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356 .Ten Thousand

Birthdays are special for everyone. Wedding days are special for many. Lot of us have at least one special day in our life that make us happy. Today is one such special day for Chronicwriter. In fact today is the most specialestest day in Chronicwriter's life (so far). Yes! Today is Chronicwriter's 10000th day of his life on this earth. Chronicwriter was born on 13th April 1982 and hence 28th August 2009 happens to be his 10000th day on earth. Have you calculated the number of days you have lived in this world?

On this special day, Chronicwriter has decided to write about an incident that happened in his college life. This is one incident that Chronicwriter would never forget. Chronicwriter types the truth, only when he writes about his folks. Readers of this page would also be knowing that everything else on this page is a figment of the author's imagination. But on his 10000th day he has decided to write about that true incident that happened in his college life. This is an incident that reveals the very bad nature of the author. So please do not treat it as a moral example in life. Now I hand it over to Chronicwriter. He will narrate the story.

-Mr.X (Alter-Ego of Chronicwriter)

Those five months

Hello everyone,
It is me!!! Chriz, The author of the page. On this special day, i am gonna talk about one incident that happened in my college life. This story is about my friend Robert. I had already written about a real incident that happened in my college life that spoilt my relationship with him. I would suggest the reader to read that story [link] to have an idea about Robert's character.
I did my Bachelors degree in engineering in a place called Pondicherry. It was a four year course (8 semesters). The first three semesters were spent in college hostel. Yours truly was kicked out of hostel after three semesters in college ( The kicking out incident calls for another blog post. I would write about it some other day). The incident that was mentioned in the above link happened in the third semester in college. So due to that incident, Robert stopped talking with me. [ If you still haven't read that link, I would strongly suggest you to read it, so that you would have a better grip of this stroy]

As I already mentioned, the college management asked me and 6 of my friends to vacate the college hostel. I guess that the college managemet would have thought that innocent students like me would be spoilt by the bad guys in college[:p] . So me and 6 of my friends rented a three bedroom house in pondicherry and moved in. So the seven of us stayed together for the remaining 5 semesters (2.5 years) in that house. Robert was one among the seven. This story i am narrating now is an incident that happened during our stay in that house.
After moving into that house, we 7 guys shared money and bought an old 5th hand Premier Padmini car [link] For those who saw this link and still have no idea about Premier Padmini, let me explain:-The girl in the red saree is not Premier Padmini. The blue colour car standing next to her is Premier Padmini. We bought that car for Rs.17,000/- .Now you would have got an idea about the condition of the car from the money that we paid for buying it. Yes! we all poured in Rs.2500/- each to buy that car. Yes! We cheated our parents in getting that money (we told them that we had to pay project fee). I know it was wrong. So youngsters who read this post!," Please do not use this as an example. I am a very bad example". Let me get back to the story.

We six guys used to go to college in that car. The car was very famous in the whole of Pondicherry (between 2001 and 2003) because of its uniqueness. We painted the car in different colours. The car was full of funny stickers. It would make anyone turn and look at the car. Robert never traveled with us in that car. He preferred taking the bus to college. The year 2001 was very famous in the IT world too. The y2k threat had just got over, I love you virus, Yahoo messenger, e-mails got famous during that year.

We six guys were busy in painting the streets of Pondicherry in different colors. Our concept of having fun was " Taking a long drive and getting drunk". Robert never joined with us for our long drives. Occasionally, he would join us for the drinking parties. Soon we found the reason behind Robert's non-mingling aloof nature. He was addicted to cyber-chatting. He longed to have a girlfriend and he wanted to find one through internet chat. He never told us about it. But we soon figured it out. We also found that he was frequently visiting an internet cafe.None of us were net savvy. Among the six of us, the only person who knew how to use a computer was me. My experience with computers was in playing DOS games. But just to play a prank on Robert, i soon learnt the nuances of internet chatting. I even created a yahoo messenger chat name for myself

Our house was in the second floor of the flat. The owner of the house lived in the ground floor. We six guys were very close with the owner's daughter. We called her "shanti akka". (Akka is tamil for Sister).She had a lovely two year old baby. She knew that the six of us hated Robert because of his indifferent character. She also knew that he was desperate to find a girl for himself. I informed her that I was hatching a plan to fool Robert. She loved all our pranky ideas. But she used to advise us to stop drinking. Mobile phones had not become famous yet. Only 1 in 1000 people above the poverty line had a mobile phone. In our college, I was the only guy to have a mobile phone. My first mobile phone looked like this [link]. Robert wanted to have a mobile phone too. So he soon bought one too.

