Hi everyone. This is Mr.X. (The alter-ego of Chronicwriter). As Chronicwriter is reluctant to write anything on his blog, i decided to come here and tell everyone one dark secret about Chronicwriter. He is a Liar. Don't believe anything that he says on this blog. (Ok. alright, You can believe all that he says about his folks and about his kids). But do not ever believe a single word when he says that he is in love. He is a total loser and he simply dreams about being in love with a hot girl and all that he writes in this page about his love life are figments of his wild imagination. I am ashamed to call myself as the alter ego of such a loser.

You might ask me why i am so irritated with him.I am mad at him because he tried fooling me this afternoon. I had a conversation with him and he tried to be too smart with me and that is the exact moment I decided that I am gonna tear his image into pieces. Please go through the conversation i had with him.

Mr.X: Hi Chriz! (Chrony/Chronicwriter). Why aren't you blogging or visiting any blogs these days?
Chrony: I couldnot find anymore fotos of her.
Mr.X: Whose photos?
Chrony: Divya
Mr.X: She is your girlfriend( Read this[link] to read about Chronicwriter's new girlfriend Divya)
Chrony: You believed that too? Hahaha
Mr.X: So you lied?
Chrony: I never lied. If only such a girl exists...
Mr.X: Then whose photo is that?
Chrony: She is a model. I just have three of her fotos.[photo-1] , [photo-2]
Mr.X: So you are gonna reveal to your blog mates that you played a prank
Chrony: No! I am not gonna do that. I just morphed her third picture along with me and i will continue to fool them by posting that picture in my next post.
Mr.X: But do you think that your readers believe you? They already know that you bluff in this page.
Chrony: But they will believe when i write one more post about Divya.
Mr.X: What Joy do you get by doing so? Are you really that desperate?
Chrony: If you are single like me, you will understand my feelings
Mr.X: I am not gonna accept all your excuses. I Will tear you apart by blowing the whistle
Chrony: Why would you do that?
Mr.X: So that you stop fooling around with your imagination.
Chrony: Come on... You can't do this to me
Mr.X: I could and I will. When you really get hitched, no one is gonna believe you.
Chrony: Hahaha. Even I am not gonna believe if such a thing happens.
Mr.X: Now don't try to crack a joke. I am gonna reveal this to the blog world. Bye

Chronicwriter went back to post something on his wall in facebook and I came here to write this post. By the way, do you want to see the third picture? If the answer is Yes, I can clearly say that, No One can really save you.
Please Note: The picture is so cute!!! Should I add it in the next post?
Before I leave I would like to give an advice to all the pregnant women in the world.
Mr.X's Advice to pregnant women
If you have an appointment with the dentist because of tooth ache and if you have an appointment with the gynaecologist for your regular check-ups, please make it sure that you go to the right person for the correct treatment. Remember that a dentist and a gynaecologist are different people performing different professional work