Some people live in this world without knowing the reason for their own existence. Almost all of us live in this world like that. A few try to attain self actualisation and understand the meaning behind their existence. Once they understand it, they realise that there is no fun living this life. So it is better to live a life without understanding the whole reason behind our existence. Am I making any sense here? I know that i am not. But who cares? As though, the other posts in my blog make a lot of sense!!!

Ok! Let me get to the point.

  • There are a lot of people who exist in this world without realising what life is.
  • There are a lot of people who talk a lot without even realising what they talk. Some become famous too, because of their non-sense talk (Sakhi Rawant, Darkha Butt, Aproh Winfray are few examples). I purposefully used pseudo names because i came to know that these three women are the most powerful women in the world and they sue anyone who talks against them.
  • There are a lot of people who think that they can act and in fact make it big on the big screen too (Vijay,Vijayakanth, TR Rajendher,Aishwarya Rai)
  • There are few cricketers who make it big in the international scene out of sheer luck (Sreesanth, Deepdhas Gupta and many more)
  • There are many who do not know anything about blogging, but still end up blogging and call themselves as mainstream-bloggers. (Chronicwriter is one nutcase like that)

This blog post if for those who have no idea about blogging. If you are a first time visitor to this page and if you have come here thinking that your brain will be enriched with great insights, i feel sorry for you; but If you are going to take this whole thing as a joke, then you are in safe waters. These are some questions that i selected from a few friends who were eager to start a blog. These are my answers. I assure you that this post will be useful for those who do not know anything about blogging.

What is a Blog

Any thought process, which when written in some surface becomes a blog. This activity is called as blogging. The person who performs blogging is called a blogger. Everyone in this world are bloggers.

We all start blogging at a very early stage, minutes after arriving on this earth by depicting our output in crap format in our nappy. As time goes by, we end up scribbling on the walls and later on paper and notebooks and finally when we grow up we start typing our thought output in online journals and all these are called as blogs. Anyways only "online journals" are commonly referred to as Blogs.The world in which the bloggers live in is called as blogosphere/blogsville. This looks like a hep term. But it is not

Why should I blog?

You might have lot of ideas running in your head, but no one would be interested to lend an ear to your ideas. So the best way of pouring all your ideas and making it known to the entire world is to type them all in a blog.

What is the qualification requirement to become a blogger?

A blogger can be anyone who knows how to type. It can be the CEO of Google. It can also be a kindergarten kid. You need not worry about your linguistic skills too. As long as you can type something and click the "Publish Post" button, you needn't worry about the requirement criteria.

Will Dan Brown feel insecure if i start a Blog?

Why do you care? He is not going to feed you. So why do you even bother? Normally professional writers look down on bloggers because bloggers are prone to an informal style of writing, punctuation mistakes, spelling errors and grammatical flaws. But as long as you can attract a broad audience and entertain them with your writing skills, you need not worry about Dan Brown and co...

What should I Blog on?

Blog on a subject that you are very good at. If you are a humorous guy, start a humor blog. If you are good in photography, start a photo-blog. If you are good in poetry, start a poetry-blog. Even if you are not good at anything, just start a blog and type your thoughts. It might even click. 95 % of the blogs around the globe belong to the last category.

What should I do to become a successful blogger?

The most important aspect of becoming a successful blogger is to make your presence felt. You can make your presence felt with your style of writing. If you do not have a good style of writing, you can use the content to make an impression. You need not type long posts to become popular. Even one-line posts can become popular with the audience.

Do post often. This is the second most important aspect to become a successful blogger. A user friendly template and an easy navigation page would also enable the reader to spend more time on your blog.

What should I avoid in blogging?

Be yourself. Never try to over-do things. Even if you do not have a good vocabulary, do not fret. Use your limited language skills and make maximum use of it. Remember that a blog is a conversation. Try to write the way you speak. Avoid jargon and GRE English and don't overuse the thesaurus. Do what you can do. Never attempt something that you are not comfortable with.

Can I use my Blog as my personal diary?

You can use it and write all your personal information on your blog. You can also rant on your page and write about your ex-girl/ex-guy and bitch about them. But make it sure that you moderate the comment section of your blog so as to avoid crazy creatures like chronicwriter commenting on them. If you do not want the world to see, privatize your blog. You won't have any readers then. But i tell you, there is no joy like reading a personal blog.

Can I make friends through blogging?

Yes. You can make friends through blogging. Visit some blogs and start commenting on those blogs. Invariably they would visit your page too. Only psychic idiots do not pay regular visits. The author of this blog is a classic example of being a nerd for not visiting those who visit his pages.

Can I meet my blog-mates in person?

Yes. You can meet your blog mates too. You can organise blogger meets and meet them and talk about intricacies of blogging.

Can I have a sexy time with my blog mates?

There are other social networking sites through which you can do that. But please avoid using blogs for such a purpose. But researches reveal that 13 % of Indian bloggers do have a sexy time when they meet.

How much money should I invest to start a blog?

You need not have a single penny to start a blog. I remember that I was just wearing my red underwear when I started my blog.

When do I know that i am ready to start a blog?

Before you start a blog, spend some time visiting other blogs that are like the one you're thinking of starting. Pay attention to things like the length of posts, frequency, writing style, and subject material. You would get great ideas from these blog. The author of this blog spent 4 years of reading other blogs before he took the plunge and started to blog in 2007. You need not wait for 4 years to start writing; but if you are lazy like me, you can wait.

What is the basic mantra of blogging?

The basic mantra of blogging is to keep your brain active and bubbling with thoughts. Always keep thinking of interesting stuffs. Keep talking to people and improve your conversational skills. This helps a lot. If you are brain dead, you are not going to go a long way in blogging.

As you go about your day, keep the blog in the back of your mind. You may even want to carry a notebook where you can jot down reminders for topics you want to blog about later. Write almost every activity in that notebook - brushing your teeth in front of the mirror, sitting in the loo,walking in the road. These simple activities might end up as great blog posts. If you find yourself dreading to write a blog post, a blog is not for you.

What should I comment on other's blogs?

When you visit a blog, you often find a comment link under the text of each blog posting. Clicking that link enables you to read comments from other people and submit your own. In order to comment on others' blogs, you should first read their blogs. If you do not have the patience to read the whole post, you can read the heading, first line of post, last line of post and then comment.

If you are even more lazier, just type "Nice", "Good post", "Inspirational" ,"I am touched". 80% of the bloggers fall under this category. Most bloggers use the comment section to improve their writing skills. So if you comment "nice","good post" for their worst posts, they might never improve. If they have other sensible bloggers commenting on their posts, it is good for them; or else let alone God save them.

My only experience in writing is scribbling on the toilet walls in my school and drawing obscene caricatures in train toilets. Can I become a successful blogger?

Yes. You can become the most successful blogger in the blogosphere, if you adopt the same skill in blogging too. Start writing controversial posts and start attacking VIPs. But never reveal yourself to the public. Remember to leave your blog URL in famous blogs. You would automatically receive lot of hits on your page.

My friend Robert was like you. He was very good in writing poetry in toilet walls. I suggested him to start a blog too. He became one of the greatest ever bloggers in India. This is his blog [link]. It is not crime till you are caught.

Be creative!!!