When I realised that Robert was trying hard to impress a girl through internet chat, I decided to play a prank on him. I created a duplicate id -"meera629001" (If you have had a chat with this id in the past and if you had been a victim, please forgive me). Robert had the habit of visiting chat rooms and trying his luck with random ids. He was a regular in the Chennai online/ Tamilnadu chat rooms of yahoo messenger. That was the only good social networking site then. (We did not have orkut/FB during those days). On one occasion,I started chatting with Robert. He did not know that it was me.
meera629001: Hi
sayhi2robert_d: Hi asl
meera629001: 17/f/Pondicherry. Yours?
sayhi2robert1_d:20/m/Pondicherry. What are you doing in Pondicherry?
meera629001: I am in class 12 in cluny school. Ok i have to go. Mummy calling me for dinner.
I logged off and me and my 5 friends went out for our long drive. Robert was in his dream world because i added a cute girl's picture in meera's profile (with her permission ofcourse). Robert spent the next one week loitering around cluny girl's school. After one week, when i opened meera629001 inbox, there were 13 emails from Robert. He had sent lot of his photos taken in different poses. 7 of those mails were e-greeting cards and there was one "I miss you" greeting card too. Immediately i sent a mail to him
Dear Robi,
I am so happy to see all the lovely greeting cards from you. No one has ever treated me as sweet as you. I am glad to have a friend like you. I can't chat with you frequently. But I will be online, this friday between 2 p.m and 4 p.m. I want to talk to you. Take care.
Love, Meera
(ps) can i call you Robi?
That evening, Robert was smiling more than usual. We guys asked him what the matter was? He did not tell us. So we thought of taking this game to new heights. We had college on friday. But Robert bunked college that day. He was waiting to have a romantic chat with Meera. But I was in college that day and I was giving a tough time to the professor as usual. Poor Robert!!! I checked meera's inbox on saturday and I saw 6 mails from Robert. He was very sad. He even sent his mobile number in one of his mails and asked her to call him. So meera again sent a mail.
Dear Robi,
Sorry. I could not come online on friday. Thanks for the phone number. I would call you from a phonebooth on wednesday. I can't make a call from my landline because my dad is very strict
Lots of Love
That evening,Robert was again a happy man. But we did not care. We went for our long drive. The next week, he spent his evenings outside cluny school. Mean while we told Shanti akka about our prank and asked her to help us. She agreed to give a call to Robert from a telephone booth. So on wednesday evening, i accompanied Shanti akka to a telephone booth. We gave him a ring.
Robert: Hello
Shanti akka: Hello
Robert was happy because it was a girl's voice and he was waiting for this call. So he immediately tried to talk in a romantic tone.
Robert: Cayn I Knoww, whu thiz iz?
Shanti akka: Hi Robi! can you guess?
Robert: Hi Meera...
The conversation lasted for five minutes and after that
Robert: You have a nice voice
Shanti akka: You have a wonderful voice too. I love the way you speak. Nice talking to you. I'll call you some other time.
After that, Shanti akka called Robert once a week and talked for at least five minutes. This went on for three months; Robert could not wait any longer. He wanted to meet meera. We never thought about what to do when things go this far. So we guys decided to play a little longer. Meera would write mails to Robert telling that her parents were very strict and that she hated being at home and she wanted to talk to someone. She even gave him hints that she might be falling in love with him. We played this game for another two months and soon Robert started to get irritated because he had not met meera yet. He even found the telephone booth from where meera (shanti akka) made the phone calls. So Shanti akka started to call him from different telephone booths. Finally one day Robert proposed meera during one of the phone conversations. Meera did not accept the proposal immediately. She asked for one week time to decide. Robert was tensed during that week. Finally the next tuesday,Meera accepted his proposal. Immediately Robert asked her out for a movie
Shanti akka: I want to come to a movie with you. But my parents are very strict.
Robert: Tell your parents that you are gonna do combined study with your friends
Shanti akka: That is a good idea. But what if my dad finds the truth? He will kill me
Robert: Don't worry. He wont find you. I am there for you
Shanti akka: Do you really love me? or are you like the other guys who will just use a girl and throw her away?
Robert: Don't compare me with other guys.Do you doubt me? I cant live without you.
Shanti akka: Sorry Robi... I will come with you to the movie
Robert: Ok! Can we go for the Tamil movie "dumdumdum"?
Shanti akka: Ok. But what if someone catches us in the movie hall?
Robert: Don't worry. I will book a ticket for us in the Box seats. No one will know.
Shanti akka: But are you sure that no one will catch us?
Robert: Yes. The movie timing is from 6 pm to 9 pm. This Thursday.So you can reach home by 9.30 pm
Shanti akka: But what if some one catches me outside the theater?
Robert: No one will.
Shanti akka: I am not sure. I will do one thing. You go inside and wait for me in the box. After the show starts, I will come in fifteen minutes late. Please inform the ticket-checker that your friend would come in fifteen minutes late
Robert: You are brainy. I will drop you back in my car.
Shanti akka : Ok I gotta go now
Robert: Give me a kiss
Shanti akka: Not now. Only when I meet you. Ok I gotta go now
Robert: Ok. See you baby
Robert was smiling during dinner time. He was smiling even in his sleep. He was the happiest person on earth.He came to us and asked us " Hey Guys! I need to go to meet my uncle. Can I take the car?". We agreed to his request but we thought unanimously," Liar!". He could not tell us even now. So we thought of ending it all in the movie hall. We six of us decided to go to the same movie. Robert went to the movie hall and took his place in the box chamber.
The six of us entered the movie hall, a little late and we got the balcony tickets.We waited for half an hour. We knew Robert would have lost his patience by now. So one of my friend Edwin suddenly shouted out loud " HEY GUYS IS MEERA COMING TO THE MOVIE TODAY?". Everyone in the movie hall heard it including Robert. Immediately we all replied " NO SHE WON'T COME". Another friend Karthik replied in a loud voice "SO WHAT IS ROBERT DOING IN THE BOX?" to which we all replied in a chorus voice "WAITING FOR THE FIRST UMMAAA (kiss)". Robert left our house the very next day. He got married last year and none of us were invited for the wedding.
Note: Robert! If you are reading this, please e-mail me. I know you would be waiting to murder me.I would just like to ask one last question," Are you going to name your daughter, Meera?"


