Warning : Gross/Mature/ Controversial Content. Parents are requested to read this without the knowledge of their children.

The great Tiger woods can sometimes miss an easy birdie. Sachin Tendulkar can sometimes get out on the first ball. Paris Hilton can surprise people by covering herself fully with some clothes. Instances like these happen on the rarest of rare occasions. This post is a collection of such instances that has happened in the life of the author of this page. These include inappropriate thoughts that bloom in his innocent mind during appropriate situations. The post also has details about some recent controversial news that has created a stir in the minds of People (especially Indians)

1) You don't realise what you'd got till it is gone.

This is a very wonderful Quote written by a person who must have been through a tough time in his/her relationship. If this quote is used appropriately, it sounds good. But why does this quote come into Chronicwriter's mind every time he makes his way out of the Loo?

2) Baddha Konasana

I am not cursing my readers in Greek or Latin. Baddha Konasana is a Yoga Pose. This asana is a beneficial pose for easy childbirth and it is strongly advocated for pregnant women. Click this link to see a model performing Baddha Konasana [link].

Chronicwriter was forced to do Yoga during his MBA days because Yoga was a compulsory activity in his curriculum. At first, he hated practising asanas. But when he soon learnt that there are asanas that were according to his liking, he started performing asanas with great interest. Two asanas caught his attention and he would spend one hour performing these two asanas.

  1. Matya Kridasana ( A very complicated Yoga pose) [link]
  2. Shavasana ( The toughest Yoga pose) [link]

Soon he mastered these two asanas and became the best Yoga student in college. One day he saw his friend (a babe) performing a new asana. Later he came to know that it was Baddha Konasana. Though he knew that this particular asana was advocated mainly for women, he still wanted to master it. Soon he became an expert in it too. Now he doesn't use a nail cutter to cut his toe nails. He can bite his toe nails while doing Baddha Konasana. The multi variant uses of Asana!!! If you have discovered any such special usage of any other asana, please feel free to add it in the comments section.

3) The uropath effect

When my 4th grade History teacher taught me about the former prime minister of India -Morarji Desai, she also mentioned that he was a practitioner of uropath. Uropath is otherwise called as urine therapy. A uropath practioner is one who drinks his/her own urine for health benefits.I immediately tried tried the uropath effect in the year 1991. But I disliked the taste and stopped becoming an uropath addict. Later in my life when I was 17 years old, I had my first intervention with alcohol (Kalyani Beer). Kalyani beer and urine have a similar taste. Now if you have tasted beer, you would have known how urine would taste like.

I just realised that the above three inappropriate instances are from my personal experiences. I would like to add two more irrelevant drama sequences enacted by Politicians of our country to garner media attention. The next two instances have been taken from an e-mail I received from a friend of mine.

4) Rahul Gandhi - The Labour worker

Rahul Gandhi has taken India by storm with his campaign and almost all the youngsters are behind him. Sure! he can talk well. No wonder he had a very cute girlfriend. He is leaving a great impression on the minds of the Google generation youngsters. But I request all the young minds to see this picture before you start believing in all the drama enacted in the political front [link]

5) Guinness World record Holder

The political drama reached new heights when the Chief minister of Tamilnadu "Dr. Karunanidhi" entered the Guinness book of world records when he Fasted for a social cause. The fasting started at 10 a.m (after breakfast) and ended at 11.30 a.m (before brunch). The fasting also took place in a public place.[link] He had air-coolers around him. He was also accompanied by his two wives who fasted too ( A modern day version of sati).

Sometimes right things appear as wrong things in our eye sight; sometimes wrong things appear as right things. If we have a sound discerning mind, no one can fool us.