When God created Man and Woman, he did not create them with a Colourful shirt, Gucci jeans and Jordan shoes. God just created them naked. So when God created human beings, he did not segregate a few parts as private parts. Each and every part of the body was available for public display. One day Man was running around in the woods when a mosquito bit him in the "Crouching Tiger" part of the body.The bite was so painful; it made man to cover his Crouching Tiger with his hand and run around crying in pain. This particular incident formed the crux of the movie "Crouching Tiger -Hidden Dragon". The movie talks about the pre-mosquito bite days(crouching tiger) and the post- mosquito bite days (hidden dragon) of Man.

Coming back to the topic; man soon found a leaf and covered the mosquito bite region and called it the forbidden island.When woman saw man with a leaf she did not have a single clue about the reason for man covering the forbidden island with a leaf. She wanted to know the reason. But her ego did not allow her to ask the question. So she assumed that man invented a new way to throw attitude and she wanted to go a step ahead of man. So she took a leaf and covered the south pole part of her body with it. She used her hair to cover the north pole part of her body. The above picture will give you a better idea. So in due course of time these parts of the body which were originally available for public display were screened behind leaves and they came to be known as "Private parts" .

After so many years, we still call them, private parts and these parts of the human body are usually covered with clothes. The society does not allow these parts of the body to be displayed in public. This is the reason why young boys and girls when they attain puberty, become so curious to conduct experiments and researches on the private parts. Many young boys and girls take one more step forward and garner knowledge on the private parts of the opposite gender. 

Internet PORN acts as a major teaching source for the hormone-bubbling young boys and girls. (PORN is the abbreviation of Private Organ Revealing Network). The Film censorship boards have devised age validated certificates for films which would allow youngsters to view Private Parts according to their age. The age certification details are given below.

PG - Youngsters can watch the private parts with parental guidance
15 - Youngsters can watch private parts, a maximum of 15 times
18 - Movies that are suitable only for 18 years and above, because north pole is occasionally shown.
A - Adult movies. These movies are not suitable for children, because adults act like children in such movies.
XX - Educational movies that feature frequent display of north pole and occasional display of The Crouching Tiger
XXX - Movies that are suitable for people with High IQ levels. The focus of these movies are only on the private parts.
7X - These kind of movies are the associates of pet societies like PETA,Blue Cross, Go Green Movement. Man's love for animals is explained in detail in such movies.
U,G - There is no need to explain the meaning of such movies in this post.

So far, I have just given the introduction for this post. I haven't got into the topic yet. So without further ado, let me jump into the topic. Over the years, the private parts haven't changed. The North pole,South pole and The crouching tiger have always remained as private parts. 

Mallika Sherawat, Rakhi Sawant, Kate Winslet and Monica Bellucci are certain human beings who have not understood the meaning of the word, "Private Parts" and hence they cover the public parts of their body and constantly reveal their private parts for public display. Environmentalists have warned the world that due to Greenhouse effect, the ice will melt from the North pole and as a result the whole world will be flooded with water. No one had any idea to solve this upcoming great danger. But Pamela Anderson became the pioneer in a great revolutionary moment by enhancing the North Pole with plastic implants. Many great environmentalists soon followed suit.

The earth is no more a safe place to live in because of pollutants. Harmful diseases are spreading worldwide because of Bacteria, Virus, Germs , Parasites and John Buchanan. Because of this diseases like common cough to Swine flu have started to terrorise people. The face mask is a protective gear which is advocated for everyone to protect them from harmful diseases. Face mask has now become a fashion statement indeed. Every Tom, Dan and Harry wear a face mask these days. If this trend continues, face mask would soon become a regular costume for human beings. The french kiss would lose its magic.

The nose and mouth would become the private parts of the future. If such a scenario happens, the following incidents will also take place in future.
  • "Ma'm! Nikhil showed his mouth"... "Nikhil! How dare you do such an obscene act? Come to school with your parents"
  • 12 year old Tony talks to his friend Steve - "I saw the heroine's nose in that movie"... " You are lucky. Do you have that movie DVD? Please pass it on to me. I would watch it without my parents' knowledge"
  • Mother to Daughter -" Cover your nose fully. Cover it till the eyes. Boys these days will take advantage of it. Girls from good families never show their nose"
  • Steve to Tony -" I saw a movie in which the heroine shows her mouth"... " Wow! Did you see the lips?"... " I saw the teeth too"... " Can you give me the DVD?"
  • Sheela to Reena -" Can you see that guy over there?"... " Yes! What is so special in him?"... " He has a long nose. I can see it from his face mask"... " Don't you dare dream about him. He is taken"
  • Pictures like this would be available only in porn sites in the future.

This is a picture of a blog friend of mine. She is a blonde. I added a Nose picture of another blog mate too. But when she threatened to kill me, I removed her Nose from this post.