Thursday, May 14, 2009

328. Fake IPL player Exposed

Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed.

I just found that any article on the fake ipl player draws great attention and this article would be apt to rake-in many page hits. The fake ipl player is creating a great havoc in the cricketing world with his creative writing that has a great touche of humor which is accompanied by a smooth flow of language.

What has the fake ipl player done so far?

1) Fake IPL player is the real hero of the second edition of IPL that is currently taking place in South Africa.
2) Fake IPL player has exposed the inefficiency of the so called world cup winning coach "John Buchanan". John Buchanan won world cups for Australia with the greatest ever team he had with him . But now he could not do anything with the Kolkatta Knight Riders team which has many Indian players. He is also showing his true colours with his racial outbursts and his comical theories and has become the rear-end of all jokes.
3) Fake IPL player has also made Shahrukh Khan look like a complete Joker in no time. Shahrukh Khan finally ran back to India like a chicken and has made a vow that he would not return to South Africa again.
4) Fake IPL player has drawn a very clear picture and he and has helped the readers to differentiate between the real cricket players and the Jokers ( Cine stars/Money Mongrels/Chronicwriter) who crave for attention.
5) Fake IPL player has even made a few of my girlfriends (who never had any interest in cricket) to follow cricket with great interest.
Last Saturday, Chronicwriter and the fake IPL player went to the cricket ground to play some practise shots. While the fake IPL player was exposing his vital statistical equipments, I (chronicwriter) took a picture of him. Fake IPL player pleaded with me not to reveal his identity to the world. But being a categorically- imperative person, i decided to reveal his identity to the entire world.

Fake IPL player Exposed

Please excuse me for my poor photography skills. On second thoughts, I would advice the fake IPL player to operate under his masked identity and not reveal his identity. We need you to provide the same entertainment for next IPL too.


Note:I am working on a post on my ICON. When i tried uploading his picture, my computer crashed. That is the reason for this post on fake IPL player. My next post is on the ICON who has changed my life.



    IS IT



  2. un villa thanathukku oru ellaiyae illaama poyiruchu...

    aadu magane aadu... a woman would come to put an end to this :P

    he he... take care bro... cheers...

  3. Hahaha......
    you crack me up everytime...!!
    nice post...!!

  4. @stepman

    keep guessing.. ill cut some unimportant parts from ur body and feed it to the dogs

  5. GRRRRRRR!!!!



  6. LOL!
    Really, fake IPL player made even someone like me to follow cricket! Though I still dont understand it very much!!

  7. :D for a long time, chriz, i have been suspecting that YOU are the fake IPL player...

  8. chriz, come out of the IPL world :D

    am no fan of it.. nor a tubelight!
    am tired of hearing the word "IPL"

    :( :((( :(

    no cheers today

  9. @swetha
    this post has nothing to do with IPL :p if you read the post, you would know

  10. hey.. I agree so much with Little Girl Lost.
    At some time, even I thought that U are the Fake IPL player Chriz!!!!!

  11. Fake IPL player sounds so fake to me... Got to see if he ever reveals his face..

  12. hey...i am sure its nt akash chopra ! but a very nice blog ..i am following u for some time.. even though this is my first comment here...its always a pleasure to read u :)

    great work dude...saw ur comment on my blog for the first time...!

    do keep in touch ! would love to have atleast some percentage of male followers on my blog :D

    Cheers, keep penning !

  13. Chriz anne... i guess now if the fakeipl player reads this blog, he's goin to put up a pic of yurs...but am not sure which one..hmmm maybe the pic when yu were clean bowled by kids like in the earlier blog!!! ha ha , !!! kalakitinga

  14. "to differentiate between the real cricket players and the Jokers ( Cine stars/Money Mongrels/Chronicwriter) who crave for attention." - I almost spilled coffee on my desk :P. Yendha parenthesis-layum ungala exclude pannikka maateengala? :P

    You don't NEED to do anything to attract audience M. Chronicwriter. You just need to writer and your seemingly spontaneous humour will do the rest.

    Icon-aa? I am wondering if that will be a serious post or humour one.

    PS: As regards the second para what I like about your humour is that it shows a sense of humility in yourself too. The Chronicwriter can feel overjoyed if my prediction is wrong and need not feel offended for my seriousness on this humour blog if my observation is correct;);)

  15. Tcha, I thot he was *really* exposed to the feminine kind. :P

    And ur ICON? Do I dare say it is TRR? :D


  16. hehehehe..... i dnt want my brains to work. so me not guessing anything but just enjoying everything.

    waiting for ICON post

  17. I am waiting for that iconic post for quite sometime now :D

    And burrr!! I was so curious about fake ipl player that I tried to google out.. beh!

    I still dont watch cricket yay!! :D :D

    Though I read his blog :)

  18. methinks this is a fake photo of the fake ipl player. ;)

  19. loved to see that be headed fella...ur photography skills rokk///I mean shud be thrown rokksss at////:P

    well will wait for the next post eeeeageeeeerrrrrlllllyyyyy

  20. how do u come across such genius ideas!! :P ;) Loved the post.

