Pre-note: My first love Renu is still in my heart. This post has the details of how my first love bloomed. I thank my first cousin "Cherubina" for taking pains in giving cartoon shape to the characters involved in this True story. Also this is the first time, I have written a song that talks about my love life. I have composed a simple tune [G-C-D progression] for the song. I have added the song video at the end of this post. This is also the first time in my life, I am attempting to play the harmonica and guitar simultaneously. Read the story before viewing the video, so that you will understand the song better. The story is about three people; Shabir, Renu and Chriz.

My First day in School

It was a raining that morning. Summer was just over and the rains had just invaded South India. My mom said, it was June 3rd 1985. I don't know whether that was the exact date, but i remember the incidents that happened on that day. I was a young kid then. I was just three years old. My dad told me that I would be joining school that day. I never had a single clue what a school would look like. But finally when my parents took me to school, i got my first visual taste of school.

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There were lot of parents who had brought their children to school. All the kids looked around with confusion circling their small brains. Soon they took me inside a room. I saw many kids inside the room. All were crying and throwing a fit. Suddenly my parents left the scene too. Tears started welling my eye-lids and just when I was about to cry, I saw her...

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life so far (as on 1985). She wore a pink frock. She had the most beautiful lips. She smiled at me and that was the mistake she committed. That single smile is making me type this post today. She is Renu. She is the Heroine of this post. I stopped crying (Gentlemen are not supposed to cry in front of a lady). I looked around and saw all the other kids crying out loud. But there was one guy who was standing on top of the bench. He was not crying, he was kicking the other kids. He is Shabir and he is the Villain of this post. Suddenly he stopped kicking the other kids and his focus shifted to Renu. I realised that he had fallen in love with her too. I knew that I would have competition through out my school life. If Renu was the Heroine and if Shabir was the Villain, Am I the Hero? The answer is No. This is the twist in the script. I am the Anti-comedian of this story. I am presenting to all my readers, the bio-data of Shabir, Renu and Me (as on 1985)


Name : Shabir Iqbal Ahmed
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : December 21 1981
Hobbies : Kicking grandpa, Biting my sister
Achievements : I can spell A N T A R T I C A
Strengths : I can go to the toilet alone at night time. I do not fear darkness
Favorite SuperHero : He-man. I am the master of the universe


Name : Renu
Sex : Girl
Date of Birth : April 13 1982
Hobbies : Applying my mommy's lipstick on my lips, Wearing fashionable frocks
Achievements : I know three rhymes
Strengths : My smile
Favorite SuperHero : Barbie Doll.


Name : Prason Christopher Robin
Sex : It is a bad word
Date of Birth : Same as Renu's birthday
Hobbies : Eating candle sticks, running around the house naked
Achievements : Wetting my bed every night
Strengths : I can climb the big window in my bedroom
Favorite SuperHero : Super-man. I love his red underwear.

Back to the story

Soon a lady entered the class room and said, "Good Morning Children". She then made us to say "Good morning Ma'm". In the coming days, she taught us many rhymes. I liked her. Her name is Saro. She was a lovely lady. She took wonderful care of me. I wanted to tell her that I was in love with Renu. But I was a gentleman even at such an young age and I knew how to keep a secret.

In the coming days, i did everything to win Renu's heart. I even tried committing suicide once by doing this [link]. The knife broke into pieces.But still I could not win her heart. Once I even saved her from a big fire accident.

Saving Renu from a fire accident

One day I was sitting next to Renu.Her lips were like those sugar coated strawberries( Now! Don't u go into a dreamworld! she is mine!!ok ok.. she WAS mine.. at least in my dreams).She was taller than me though. But does size matter? Her hair was as soft like the brush we used to clean our toilet. ( Am i describing her in a obscene manner? Glad that we did not have any sexual harassment policies in kindergarden)

Shabir was the hero of the class because he was the only one who can chew a chewing gum without swallowing it. The girls were amazed at his wonderful chewing gum-chewing abilities. He used to defeat me round and square in academics also. My vocabulary was so limited then. According to me "A was for Apple". But Shabir used to confuse everyone saying that A was for air-plane,Anaconda,Acracadabra and so on.

When we were using chalk pieces and black slate boards for writing , he was the first one to use a note book and a pencil. To cope up with the ever increasing competition, i brought my first note book and pencil to school. I never knew how to hold a pencil. But who cares , cos now i had half the class's attention. Shabir could not take it any longer. He grabbed my pencil and broke it into two pieces. Such actions were considered to be an act of bravery. Renu fell in instant love with him. Now i wanted to show that i was one step ahead of him in the race. I started screaming at the top of my voice. My class teacher ( on whom i developed an affection at a later point of time) rushed to the scene and instead of punishing him , started thrashing my bum ( cos possession of pencil in kindergarden was treated as a crime under the POTA kindergarden Act).

Renu started avoiding me.That night i had a dream. The whole school caught fire because of a cosmic explosion planned by Iraq and Iran. I started weeping cos i saw Renu caught between the flames. I ran as fast as my little feet could carry me and before long i was standing in front of the class. I opened the door with one powerful kick and searched for a fire extinguisher.

But i could not find one in the near by surroundings. That night before hitting bed i drank lots of water and as the water tank was full, i decided to save my Renu by extinguishing the fire using the only resource available at that time. I did not give a second thought and with in seconds, I was performing the extinguishing act. Suddenly some one hit me hard on my back and i woke up to see my angry dad, closing the refrigerator with parting words “ stop peeing in the refrigerator”


This is the song that I wrote for Renu

It was the year 1985, I was 3 years old. My parents took me to a new place;My first day in school. I went inside, there were kids around. They were crying out loud.But there was a guy who was not crying. His name was Shabir. I looked to my right and saw a boy,he was crying bitterly. I looked at the door ,my parents were gone;I started to cry. {whistling} I looked to my left and there she sat;The most beautiful girl. Her eyes were like blueberry,lips were like strawberry.Yes! It was love at first sight.

Renu! Oh Renu.. You are my cutie pie.

You are my honey,chocolate,rasagulla,sonpapdi

You are my lady love {harmonica &guitar}

Shabir, Renu and I were classmates in school. I loved Renu and so did Shabir, the competition intensified.I did everything to win her heart,I always dreamt of her. Sometimes she smiled at me; sometimes she smiled at Shabir. Can someone tell me,what a girl wants! Renu! Oh Renu

We grew up together and we left the school, we finished college too. Renu is now the mother of two. Hahaha-I am laughing cos her husband's name is not Shabir. Renu! Oh Renu

- Chroniclover