Chronicwriter's head is a circus that operate 24/7. His brain is full of unanswered questions. Little kids have lot of questions too. When their questions are not answered properly they become mentally unstable. The unstable nature of Chronicwriter is explained in this post. Most of the time, he does unimaginable, immature things that would make anyone hate him. But many such immature acts of Chronicwriter has indeed saved the honour and pride of his friend Meena.
Many girls have walked in Chronicwriter's life. But his first love,"Renu" is still his evergreen love. However the girl,"Meena" occupied Chronicwriter's heart for two years. Meena was Chronicwriter's MBA batch mate. She was/is a beautiful babe indeed. Let us hear the story from his mouth.
Chriz narrates
When I first saw her, I could hear Latin music in my ears. The first day in college, I realised that 32 out of the total 73 guys in college had fallen in love with her. I was one among them. This is when I decided to be a cut above the rest.That same evening,I destroyed the hope of 30 of the 32 guys by saying," Hey guys! I am going out with Meena". They had to believe me because I spoke in an authoritative tone. Only two guys did not buy my statement. One was me and the other guy was a brainy guy. His name was Jomal Koshy.

The very next day, Jomal tried to hit on Meena. Before I could ask her to have lunch with me, Jomal jumped and asked her to have lunch with him. She readily accepted. I followed them to the canteen and sat in the adjacent table. Jomal realised that Me, being there would be a great hindrance for him and hence he tried to talk in a low, calm voice. After sometime I could see that Meena was getting irritated. She suddenly got up from the seat and rushed out of the canteen. I could hear her mumbling " Why do people with bad breath always want to tell you secrets?" as she made her way out of the canteen. I was happy now. My only competitor was now out of contention.
The first week in college was over and by now the ice was broken. We started forming our own gang of friends. Meena and I were in the same group. We used to hang out together as a group. We started having food in the canteen. This picture was taken when we had food in the canteen. I am the one in the white Kurta. You can see me holding a plate full of Indian food. Meena is the girl in Blue T-shirt. After one month in College, Meena and I had already become great friends. She would share her lunch with me. Our eyes would talk the language of silence. I knew that she was in love with me. I also knew that she was waiting for me to propose her. From my great experience with my relationship with girls, i had become an expert in knowing what a girl wants. All my previous assumptions had backfired. But I knew that this time,I was right when I realised that Meena was in love with me.
Meena was the blonde of my life. Her classroom was in the third floor and my class room was in the first floor. So I would wait for her in the first floor and I would go for lunch with her. One day while I was waiting for her in the first floor, my mobile phone rang. It was Meena

Me: Hello Ponds ( That's how I call her)
She: Chriz! I am stuck here.
Me: Why? What happened? ( There was complete concern in my voice)
She: There is a power failure and the elevator is not working
Me: So what is the problem
She: I am stuck outside the elevator. I am waiting for the last 15 minutes.
Me: Oh
She: Chriz.. I do not know what to do now. Please help me.
Me: Ok Ponds.. Why don't you use the stair case?
She: Thank you Chriz. I would do that.

We had many intelligent conversations like this and in due course of time, we became an inseparable pair. Meena was very popular in college because of her blue jeans. The blue jeans is washed on a regular basis (Once a year). One night, Meena called me up
She: Chriz! Congratulate me
Me: Congrats Ponds. Now tell me, What did you achieve?
She: I successfully completed a very complicated Jigsaw puzzle.
Me: How much time did you take to complete the puzzle?
She: I just took two days to complete it.
Me: But don't you think that it is a very long time to complete a puzzle?
She: No. It is not. In fact the cover says "2 years and above"
Me: Oh. Then we should celebrate it :)
She: Now I think I can attempt an even more complicated jigsaw puzzle. I would bring it to college tomorrow
The next day, she failed to bring the puzzle to college but she kept on saying that the puzzle was indeed very complicated. I still kept encouraging her telling that she would successfully complete the puzzle in no time. Later that night she called me again
She: Chriz! I need your help. I can't complete this puzzle
Me: Have you at least finished 50% of the puzzle?
She: I could not even start this puzzle. It is so complicated
Me: Does the cover of the puzzle have the image of the puzzle?
She: Yes! The Puzzle is about a Rooster.
Me: What else do you see in the cover?
She: I also see something written on it
Me: What does that say?
She: K-E-L-L-O-G-G-S-- C-O-R-N--F-L-A-K-E-S
Me: What? How do the puzzle pieces look like?
She: They are brown in color and they are not flat.
Me: Ok! Ponds. I have a head ache now. Can you bring the box to college tomorrow?
She: Ok (She was in tears)
The next day she brought the corn flakes box[link] to college. I took it to the boys hostel. We guys had a great breakfast the next morning. Two years of college life went by like a passing cloud. I never proposed to her;neither did she. Soon the graduation day came. We were all in black attire. I am the one standing second from left and Meena is the one standing second from right. College life ended and we all moved to different parts of the world. We chose our own future.
After three years of college life, I got a call from Meena. She said,"Chriz, I am thinking of you."... There was complete silence for sometime. Then I started speaking
Me: But why Ponds now? What made you think about me?
She: I was going through our graduation picture and that made me call you
Me: The one in which we all are in black attire?
She: Yes. That is one picture that I would never forget in my life
Me: Why?
She: I thought you would propose to me in college. I gave you all the hints
Me: I was shy.
She: I knew that you were a chicken. That's why I wanted to give you one last chance on our graduation day.
Me: But I don't remember you giving me any hints on the graduation day.
She: Check the picture clearly. I was extending my hand for you to hold my hand. But you were holding Rohini's hand. You broke my heart that day
Me: Can I mend it now? Can I make you mine now?
She: No. It is too late. I have a guy now.
I had tears in my eyes...