Note:If you want to know more about the girl in the picture, you have to read this entire post.

This is a Romantic post.Talking about Romance, the term "Romance" is a Greek word. The night time in Rome is very dark and hence the Romans used to refer the night time as "THICK" night. In those days French fries were very famous in Rome. A young couple came to Rome to have their honeymoon and in one of their cozy moods, they played tongue-tennis with each other.

To cut the story short, Tongue tennis later came to be called as the French Kiss.[link] Because they played tongue tennis on a Roman Thick Night, the so called mood that induced their kiss, came to be known as RomanThick Mood. Just before registering the term "Romanthick" in the English dictionary, the English scholars decided to consult with the world famous VASNUM expert. (To know more about the Vasnum expert click here[link]). The Vasnum expert made some numerological changes to the word and renamed it to Romantic.

A friend of mine who works with the UN rang me up and informed me that the world-wide pregnancy rate has gone up by an alarming 45% this month (May 2009). He said that everyone were baffled by the sudden rage of hormones that has caused this mass loading factor in the tummies of various mummies. I called him to my place for a drink and after a couple of beers (He drank it and got drunk; I got high after just smelling it) we found the reason behind this sudden increase in the pregnancy rate across the globe. The actual culprit is "Earth day". The UN requested people around the Globe to switch off the lights for one hour between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm on 20th march 2009.The author of this post is also experiencing a burning tummy. Reliable resources say that he is into his thirteenth month of pregnancy.

The previous post drew a wonderful response and everyone wore their romantic shoes and became so mushy that i felt so shy reading all the responses.I have selected a winner too. The winner is Urv. Yes that is a name of a person. His prize winning entry is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. I request Urv to send me his mailing address.He would get this prize for being the most romantic person around.

There is an Indian saying, "Just like a Garland in a monkey's hand". This saying crossed my mind when I saw the picture of the girl in the beginning of this post. Her name is Daisy Bopanna. I know that she is gorgeous. That is not the reason behind me, adding her picture in this post. The reason is that she is Sreesanth's girlfriend.Now I have second thoughts for the actual reason behind my burning tummy. Are you guys having burning tummies too?