i StOpPeD UsInG fOwl lAnGuAgE a FeW YeArS AgO.

If you think that i am gonna start using fowl language again, you are absolutely wrong. I still believe that foul words are not necessary to convey the message in a conversation. A wise person is one who has the ability to carry on a conversation without using foul language. No offence meant for those who use bad words. But if you can control your tongue, you can definitely succeed in curbing the production of lousy words from your mouth.

I have seen stand-up comedians using filthy language in their performances. They have great presentation skills and they have humor to back them up and they really don't have to use such words to make people laugh.

You might ask me," Hey Chrony! Why this lecture when you have such a lousy subject line?".

I have heard people using the term-AssHole. I really don't have any idea about the origin of that word. Words like this make me to conclude that English is indeed a funny language. I never thought that I would ever see an AssHole in my entire life; but i was proved wrong when i saw this [link]

Moral : You don't have to use filthy language to make people laugh