcourse!

    It's a guy thing!

  15. buicycle story is almost similar to ures...but i often choosed the second technique to mount on the cycle..
    hmm..he i understood..y male dogs always life their legs while peeeing...heh

  16. ohhhhhhh those were the best days of ours lives...

    Thanks Buddy for this flashabck

  17. So much to riding a cycle, with so many terms..makes it look like a term paper for an MBA college ! :)

    The last question...well, it begs an answer !

  18. @soulsez

    i guess you have the right answer :)

  19. The question has no relation with the post :D

    Where do get all these different ideas from? :) Creative!

  20. Haha...thats awesome knowledge sharing bro!! :D
    I didnt know only male dogs lifted their legs! :O
    Maybe cos like we males, the male dogs are lazy to wash their feet?? not that i have seen female dogs (yes sir, I'm decent) wash thier feet, but thats not the asked qn!! ;)

  21. No answer at all for the question, i think you should write a theory on that too as you have written for this :)

    cool post as usual, but what yaar forgot my blog kya? haven't seen you in months, hope you drop by.....

    take care and keep writing...........

  22. Lol!!the post was hilarious as ever. And abt the question i have no idea abt it! :P

  23. is unable to answer ur ques...
    its a tuff one :|

  24. dogs are pervs, they want to show bitches how big their willy is, ha ha,

  25. You never fail to make us laugh Chriz...( enga irunthu thaan ippadi ellam santhegam varutho))

    Answer to your question.....( Thanks to google)

    Thanks for enriching my knowledge!!

  26. I guess they lift their hind leg to avoid peeing on themselves (any part of their body)

  27. was nice...wonder y they pee like dat

  28. Chriz I found out y dogs lift their legs

    Once a dog was doing chuchu on a wall,suddenly wall fell and dog died on the spot, then onwards all dogs decided 2 give 1 leg support 2 wall while doing chuchu.

    Chriz Got it??? :P


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