Monday, October 12, 2009

364. Dreaming about the future

The former President of India -Dr.Abdul Kalaam had a vision. He made a bold statement that in the year 2020, India would be a force to reckon with.In other words, he had a dream that India would be a superpower by 2020. We all have dreams. Some dreams come true. Some dreams just stay in the gray areas.

I had a dream too. My dream was pretty scary. It wasn't a dirty dream. It was also not a dream about world peace. It was neither a dream about me receiving the fame to shame "Nobel prize" ( If a public orator could win a Nobel prize, why should not a blogger get one too? Has Nobel prize become so cheap these days? I am not gonna debate on that and spark another controversy. There are enough brain-heads to discuss on the issue).
Coming back to my dream- The dream was so disturbing; and i haven't slept peacefully after I had that dream. The dream had nothing to do with Serena William's daring-childish behavior which included a racquet damaging act which was later followed by a foot in the mouth disease grunt which cost her the recently concluded US open crown. The dream was not about her baring-naked act too.[link] ( Please do not buy the magazine mentioned in the link.)
I haven't revealed the dream yet. Let me reveal it now. The dream was extremely disturbing indeed and it was neither one of those wet dreams.
"The concept of wet dreams came into existence because of Chronicwriter. He had the habit of wetting his bed when he was a kid"
"The Kazakhstan Times" -29 February 20o9
I have beaten around the bush and as i am running out of steam and ideas; so let me directly, straight forwardly,rapidly, instantly and quickly reveal my dream now. The smigel character of LOTR fame appeared in my dream thrice on Friday night. It was sitting in the exact posture as seen in the picture.The character was singing in a female tone and I also heard a voice saying " This is how you would look in the year 2020". I immediately woke up from the dream. The picture is still in my brain box and I could not remove or trash it from my memory. It is still haunting me and I hope I do not have a wet dream tonight because of the Smigel dream.Today, i was looking at this picture and I realised that this character indeed looks like me. But when i took a closer look, i also realised that it also resembles Britney Spears. Now i am happy that i have a look-alike in 2020.
A question to readers: Are you alright even after seeing Serena Williams in that link ?
Today, India tested its land-to-land missile (Prithvi -II) which has a max range of 220 miles. Should I laud the effort? I understand that we are competing with the rest of the world by testing nuclear missiles. This whole nuclear test drama is very similar to a group of drunkards burping to glory. The drunkards would keep on burping and would act as if they would throw up. But no one would do that, unless and until they are completely sloshed and out of control. Which country in this world is gonna throw-up first? Why can't we live in peace?
Moral: Stop drinking and stop burping.


  1. Only you can compile the unrelated stuffs into a humorous blog post and no one can challenge you on this :) I pray to god that you should get more of that LOTR in your dream :P everyday :)

  2. Nobel prize is really become joke on international front!!

  3. i bet u dont look as smart as smigel

    nice combination of the related topics in one laughter packed post... :)

  4. "The concept of wet dreams came into existence because of Chronicwriter. He had the habit of wetting his bed when he was a kid"
    "The Kazakhstan Times" -29 February 20o9

    the Borat Effect???

    no wonder the LOTR character came haunting u...

  5. athu yenna sambhandame ilama nalu vishiyum soli comedy panringoo..:) he he i can imagine yur face with smigel character...apt ah irukum!! he he...

  6. I guess this is smeagol's worst dreams coming true...Guess he tried to commit suicide after reading this post :P

  7. smeagol must have lost his precious and having bad dreams :P...the noble was there in my dream of giving it to u :P..


  8. so.. whose the precious then??
    as far as my lotr knowledge goes.. i think the spelling shd be smeagol n not smigel.. or did u name him so jus to kalachify..

    i think i wetted my pants after seeing serena in tht link.. lol..

  9. Hehe nice cocktail of random stuffs and the moral is rofling.
    Nobel prize!seems like Anothe big joke..
    Nice blend of things

  10. The entire world is being manipulated by a handful of leaders who do things out of vested interests.....
    All these prizes ,awards ,honours are just a big farce played upon us by these so-called leaders...
    Technology can be used much for prevention bot its more often used for destruction these days :(

    Gr8 post :)
    keep blogging

  11. hmm....the lesser said abt this topic the better. no point na!anyways loved the moral of ur story. :P

  12. you are so very true and so very real in saying that, with these new posts are you turning a new leaf????, into the political scenario, well it seems like it, and i am liking it very very much, so keep em coming :)

    take care and keep writing............

  13. @vishnu

    smigel wasnot done on purpose.. it was a spelling mistake from my part :P

  14. ok..its been long..hi.hows u?
    i have just seen LOTR...he does look like britney spears....does he??

    moral is so true..

  15. i seriously pray u end up looking like smigel and your girlfriends and followers apart from ones lookalike of serena end up being my girlfriends and followers...


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