Monday, June 15, 2009

342. When I am in love...

I never like to take up tagged posts. But now I wanted to do this one because this is one tag that will be done by people in Love. Chronicwriter has also fallen in love and hence this tag.

- Available: Yes I was, till a week back. But now I am taken
- Age: 27
- Annoyance: Anyone getting personal with me
- Animal: Bow Bow

- Beer: Bomber, Foster and our very own Kalyani.I am non alcoholic now
- Birthday/Birthplace: April 13th every year/ A hospital in Coimbatore in India
- Body Part on opposite sex: Those sugar sweet lips
- Best feeling in the world: When she says "Heluv Chroneee"
- Blind or Deaf: Blind in love
- Best weather: Summer with a cool breeze
- Been in Love: It is a very new feeling
- Been on stage?: Always. I love handling the microphone. Being a stand-up-comedian is good in one way[link]
- Believe in yourself?: I believe in my God
- Believe in life on other planets: Yes. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Does that mean OTHERS are from Earth?
- Believe in miracles: Yes. My life is full of miracles. [The miracles in my life]
- Believe in God: I do worship the One God- The Alpha and The Omega.( Yahweh, Ruah, Yeshua are His trinitarian names.)

- Car: I am not much into cars. Would love to get Oscar one day.
- Candy: Would prefer anything with a chocolate spread
- Color: Beaten Black and Blue (Red Underwear)
- Cried in school: Not in front of girls. But many a times in the loo.
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla frosting on Hot Chocolate sauce
- Countries visited: India,South Africa, Yemen, Singapore and China

- Day or Night: The Lion hunts in the dark.
- Danced: Yes! I am a dance instructor. Now teaching basic salsa steps to Divya.
- Dance in the rain?: Yes. I have even cried and peed in the rain.
- Do the splits?: Yes.I am still flexible. Sometimes end up with groin cramps.

- Eggs: Put a hole and suck it raw.
- Eyes: When my fingers play with her eyebrows.(If you are in love, you would understand it)
- Everyone has: emotions

- First crush: Renu.
- First thoughts waking up: Where is the snooze button.
- Food: Self cooking. Chef diaries would be active in this blog soon.[link]

- Greatest Fear: Judgement day
- Giver or taker: I was a taker. Now i am learning to give.
- Goals: Be good and save souls.
- Get along with your parents?: A wacky mom who makes a great partner in crime.She did my portfolio[link]. A calm dad who always admires the crazy stunts.

- Hair Colour: Black.Soft and curly.The quantum changes according to my mood.
- Height: 164 cms (5 feet 4.8 inches) But i always round it off to 5 feet 5 inches (Sachin Tendulkar's height)
- Happy: That is why this blog exists
- How do you want to die: With a conviction that i will go to heaven.
- Health freak?: Yes. Very conscious about my figure. Next mission is size zero.
- Hate: Temptations to fall for sin.

- Ice Cream: No. I keep myself away from Ice cream.
- Instrument: I sleep in a double-cot with my guitar on one side. My mouthorgan will be under the pillow and the keyboard under the bed.

- Jewelry: A thin chain that is around my neck for a long time with a cute cross as the pendant.
- Job: I am a Gospel evangelist. I am working on building a simple writing career.

- Kids: Love my nephew Jeremy(4) and my lollipop niece Jolena (2)
- Kickboxing or karate: Black belt in Karate (Shito-Ryu)
- Keep a journal?: My personal diary is an interesting read for my friends. It is full of lies too

- Love: Being alone thinking crazy stuff. But now I love being with my Love.
- Laughed so hard you cried: I wanna do that someday
- Love at first sight: Yes. I am practising it.

- Mooned anyone?: Yes.Once in the college where I did my MBA,"Rajagiri". In one crazy drunken state I mooned my hostel warden. He was also a priest. I was thrown out of hostel only to be taken back after my acting skills worked well with the college management.
- Marriage: Bells will ring sometime soon.
- Motion sickness?: I am in a state of inertia now.

- Number of Siblings: one lovely sister (The mother of Jeremy and Jolena)
- Number of Piercings: Had Three (Two on my ears and one on my right eyebrow)

- One wish: I want this love to last for a lifetime.

