Playboy is an American men's magazine. It was also the leading porno-magazine for men. In the nineties, getting/owning/touching a copy of a playboy magazine was a dream for many teenage boys. The author of this blog also had the same dream. It is an unfulfilled dream. But this post is not about that dream. Chronicwriter started to type this post. He doesn't have a clue about what this post is all about. So let us all, Just move along with the flow of this post.

The advent of Internet-porn and the easy access of pervertion-inducing- materials through the web has caused serious problems to the Playboy publications. Playboy publication might be NO-MORE very soon. The print sales of playboy magazine has suffered a major loss in the last one year [link]. This post is also not about the negative impacts of Internet. Just move along with the flow...

The main reason, why pornography has thrived so far is because of the willingness of the actor to strip and act. Stripping comes naturally to a few actors. However, many actors prefer getting drugged/drunk to get stripped. Paris Hilton is classic example of a human being who strips her clothes off, the moment she gets drunk. Chronicwriter used to have this habit too during his drinking days. Let us talk about drunk people for sometime. Still Chronicwriter has no clue where this post is heading to. So Just move along with the flow...

Most people who drink, never admit that they get drunk. They are always scared that people might think that they don't have a good drinking capacity. In my college days, my friends used to take me along with them when ever there was a alcohol party. One gulp of alcohol-mixed-syrup was more than enough to get me high. So I'd be the automatic entertainer during all the bachelor parties. I never knew why I was pulled in for all the drinking parties. I would Just move along with the flow

After becoming an expert drunkard, Chronicwriter could find whether a person is drunk or not using the Three-point-technique

  • 1) A person is drunk if he can concentrate well with one eye closed.
  • 2) A person is drunk if he spends more time on the floor lying down than standing up.
  • 3) A person is drunk if he finds his girlfriend/wife beautiful.
By the way do you know the story about the Drunk guy who went to confess? If you do not know let me tell it here. After a heavy night of drinking at a local bar, a drunk stumbles into a catholic church and slowly makes his way into the confession booth. There, the priest patiently waits for the man to begin his confession. After a few minutes of silence, the priest politely taps on the window. The drunk remained silent. The priest again taps again and clears his throat. No reply again. The priest loses his patience and starts banging. Finally the drunk yells out," Hey!No use knocking.. There ain't no paper over here either" I still do not have a single clue on where this post is heading towards.I would request you to Just move along with the flow.

There is a pub which exploits drunk souls. They come up with special offers which are very attractive for drunk people. The sales of the pub has skyrocketed to new levels after their special offers got real good responses from drunk people. See this picture. It is their special offer.

Hope the readers would have got into the flow of this post by now. If not, Just try to move along with the flow. Getting drunk induces the person to kick dogs. Chronicwriter has kicked a dog after getting drunk. I am glad that PETA activists did not catch him red-handed.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an animal rights organisation based in USofA with over two million members. Actors/Models around the Globe have joined the " I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign. Most of these models are leading models that include lot of Baywatch beauties also. Now I am pretty sure that more than 70 % of my readers would have started goOGGLing for some PETA model picture. I am not gonna add any of the lady models' pictures in this post. But just because I know that lot of my female readers adore John Abraham, I am adding John's pose for PETA.

Now I am sure that the female readers would have got into the flow of this post. When leading actors find it so easy to strip and pose naked/half nude in front of the camera, Chronicwriter decided that he should also strip for a good cause. Finally after spending quality time thinking about it Chronicwriter finally made up his mind to strip for the water creatures. No one has ever done modeling for an anti-fishing campaign, but the author of this page did it.He went to a river and posed half naked standing inside the water. Check his anti-Fishing photo.

A note to PETA activists: Are you listening? You can use this foto for your campaigns

Just move along with the flow...