A friend of mine called me up and said,"Chrissy! Why do you write abstract topics in your blog all the time. Please do write about current affairs too". Chronicwriter never disappoints anyone. So this article is gonna be about the Hottest happening News around the Globe.

August 31st 2009 was a bad in Anand John's life. He got a minimum 59 year life sentence. The 36 year old Fashion designer would be a 95 year old man when he finally makes his way out of prison. Anand is the same designer who designs wardrobe collection for Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. I can at least digest Anand agreeing to design clothes for Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson. But why would he and why did he select Oprah? Is that the reason behind his life sentence? 

Reliable sources, however said that Anand was sentenced because he was charged for raping 23 young models. Now who would design clothing range for Paris Hilton and Janet Jackson? Paris Hilton seldom wears clothes. A Hand kerchief is more than enough to cover her face. But what would poor Janet Jackson do? I strongly believe that Janet Jackson is behind Anand getting arrested because he designed her tops for her show with Justin Timberlake[link]. Justin is using that black leather cup as a face mask to protect himself from Swine Flue.

Swine Flu is claiming lives at a faster rate. More than 1000 people around the Globe have become victims to Swine Flu. A face mask is advocated for people to safeguard themselves from Swine Flu. All the Mexicans are wearing facemasks these days. These are the same Mexicans who revolted against wearing a condom. Apparently AIDS has claimed more than 1 million souls

Coming back to Anand John, he has been arrested for molesting little girls too. Hope he is not treated as God after his death. We have done it often. The whole world made fun of MJ for molesting children. MJ jokes were circulated as e-mail jokes. But suddenly when he died, everyone started calling him a saint. The world is full of hypocritical human beings.

Any topic on MJ is worth a million hits. Recently an UK tabloid created a stir by claiming that the third son of MJ, Prince Michael II's biological father is Macaulay Culkin. How ever the Home alone star is not at all shaken by such a News.

Clint Eastwood raised both his eyebrows when he was told that a competitor for him has finally emerged from India. The Indian Movie "Quick Gun Murugan" is a surprise package indeed for audiences around the Globe. Catch this teaser ad of the movie. Hope you would love it. The punch line in the movie," If you are lightening, I am 250 volt current , I say" has become very famous in India.

When all these News are creating waves around the globe, the comedy family of South India has finally decided to launch their Young Boy in the lead role in their upcoming movie. Yus! I am talking about Terror Romeo Rajender. T Rajender has two handsome sons. The first son is popularly called as" The little super star" by his dad. No one else calls him by that name. Everyone else call him chimpu. His younger Brother will be called as " The little mega star". His original name is Kuralarasan. He will be acting as a Romandick hero in TR's next movie. (Romandick is TR's pronunciation of Romantic). I tried to upload his picture in this post,not once but twice. My computer crashed. I stopped trying.

Latest news: TR has joined facebook.

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