Tuesday, May 05, 2009

325. Romance at its very best

Note:If you want to know more about the girl in the picture, you have to read this entire post.

This is a Romantic post.Talking about Romance, the term "Romance" is a Greek word. The night time in Rome is very dark and hence the Romans used to refer the night time as "THICK" night. In those days French fries were very famous in Rome. A young couple came to Rome to have their honeymoon and in one of their cozy moods, they played tongue-tennis with each other.

To cut the story short, Tongue tennis later came to be called as the French Kiss.[link] Because they played tongue tennis on a Roman Thick Night, the so called mood that induced their kiss, came to be known as RomanThick Mood. Just before registering the term "Romanthick" in the English dictionary, the English scholars decided to consult with the world famous VASNUM expert. (To know more about the Vasnum expert click here[link]). The Vasnum expert made some numerological changes to the word and renamed it to Romantic.

A friend of mine who works with the UN rang me up and informed me that the world-wide pregnancy rate has gone up by an alarming 45% this month (May 2009). He said that everyone were baffled by the sudden rage of hormones that has caused this mass loading factor in the tummies of various mummies. I called him to my place for a drink and after a couple of beers (He drank it and got drunk; I got high after just smelling it) we found the reason behind this sudden increase in the pregnancy rate across the globe. The actual culprit is "Earth day". The UN requested people around the Globe to switch off the lights for one hour between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm on 20th march 2009.The author of this post is also experiencing a burning tummy. Reliable resources say that he is into his thirteenth month of pregnancy.

The previous post drew a wonderful response and everyone wore their romantic shoes and became so mushy that i felt so shy reading all the responses.I have selected a winner too. The winner is Urv. Yes that is a name of a person. His prize winning entry is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. I request Urv to send me his mailing address.He would get this prize for being the most romantic person around.

There is an Indian saying, "Just like a Garland in a monkey's hand". This saying crossed my mind when I saw the picture of the girl in the beginning of this post. Her name is Daisy Bopanna. I know that she is gorgeous. That is not the reason behind me, adding her picture in this post. The reason is that she is Sreesanth's girlfriend.Now I have second thoughts for the actual reason behind my burning tummy. Are you guys having burning tummies too?



  1. LOL! A tongue-twister of a winning entry! :D

    Appam Ch**thya has a girlfriend too? :D

    Good one bro'. And gratz to Urv.


  2. First to comment :D
    Well the post is really hilarious... and Vasnum expert!!! I know you'll go places :)good that u coined the word "Romantic" :D

    congrats URV for the longest romantic word which no one can pronounce...

  3. :(
    cuz of a long comment..... mine became second :'(

  4. Congrats URV! :D

  5. Enna Koduma sir ethu Sreesanth ku eppadi oru Pigure ahh !!!!

  6. ada aandava.... intha figure a antha dog, girl friend...


    mudiyalada sami... my stomach is not only burning, it s retching... :(:X:P

  7. and hey... I am awaiting TR.... the mokkai dialog geth... :D

  8. Awesome inferences there... makes sense too. I think the alcohol might have been to blame too...

    I was talking about the pregnancies as well :P


  9. Tongue tennis was totally LMAO!!

  10. And I thought you are going to write about your hero!

    I should say poor girl really! Hanging out with a monkey should be tough.. he would keep playing with her "poo maale" ;)

  11. Ah btw URV Congrats.. may you njoy the korean movie with your "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" :D :D

  12. congrats urv :)...gf of sreesanth's lol :P...well she is a beauty :).


  13. congrats to Urv,

    please someone pronounce that word for me, I'd want to use it for my lovey... :P

    and no comments on the beauty and the monkey :P

    and tongue-tennis was an intellectual finding.. kudos to you Chriz.. :P

  14. hilarious as always....congrats to the winner!!!
    And the girl reminded me of beauty n the beast!!

  15. i seriously pity this gal for dating with a monkey.. king kong na kuda paravala...... adhavida kevalamana oru ....... kuda she's dating. I dono watta say. cha pavam :(

  16. Informative post....congrats urv...fuzzy name thou'!:p

  17. haha..
    nice..a tongue twister winning it.
    *urv..i will see u next time!humph*

  18. he he yeah i read abt her in the papers. And well...i dont hav any reaction goin on!!obviously coz i m a girl. :P

  19. i thought he was going out with priyangka chopra... :S

    i dunno if its that girl's loss of that guy's loss

  20. The next time his girlfriend refuses to come along for a dinner, Sreesanth's gonna cry big time!


  21. Gosh! Sree is using some spell..
    n congrats to Urv..quite a tongue-twister there...God knows what happens to one after calling out him/her by that short n sweet term???