- Place you'd like to live: My bedroom at my folks place.
- Perfect Pizza: I am not much into pizzas. I would prefer rice with fish curry any day
- Pepsi/Coke: Anything goes.

- Questionnaires: Prepared many for my research and thesis work.
- Queue: Thanks to online booking, I don't have to stand in queues and more.

- Reason to cry: Now I have many reasons to smile
- Reality T.V.: For immature kids
- Roll your tongue in a circle: and then. do what?

- Song: Christian Gospel
- Shoe size: 8
- Slept outside: Yes . Once with my dog.
- Seen a dead body? Yes. Tsunami-December 26,2004 comes to my memory. I was in Chennai.
- Smoked?: Yes. In college. Not anymore.
- Skinny dipped?: Yes. Me and my six crazy friends in a pool(We used to call ourselves sexy seven). They did it in the main pool where as I splashed around in the baby swimming pool.The sexy seven[link]. All of us are perfectly straight.
- Shower daily?: Twice a day. Cleanliness freak.
- Sing well?: I guess so.
- In the shower?: Always. I stand under the shower and sing aloud facing the shower, with water filling my mouth. That is how new genres are invented.
- Swear?: No. I don't indulge in swearing.
- Stuffed Animals?: Presented one to my Love.
- Single/Group dates: Always preferred a group date. But now I am loving the Two-to-Tango concept.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: I love both.Fresh ones though.
- Scientists need to invent: A lie detector machine that can catch me red handed

- Time for bed: 4 am.
- Thunderstorms: She hugged me when there was a thunderstorm. I want more thunderstorms.
- TV: Talk shows-Ellen,Letterman,Whose line is it anyway
- Touch the nose with your tongue: I tried and succeeded in touching her nose with my tongue.

- Unpredictable: Always.In that way, I am predictable.

- Vegetable you hate: I don't hate any vegetable.
- Vegetable you love: Ladies fingers (Prefer manicured ones over ordinary ones)
- Vacation spot: Silicon Valley ( I am not talking about Pamela Anderson's cleavage)

- Weakness: My blog page
- When you grow up: I never grew up physically and I don't really think that I grew up mentally too.
- Worst feeling: When you can't lend your shoulder to a friend who needs it.
- Wanted to be a model?: Yes. Have done ramp walks in school. But I was never considered for ramp walks in college due to my huge physical frame.
- Where do we go when we die: I wanna go to paradise.
- Worst weather: Non stop rain.

-XRays: I used to keep the Xray sheets between my record note books in school

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: Never had jaundice

- Zoo animal: Mosquito
- Zodiac sign: Aries



  1. Thats a lot of romantic information Chriz....i'll just copy this and never tell to my ___ when am in love !


  2. tht's hell lot of information about you chriz boy....good to know more!!! Hmmmm looks like someone is a budding lover to give the details!!

  3. hahaha....
    that was quite a read:)
    and a lot of info about you:)
    i like!!

  4. thats quite a lot of info at one go!!
    hail to the blossoming lover in u! :D :P

  5. sigh...after you did this tag..I believe you are in love...only those blind in love can sit and write all this...

  6. it was fantastically interesting.. :) what's happening man?

  7. Arrgghh !! too long.


    nice post. good one. keep them coming. etc.

  8. I was so indulged in reading it, it got over so quickly! :P

    Nice to know more about you

  9. A nice read bro.

    hmhm. So U are really in love.

    Cheers man.

    Am glad 4 U. :)

    Will soon do a good mushy poem bro.

    U jus tell me in 1 line abt Ur gal. (Will post it & dedicate it to U )

    DM me in twitter. :) 140 characters is more than enough.

  10. **Zoo animal: Mosquito

    LMAO! I didnt know Mossies were in the time I'll check!


  11. I can use this formula next time I mess up with my gal ........

  12. lol.. that was interesting..
    take care buddy :-)

  13. so it's real eh??? Congrats again Chriz. Well, I trusted you completely even with the previous post.

    Not growing up mentally in an innocent way has its own fun attached with it.

