Note: This Post contains nude pictures. So Young children are requested to read this post when your parents are not around
When I was a little kid, I was a terror in my neighbourhood. When ever we visited our neighbours' houses they would keep a constant eye on me. I had the habit of fiddling with anything that I could lay my little hands on. Even at our place, all objects were placed at strategic positions that I could not reach. I have thrown flower vases out through the window,broken show-case glass panes, pelted my neighbour's pet dog's rear end with stones,peed inside the well. I also had the great habit of bed wetting. Now I have mellowed down big time and at times I miss my naughty childhood in a big way. Old age is catching up pretty fast. But everyone has a child inside us and that child makes us happy every now and then.

How ever the kids of the present generation are more dangerous than the notorious terrorists of the world. The kids of these days should be banished behind the seven seas. I recently saw a picture of a three year old boy. He is a brat of the first order. He is an underwear fetish. Check this photo for yourself.

The lady victim stopped wearing an underwear after this fateful incident. Do you remember my seven year old neighbour, Ryan?[link] He has a very bad habit of giving me mental-complex problems. His mother showed me a picture of Ryan, when he was in first grade. It was a romantic photo indeed. But when a 27 year old single guy comes across such a picture; jealousy and anger knows no bounds.

Let us talk about a world issue now. The American President, who came into power because Oprah wanted him to be the president has all the traits of a chameleon. When he contested for presidential post, he used his name like this - Barrack Hussein Obama. But recently when he addressed the Islamic nations he projected his name like this - Barack Hussein Obama. He learnt his lesson from a five year old kid, Gary. Obama wanted to prove to the Americans that he is just a commoner and hence he walked into a supermarket and started shopping. He even wanted to let everyone know that he is very good with kids. The below picture was taken just five seconds before Obama was slapped by Gary.

Coming back to Ryan; When Ryan was a one year old baby, he ate his Dog's legs. I hope that Ryan will not be arrested by M.Gandhi and her gang. I am at least happy that the Dog was a bitch (female dog; The author was not trying to sound gender biased).If only it was a male dog, Ryan would have eaten something else and would have conducted a free vasectomy ceremony to the poor dog. The bitch is still alive, sans two legs, one ear and the tail. The bitch looks like a hen now.

If you had given your hand-phones to a little child, you would have been a victim of any of the following
  1. Huge telephone bills
  2. Strangers calling you in the middle of the night and warning you not to give prank calls
  3. Impaired phones
  4. Your girlfriend would have left you
  5. Your boyfriend would have left you

The author of this blog is a victim too. He advices the readers not to give their mobile phones to little children;especially if you have a flip phone, keep it far away from little children.

I said "Ouch", when I saw this picture. What was your immediate reaction?