  22. How did URV come up with such a name !!!

  23. me too having burning tummy..
    wt am i doing over here..?


  24. YAY! Urv! Congrats to you and your creativeness.

    Nice History on romance Mr. Chronic writer!


  25. somehow I dont find this funny. Its like odd musings rather than a structured post. :-S

  26. pregnancy rate increase-ku kaaranam one hour power cut-aa? konjam over-aa theryala.

    I can see why your tummy is churning. lol.Mine is not. Just not my type I guess. rotl.

    Yen blog-a marandhuteengala Chriz?;) But that's ok. Reckon you are busy.

    Cheers bro:) Peace

  27. oh ! people did make good use of the earth hour..

    and sreesanth's gf? seriously? :O
    did he indeed impress her by his monkey grooves?is she anyway related to the tennis bopaana?


    @ chriz
    u really seem to be doing some useless research these days?? :p


    @Chriz :P

  30. oh that is such a sweet name ;-)
    tongue tennis... :P!! LOL!
    i suspect that i have seen this gal in garam masala.. but sure i am not gonna search for her.. err.. didnt like her too much!

  31. @all
    Thank you, thank you :)

    If you want any help remembering the oh-so romantic word, just utter words like pneumonia, ultra microscopic, silicon, volcano :D

    Can I exchange the cd for the gal in the pic ;)

  32. i got almost screwd by my boss fo LMAO atthis post :):) and who cares if comments not moretaken for prev post.. my words are honey bum,sexy chu**thya :):) do I get acd??? orthe boyfriend of the girl put up here???:) cheers matey... and urv congrats:):)

  33. lovely:D...and funnily Romanthick!!!

    URV:-congrats!!!being a neighbour...will i also get to watch the movie in the cd????tell tell!!!

  34. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis as a nic for a partner? I dun think so, only cos by the time u say it u'd be dead..it wud take that long!

    Congratz Urv! ;-)


  35. @chrizzy
    Give Santa fanta the cd. Give me the girl ;)

    I would highly appreciate if you could courier the girl that I mentioned in my 2nd entry :)

  36. congrats urv ;)

    and ye bro.. ma tummy too is burnin..

  37. heheehe.. actuallly that's not better than my entry :P but its ok.. i'll give it away to URV..Congrats...

    And u r right about the garland and the monkey :P...

  38. pneumonia, ultra microscopic, volcano conosis........

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! wad a romantic word
    thanks for helping out with pronounciation Mr. Urv....

  39. oh!what a romantic word,seriously romance at its best!:D
    btw did this girl in the pic meet sree in the 'earth hour'...the fact tht she wasn't able to see him cud b the the only explanation of the outcome!

  40. hehe... the last line was for sure a shocker :D

    and so was the Burning Tummies issue..lol

  41. Damn ..what a word to win it mann :P

    "He said that everyone were baffled by the sudden rage of hormones that has caused this mass loading factor in the tummies of various mummies"

    Roflmao line that :D

    Sreesanth....Damn! yes I am having a burning tummy now....U got medication :D

  42. congrats to Urv...

    lol bro... for once you have used the very apt saying for this gals' plight :P

    he hee..

    take care.. cheers...

  43. hehehe wat a post :P u did so much research? :O :P
    sreesanth has a gf :| naah, cant be :| am i the only fattu in town? :O

    congrats to Urv :P :))

  44. @all
    I have one more reason why the word is so romantic.

    As you are trying to remember the word and pronounce it correctly, all the while u can keep looking in your beloved's beautiful eyes. So the word is not only romantic but also helps to fill the air with more romance :) I am glad Chriz appreciated that

  45. oh! What an enlighting post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tongue tennis, Romanthick,Vasum,
    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.........and Urv,last but not the least.......Kurangu kayil kidacha poomaalai......

    to answer to your query in my post..Its dubai

  46. Earth day?? guess they mistook it for Children's day...ho ho

  47. LoL chriz..wat are you upto these days??

    tounge tennis ;-D

    @ urv

    wat a gazab ka word!!
    Congrats :-)

  48. Urv won huh ? Shyaaa.... :(

    Anyway, Daisy Bopanna hasn't yet accepted Sreesanth's proposal (well, that's what I read in her Indiatimes interview). That monkey-face cannot be trusted... he was fooling around with Surveen Chawla too before this.

