When Steve Jobs presented the Apple Macbook series to the world, I fell in love with the Apple notebook series too. I presently use an outdated IBM thinkpad for my personal use.All my blogs are typed, edited and posted from my IBM laptop. My short term plan was to own an Apple Macbook and Blog using it. But when I came across the price-tag of an Apple computer,it gave me a shiver down my spine that ended up as a silent fart.

In order to buy my own Apple laptop, I started saving money. But I could not save enough money in a short span of time. Hence I decided to earn through my blog. But again that did not give me enough returns. So I started the Red-Chaddi campaign. More public display of red underwears would result in me getting more money from the DCSW (Dubakoor Council for Social Welfare).The campaign was one of its kind because it gave a great vision to the google-generation youngsters.Soon many youngsters started wearing red underwears over their trousers and made a strong fashion statement to the entire world.A friend of mine, Anu also wanted to join this campaign and she asked me to take a picture of her in the red underwear.

She was very angry with me because she wanted her face to appear in the photo. I told her that it would not make much of a difference; be it her face or her back. She is not picking up my calls for the past one week . Is she angry with me? I don't know. How ever the American Government could not tolerate the growing popularity of the Red-Chaddi movement across the world. So, in order to curb the red-chaddi movement, Bush introduced the Black-Chaddi movement. In the below picture, Bush is seen promoting the Black Chaddi movement.

When, even the powerful Oil rich countries could not stand Tall against the Bush Force, how could one expect the small Chronicwriter to fight such a competition? Thus red-chaddi movement came to an end. When the red-chaddi movement came to an end, I even thought that I could never own an Apple laptop. As a last ditch effort, I made up my mind to sell one of my Red underwears. So I tried selling my red underwear on e-Bay and Boy-O-Boy,the girls were just crazy to bid for my red underwear. Click the picture to get a better view of the bid process.

Soon my friends came to know that I sold my red underwear for $ 10000/- and i was asked to throw a party for them. I had to shell out more than $ 10000/- for the party and hence again, I was left with no money to buy an Apple macbook. My inner thought told me not to give up. Hence I decided to upgrade my IBM laptop into an Apple macbook with my own effort. If you do not believe me, please check this picture [link]
Moral : Where there is a will, there is a way