My niece and my God-child ,"Jolena" is turning two years old today. So I have given her the opportunity to write a post on my blog today. As she doesnt talk much, she will narrate this post with her pictures. Over to Jolena

Hi everyone. I am Jolena and I am turning two, today. I do not know all the 26 alphabets in the English language. But I know all the cartoon characters that appear in Disney channel. My house is a very calm place when i sleep.

But that is not the case when I wake up every morning. I make my Momma, Dada and my brother to run around the house all day.

I love my brother, "Jeremy" very much. He is my hero. He is the beshtest brother in the world. He sings for me and he performs stunts for me too.

Sometimes, out of affection and love, i bite him and he starts crying. To confuse my momma, i start crying too .I learnt this trait from my uncle. But when ever my momma, tries to take a picture of us, we put up the best possible smile. I call my brother using a tamil term,"Anna". Anna is a very good guitarist. He is a leftie. But he never allows me to touch the guitar. I don't like rules. So when he is not around, i play the guitar too.

My anna is a very good dancer too. He spins like a hip-hop artist and it is fun to watch him dance.

His dance moves act as a source of inspiration for me and I try to spin too.

But i always end up falling flat on the ground. I will succeed one day and i know that failures always leads to success.

On a very few occasions, me and my anna would sit like this and stare at the ceiling. Lot of thoughts run in our heads. I can't share all the thoughts here. They are my secrets.

When my momma cooks for me and my anna, we sit in kitchen and make faces at her. I am pretty sure that she admires our funny facial exhibits. But she acts as if she is a strict momma.

My brother is a very good artist. He has wonderful drawing skills.My uncle has already written an article about his famous art-work here[link]. When he is not around, i take his colour pencils, sketch pens and have my own fun time with them

My momma is a magician. When ever i have my fun time, she catches me red handed. This picture is an example of my momma catching me in one of my fun-moments.

But I know how to react on such occasions. I smile at her like this and that would ease away the situation.

My Dada was very angry with me one day because he did not like my table manners. So he taught me how to eat with a fork and spoon.

I learn things very fast. So i told my Dada, that i can eat on my own. He was happy. The next day, i tried eating curd rice with a fork and spoon. But i dint find it comfortable. So i threw the accessories away and tried eating with my own hands. It is an enjoyable experience to eat curd rice with your hands. My momma was very cross with me but she did not show it out too much because she knows that i know three numbers by-heart. The three numbers are 9-1-1.

Jokes apart, I am turning two and I am a big girl now. I love my folks so much. That is my Dada, Momma, Jeremy anna and Me.

My Uncle will call me to wish me on my birthday. Should I talk to him or should I throw attitude?