  1. hi crony crowe! had a good laugh,still poor robert!he he,,now i know ur this major prankster,anyways do give him a break yaar,if he mails you:P

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    famous kodumakaaran chris!!

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  7. Mate, that's cruel!!

    Let bygone be bygone, if at all what you say that this is a true incident!!

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    haha nice post but very mean..awww poor robi!!:D

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  12. same old trick we girls used to play on fellow guys during our college days :P

    the formula is same everywr it seems.. Robert answer ennanu sollunga, Boss!!

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  18. Chriz u know what at one stage i started to visualize the scenes and the Conversations were in Tamil ... Good Fun !!! a 20 Minute non stop fun ........btwn Congrates on your 10000 day ...

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    hehehe i remember such incidents happening in my coll too when internet and cyber chatting were in limelight :)

  21. Dude what a post !!!! But you guys should have disclosed in a better way because he was one of your friends.Any prank is not meant to hurt someone.Good that you still remember him and missed his wedding .Do you repent something ?

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    Is this story for real? :-P

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    U r such a monster..i tell u..poor robert!!but a great post..

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  27. Happy 10000th day on earth.
    That was a mean trick to play on a friend/foe...but I love all things evil.
    Rocking post as usual.

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    Robert was not a very sporting person, was he? ;)

    Great post as always. :)

    And yeah, Happy 10000th!! (belated)


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    H a R y

  30. Guess you watch too much of Mani Ratnam.

    And congratulations:)

  31. Guess you watch too much of Mani Ratnam.

    And congratulations:)

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    why dont u direct a movie Prason :D
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    and Congrats..
    Take care!!