    All monkey-faced people have all the good luck :(

  49. Congrats Urv.. You seem to be wizard with the vocab.. :)
    Daisy hasn't accepted Sreesanth's proposal? Hmm.. Is that why he is not high these days?

  50. ha ha ha loved the post..

    need to see what the previous post was all about..

    n i do hope ur tummy is fine now.. :P

  51. @urv

    what a publicity man!
    i wish i had taken this comp a lil more seriously..toh aj ye saari shaano-shaukat meri hoti!*bu-hu-hu*


  52. Haha...loved the post...Daisy is beautiful but very "healthy" if you ask me! ;)
    And did you read Sreesanth's reply today to Daisy's yesterday's "question"...he sounded so so gay and so on...

  53. I am very disappointed :(

  54. U got a friend working in the UN chriz??? How coolzzaattt !! :) Shreeshant, the hot dog, with this girl ??!!! Unbelievable !

  55. Hey matchfixin i say... Chrissy creature... how much did u get from Urv? N u neva tld us dt more weightage wil be given for longer words


    K K Pozhachu po!

    N man she's like :) :) :) super cute... If Urv doesnt get her can i??? ;) Donchya think anythin crazy chrisssss!

  56. Thank you Chriz :) Was waiting for your comment :)

    And Urv, kya reason diya hai! Maan gaye! :)

  57. I am having third thoughts about your burning tummy. Maybe this is the zeroth thing you realize when you are about to have a bad tummy :P

  58. I was smiling all through the post and the comments . . .truly incredible invention of new words . . .and what an issue with what an ending . . . .Reading the entire comments I am realizing that looks do matter in this world of money ,fame and power . . .Good to know that . . .And I did leave my id behind . . ..only you could figure that out . . .thanks . . .for the comments ..

  59. I wish ..even i were a cricketer..even Dinesh Mongia has a sexy girl friend..

  60. **So the word is not only romantic but also helps to fill the air with more romance

    IMHO the more time it takes to think of the name, the more mental I'd look infront of my partner lol! @Urv


  61. Read in today's news paper Sreeshant has trashed the rumor of Daisy Bopanna being his GF. and yeah Romantic surely makes things go thick. I meant skin.

  62. Tongue tennis....LOL..wonder if championships are held for it too? That too 4 times a year!! ;)

    Congratulations to the winner! :)


  63. sreesanth?? u mean appam c***ya??? u mean d one described as almost human sreesanth?? damn!!! yeah my tummy is burnin too!!!

  64. Daisy Boppana is NOT his GF. Din't you read the clarification that followed from his end?:P So, you might as well be lucky.

    And " the note:-If you want to know more about the girl in the picture, you have to read this entire post. " You sure know how to invite attention and keep them waiting. Don't you?:P

  65. Machi thats more of a tamil saying dont yopu think...

    Dint you hear sreesanth's new name? appam watever...[smiles]

    I get tummy burnings too... Dont all men have that I-like-chick-chick-no-like-me disease...

  66. Hehehee. I read on face book and thought you might find it amusing " 90 people get the Swine Flu and everybody wants to wear a mask, A million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom. " :))

    The girl is really pretty :) though it's not the reason I read the pose ( i knew you fooling us readers since that's your ishtyle :p )


  67. are you serious about her being sreesanth's girl!?
    ah well. you had commented on a blog post o mineages back. i finally got back to blogland and reading your blog.
    i like.

    and the blog that functions after the long hiatus is


    see ya there? :)

  68. Earth Day...! Lolzz...
    Too good...!!
    How do you come up with such stuff....??

  69. lol...Mass loading factor in the tummies of various mummies.

    U really know how to use words.

    And congrats Urv.

  70. hehehe this is my first visit here and your words have captured me... i am going to stay :D
    Earth day!!! is it :P

  71. Dude,

    :) :) You have a brilliant knack with humor.. I loved this post, just loved it!!

    Shall follow you hence forth...


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