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" The ball is in your court" is a very popular business terminology. Chronicwriter embarked on a mind-journey to write a post on this topic. He used his grey cells to the maximum limit and the output of the thinking process is posted here. Read on...

Disclaimer: All the characters mentioned in the post are real and any form of sarcasm targeted on a human being is purely intentional

The ball is in your court
When IPL-2 got shifted to South Africa, the IPL organisers started hunting for Cheerleaders from South Africa. Without knowing whats going around in the big wide world, Vijay TV (a popular TV channel in Tamilnadu) started a reality show to hunt for cheerleaders to cheer for the Chennai Super kings team. The contest is still on and the participants of the contest, still have dreams of travelling to South Africa. Bless their heart.

In a far away continent,"Africa", the organisers of IPL-2 conducted a cheer-leader hunt for cheering all the teams. Clara and Mandy are two babes who are an integral part of the Deccan Chargers-Cheer leading group. During one of their practise sessions, both Clara and Mandy saw something and got scared. They have lost their ability to speak. A photo of their practise session is added here [link]. Investigations are still going on to find the exact reason that has scarred the babes for life.

The investigators have asked Lalit Modi, the man behind IPL-2 to help them in solving the mystery. We all know that Lalit Modi is a Man of action. He immediately jumped inside the war zone and did a careful analysis of the situation [link] and produced a twenty page confidential report to the investigators. The fake-ipl-player got hold of that report and he passed on the information to Chronicwriter. But due to confidential reasons, I am not going to publish the report in this page.

But to create some interest for the readers, I would like to leak some important information from the report. An Umpire is involved in this case.Being a Cricket umpire is not an easy Job. The umpires have to stand in the hot sun for the entire day and sometimes they have to do this [link]. Even my four year old nephew has a clear idea on getting dressed up for the occasion. There are reports that a Srilankan cricketer is also involved in this case. The whole Srilankan team started having doubts on Jayasurya. In the picture below, Jayasurya is seen pleading with his team mates that he is innocent and that he has nothing to do with the shocking incident.
The shocking incident which has taken its toll on two pretty babes has caused a major commotion in the cricketing world. Fingers were even pointed at our very own "Appam Chappathi"- Gopumon @ Sreesanth . Sreesanth- the bad boy of Indian Cricket is not disturbed by this whole incident. Sreesanth who has shown his aggression against the opposition batsmen through his teeth biting expressions and his bum shaking movements has said that he is not involved in the case, but he sure knows the culprit.
After much coaxing through Laxmi Rai and Daisy Bopanna, Sreesanth revealed three words to the investigators. The three words were " Hand of God". This confession made by Sreesanth has made the investigators to look at this case from a different perspective. One investigator said that football legend Maradona might be behind this case. Maradona is known around the world for winning a world cup for Argentina by scoring a goal with his hand. However Maradona is not available for any comments on the clue given by Gopumon @ Sreesanth.

So the investigators again went back to Sreesanth to nab the culprit. Sreesanth finally agreed to reveal the name of the person behind this big calamity. He gave a photo to the investigators and said, " The hand that rocked the cradle is the culprit". The investigation is still on. I am adding the photo for my readers[link]. Can you tell me who the culprit is?
Now the ball is in your court!!!