    That was comprehensively done (A-Z) and I loved the family man, the humorist, the human being, the Faithful, the researcher, the Lover, the uncle etc behind it.

    Cheers. Best Wishes :)

  14. it was a nice read
    but i am still not convinced that you are telling the truth!

  15. Ennalayum mudila:P

    "One wish: I want this love to last for a lifetime."

    IDHU TAAN INGA highlight. Epdi ipdi!!1

    Rotfl over the portfolio. my sis and i laughed , laughed and laughed.


  16. changes and loads of changes

    **transition phase of chriz turning into Majnu**



    kalyani rocks.... :P

  17. good one... Many things over here made me laugh... All the best for everything in your life.. One thing pricked me though in this post... You make ppl laugh till the tears roll down but you've never done that??? Through out the post I enjoyed but this one made me feel sad :(


  18. Nice to know stuffs about you :-)

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  20. i will refer to this when i am in need for some words :)

  21. :D :P :) ;)
    Divya didnt read this? i cud not see her comment.. :P

  22. I never thought I would see you doing tags mate ....Somebody had told me tags are only present at the back of one's pants ...hey hang onn a sec...Was it you? :D

    Nicely tag btw chriz...Guess love's definately changing you...One Advice...Don't let it take the humor side of you :)

    Sorry I am younger than you and still giving advice :P but guess I am entitled to ..Right ? :P

    All the best mann :)

  23. Errr!!! A to Z of chronic writer?

  24. This tag really tells a lot about you..I even followed that link on your miraculous recoveries..It was really inspirational.

    As ever..funny,crazy and sweet post.

  25. watever this was, sounded funny and a lil weird :P :P

  26. Whoa !
    This was some lover struck - honey dippin tag !!!!!!!

  27. yippie!!!....happy for u man..our Doctor will soon get married!!

    A to Z of the chronic writer...i just realised i have some patience!!

  28. Enna da Pudhu Kadhaiya iruku rascal yaaru antha jigudi .... Usual Chris puch missing love namaku othu vargthu da sonna kellunga

  29. Nice to know abt u bro!luved it....

  30. wow that's a amazing tag and loved reading it as always :D

  31. "- Believe in life on other planets: Yes. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Does that mean OTHERS are from Earth?
    " <<<< this really cracked me up! :D

  32. Evolo periya post..... Hammmma!

  33. Nice post, you really have fallen hard in love!! wish u all the luck in the world, some really funny lines out there..enjoyed reading!!

  34. Good Post

    So Love is indeed in the air :)

  35. Blah! You honestly in love? Divya's so young, and not 'chronic' material :P

  36. omg!!!

    taken... :O :)

    i went back and read the post!! :)

    of course im happy and she is cute!! that was what i call Whirlwind romance!!


    wishing you THE BEST in life :) :P

  37. wow!!seems like u r really in love indeed. Congrats and tht was a lovely tag.

  38. This is quite interesting.
    Good luck :-)

  39. Was it your way of revisiting English alphabets? :D :P

  40. That was fab...too much of an info in a post!! :)

  41. yes yes i read the whole damn thing :P
    cool one... :P

  42. very interesting portfolio btw :|

  43. Time for bed 4AM? Much worse than me

  44. Got to know you a little better ... feels nice to be able to say that !! Saw another side to you , than the humorous one .. :)

  45. That's the romantic YOU. :)

    Nice to know this side of you.

  46. did i land at the right place?/ is this chrizy??? does he get non comic too??

    u r lovely :)

  47. wohooo... that was a real good read..very interesting answers..specially the last ones..:P

  48. Why would you keep yourself away from ice cream??? :O :O

    And whatte portfolio man...had me cracked up big time!!

    Good to know more about you.


  49. Congrats Chriz!! Congrats Divya!! Chrony, I believe you now. you are definitely in love... neenga neraiya pesarapovae theriyudhu...

    A toast for you guys!!! Cheers...

  50. Late Comment as usual!!!!
    But it was wondefull!!!!!!
    Diff ways to ans d the same question... Interesting

  51. cooooooooool as usual nice man real nice

  52. usual...

  53. Congrats Chriss!!! Good to know that:)


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