  21. uh-oh i happily read ur blog from the beginning to the end. I thought you are our desi sherlock holmes...anyways that was a good idea for increasing your page hits :)


  22. This is the fake pic of Dada :D shot before he was about to take out his pants like he always does whenever he steps on to the cricket ground with a bat :D ;)

  23. it's a crap post..but since you have a chronic disease ,so excused!!

  24. Don't ever become a photographer..

  25. fake ipl player is really fake....i really don't understand this whole issue about fake ipl player...anyway waiting for ur iconic post!

  26. Have been following the fake ipl player blog for quite soem time and the posts are absolutely hilarious..

    He had decided to reveal his identity on the day of the last lets see..unless of course he changes his mind

  27. Chriz....
    fake ipl player kum ungalkum edhachu link irukunu ulagame ungala visarikka podhu.. paathu :P

    Over velayatuthanam... "Sports Veeran" nu idhuku pattam kudukalam

    Icon's picture podarcha, comp crashed??? Wow!!!! comp ke porukala...

    apdiyum neenga vidama avar pathi ezhudhuvenu irukingale, adha nenachu naan peruma padaren.... Hats off... TRR ku ungala vida periya fan irukave mudiyadhu...

    Cheers :D

  28. You are so full of it :p I know there's no IPL player as such and I have no idea about cricket even .. :))

    But still your posts are intriguing and the way you draw in the crowd awesome !


  29. hehehe
    Chriz, this is so u..i knew there wasnt any revelation..still it was fun!
    i think he should reveal himself when IPL's over...

  30. Fake IPL player was not you??? I thought only you talk about cricket!!!!

    Guess it's really time you get a steady gal friend so that you don't get time to think about cricket..where is that post on your icon?? kadavalle hope it's not Trisha, Daisy Bopanna and all that kind...hmmmph!!

  31. i thought it was you..
    n i still believe so.. ;)

    waiting for the icon post :)

    In my line of sight

  32. ha ha ha....he has now posted a poll asking us to guess his identity :D

    I am in love with his indeed is far more interesting than IPL matches :)

  33. I pee L :D :D.. not much interested hence dint follow even the fake one :)
    but this seems to be a nice idea to increase page hits

  34. Chriz such a fantastic photography. Do one thing u know in Kumudham(tamil journal) they used to conduct quizzes on which part belongs to whom... they will put the pic of Namita's what not, Sneha's eyes, Asin's nose and ask the readers to guess which anatomy belongs to whom?

    Next to "how romantic are you?" you can ask your readers to guess who this fake IPL player is. sure it would be interesting read.

  35. Lolz...This is a nice way to say that you are not HIM!! :P
    But you cant e-scape from these keen eyes!! ;) I kneeled down, and I could see your face up in the pic! You should not make funny faces when someone kneels down to have a look at who you could be! :P
    Btw, How are the cheerleaders there, esp the fully covered Deccan ones? :P

  36. Oh my God! I got hyper for nothing :P

  37. U know wat... U wont believe... when i saw dashboard and ur latest post name.. I exactly imagined a picture like somethin u ve posted and thought so and u did it... anyway.. i like fake ipl player too. gr8 entertainment

  38. Your photography skills are great. Trust me. As you said, it's better off with the fake IPL player hiding his true identity :)

    Loved points one & three :)

    Cheers!!! :)

  39. im all for fake IPL player such has brought us some very valid information.... :)

    and finally we had a clear picture about the dressing room politics of KKR....

  40. yeah i dont want the FIP to reveal his identity....its awesome the way he writes and the way he has exposed what is going on in the kr camp...
    cool post :P bichara computer, keep backups. i know how terrible it is when comps crash :(

  41. and I thought today i'd come to know of the IPL player.. but thanks to your marvellous photographic skills :P

    but hey waiting for your 'icon' post.. :)

  42. Chriz,
    My guess is that the fake IPL player is Greatbong. Thanks for the pic though.

  43. Dear Chronic Ji,

    Pls post the post fast on our ICON who has changed my life too. And Pls include something abt my new icon Mr.Sam.
    I cant wait to see his handsome pic in your space. Ah, What ae bleshing!!

  44. - Fake ipl players tone of humor is so similar to that of chronicwriter....

    - since Fake ipl player has become so popular the number of posts that chronicwriter puts up have gone down.....

    both funny, both a 'coincidence' i suppose.....
    But yeah both are a must read daily.....
    Cheers to Chriz!!

  45. I am among the top 8 fans and only fans of KKR, and I wont hear one bad thing about them.. KKr you rock.. We want KKr.. now if you excuse me, I wanna collect my cheerleading money frm SRK

  46. reading the comments, even I have my doubts Chrony :) is that you? that guy has a funny bone too and the more I think abt it the more I'm convinced...who doesn't want to have 6000+ followers...sigh

  47. I have good reasons to suspect the author of the blog by the IPL player could be you !! Wzzzup Chrizz...? Isn't there a wicked smile on your face now ? :)



  49. interesting ;)
    first time on ur blog.. nice work :)

  50. My take bro -

  51. i feel he is some journo.. no cricketer would have that much brains.. his polls are also interesting

    The Furobiker

  52. HAHA...brilliant !! nice way to pump up traffic :D


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