I was recently going through the photo gallery of Tiziano Taddei (a famous photographer) and I stalled on this particular photo. This bicycle picture spoke a million words and it pulled me back down memory lane and all those childhood memories flashed across my mind.
  • The first cycle in my life was actually a tricycle. It is still very much alive
  • The second cycle was a big bicycle. It was my grandfather's bicycle. Now it looks like the bicycle in the picture.
  • The first bicycle that i ever rode was a ladies BSA-SLR. It was my sister's cycle. I was ten years old then. The first monkey-pedal is very fresh in my memory. I learnt to ride a bicycle in two days.I used to ride that cycle past Renu's (My first girlfriend) house.
  • When I was thirteen, I got my first double shock-absorber bicycle. I used it till class twelve
The last time I cycled was in the year 1999. Now it has been ten years. Time sure runs fast. I would like to talk about few techniques on mounting on top of a bicycle.
Mounting Technique

Mounting on top of a bicycle and parking your rear-end on the seat becomes a tough job if you are short like Chronicwriter. Chronicwriter stands a total of 165 cms. (Actually he is just 164.7 cms. But he has rounded it to 165cms). Mounting is very essential to ride a bicycle. There are two basic ways of mounting on top of a bicycle.
a) The Karate Kick technique

This is the easiest technique to get on top of a bicycle. The cyclist should use his hands to hold the handle-bar and he should stand on the left side of the cycle.The left leg should be placed on the pedal and using the right leg, the cyclist should generate velocity and when the cycle moves forward, the cyclist should perform the "Karate-Kick" move which would enable him to clear the bar and position his right feet on the right pedal of the cycle.
Care should be taken during the Karate-Kick move. If not properly performed, serious damage could happen on the groin-zone of the cyclist. The author of this blog has been a victim on a couple of occasions. Are you a victim too?

b) Male Dog-Peeing Technique

This is the professional way of climbing on top of a cycle to ride it. Instead of the "Karate Kick" move,the cyclist should lift his leg like a peeing-male-dog. J.K.Starley, the inventor of modern day bicycle was the first to use this way of mounting a bicycle. He got this idea from his pet dog.
Now I have a question for the readers...
Why do male dogs lift their legs while peeing?