  35. you are so so mean yaar, h ha ha, you really lifted my spirits up, my god i dont belive its true, but if it is damn you man, you are really bad, i am just kidding, i know you dint mean any harm, but chriz awesome post as usual yaar really really good :D

    and why arent you at my blog?? hope to see ya there soon,

    take care and keep writing...........

  36. and i almost forgot a very very happy 10000th day may you have more of those in future tooo :D

    take care and keep writing.........

  37. done a similar thing in not as bad as

  38. Hahaha! Few months back, a colleague at work (while we were returning home in cab) was telling us about similar exploit of his, where he faked being a girl in chat and conned his college buddy. He used a friend of his for the female voice as things moved to telephone.

    But then (as per his claim) he invited the guy to a different city (12hr one way train journey), that too with a lot of gifts by emotional blackmail (Do this or we are through! I don't care if its your exam time! Do you care about exams more than me?). As per the colleague's claim, this guy actually went to that city with all the gifts, on exam day, as the 'girl' insisted. Then this colleague called him on the mobile and revealed the truth!!!!

    Needless to say, that buddy supposedly flunked those exams (as per the colleague's claim).

    I didn't believe someone could be so moronically mean and play with people's academic prospects. I also couldn't believe that even if this colleague had actually tried such a thing, his friend would have followed through, right on exam day!

    So conclusion was
    1) This colleague is lying, and yet insisting on its truthfulness again and again, with a fake sincere face, inspite of our disbelief.
    2) This colleague is saying the truth, which means he is a really mean guy.

    In either case,

    But your ending I totally believe! Prank within limits. Hilarious! Though it must have been quite humiliating for 'Robert' (haha! Stupidosaur- ever the cynical! but less so this time!), it didn't have any serious impact like what I mentioned.

  39. happy 1000th chriz. enjoy ur day!!!funny story abt 'robi'(was robi supposed to be cuter version of robert????:O) but that was a bit mean, dont u think?? but ridiculously hilarious all the same!!! poor guy, robert!! although u all must have had a real laugh!!!

  40. btw, kudos to ur shanti akka or sticking thru all your prank!!!!

  41. first time here....

    if this is really a real story then let it be!! but you described it well....

    offer an ice cream to Robi darling if he mails you by any chance

  42. haha i had exactly the same cellphone :D
    it was like a brick.. no matter how much you try to smash it, it stays intact smiling at you with its green face :P :D

  43. aww poor robert!but had a good laugh after reading a huge post.chriz!you are sucha amazing prankster!
    god bless you!

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  45. Robert = kACHHA Popat Pakka Popat

    We are designed to do certain work on the planet. I am proud of you --Mission-Accomplished. \\m//

  46. Inspite of the fact that I read about robert and it makes me want to kill you :P I'll say : whadda post! :D

    Seriously, you're one big prankster :|

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    this is a mast mast post

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    Happy blogging!!!

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    had a might laugh... today's good day for reading blogs... :P

  51. OMG!!! wot a hell of a prank! there's so much i need to learn abt pranks from u, guruji!!!

  52. dear chronicwriter,
    hearty congrats on your 10000th post.:)wow!what an achievement!
    have a great future in blogosphere.
    about robi,that was a cruel prank played by you guys!playing with emotions of someone n having fun,impossible!how could you?
    that culd have given him a nervous breakdown.would you have taken the responsiblity?and that akka,who should have corercted you when it exceeded the limit,joined your thoughtless pranks?
    still so kind of you to ask him to mail u to ask him will he name hsi daughter meera.strange!
    i wish you could apologise from the depth of your heart!and if you were the target?

  53. Happy 10000th day chriz.

    And oh my god. So many pranks you've played. Those many spanks also you might have got on your bumbum.

    Poor robert. Give him one UMMMMAAA on my behalf. :P

  54. There is a malayalam movie based on a story line similar to this. The movie name "Paavam Paavam Rajakumaran" in Srinivasan was the protagonist(Robert in your post). In the movie however, the hero gets really beaten up by the public and he calls their friends for a get together many years later. Hero took his friends to a vacant place and took his gun out to kill them. However, he did not kill them but took them to his home where his wife (meera) was waiting for them.

    Thanks for the post.


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