If you are a first time visitor to this page, i would like tell you one thing- " This post is gonna change your life forever".If you are not a first time visitor, please bear with my lie about the first statement.

India went through elections this time and the country has given a second Chance to Manmohan Singh and co. Bush got a second chance too and we all know what he has done to the world. Hope Mr. Singh doesn't follow Bush's path. Is Singh the real king? We have to wait and see.

How ever, down south; in a little continent SriLanka, the LTTE were not given a second chance and after 30 years of terror and bloodbath the Tamil Tigers were finally wiped out by the brave Srilankan Forces. Hope peace prevails there.Now your mood must be sad and disturbed. So let me take you to a lighter topic. I am gonna talk about sports. The man in this picture is Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong has come back.I always admire this man. The seven time Tour-de-France winner retired from competitive cycling in 2005. But he has come back. It would be a treat to watch him in the yellow jersey again. I hope that my readers know that Lance Armstrong has bravely fought cancer. Doctor's almost lost all hope but the conviction of Armstrong was so strong that he fought all odds and is now a living testimony for bravery, patience and waiting on God. He lost one of his testicles to Cancer. On a lighter side he can be the apt brand ambassador for the Uni-ball pen brand. (A note to Uniball: If you are going to select Lance as your brand ambassador, please don't tell the world that i was the brain behind the idea. I don't like publicity)

Now let us move to yet another sport.If there is one sport where 1000 men chase a Black Man's dream, it has to be Golf. Tiger Woods is a phenomenon in the sport. But Tiger is facing a stiff competition from the girl-golfers these days. The fan following for girlie golfers has reached newer heights . When ever a girl-golfer takes position to putt a hole, the fans take position to see the butt.[link]

Now let me deviate totally to a National issue. If you are a part of any Indian Retail chain(Reliance, Spencers etc...) it is high time that you re-design your marketing efforts because Walmart has finally entered India. Walmart is opening its first store in Amristar [link]. Walmart has kicked each and every retail chain out of competition in all the countries they have stepped foot in. So if the Indian retail chains doesn't react soon and improve their Customer Relationship Management, they might never get a second chance to recoup.

If you had read this post carefully, the point was basically on second chances. A second chance is given to people to change their course of action or to improve their performance. If you had been a regular reader of this page, you would have known that all the pictures on the left sidebar correspond to a certain topic. Chronicwriter has planned to include two new topics to this series.

  • 1)Red Underwear series (What started as a simple joke has made the readers to come to a conclusion that Chronicwriter is a red underwear fetish. So this new series is entirely focused on reader satisfaction)
  • 2)Chef diaries (Chronicwriter is also planning to educate everyone around the globe with his gyaan on the intricacies of cooking)
Not everyone deserves a second chance.