Note: This is going to be a mushy post. I need all your contributions to make it more mushy.

Honey, Sweetheart, Baby are some of the terms used by lovers to address their better halves. There are many many such lovely terms used by people in love. This post is dedicated to all those who are immersed in love. This is actually a competition for the most " romantic word".


1) In the comment section, you can write the romantic word that you use to address your better half. (Even if you don't have a better half, you can still enter a word that you might use in future)

2) Restrict your entries to only one word. (Let it not be a sentence)

3) But you can give more than one entry. If the word is in any other language other than english, then please write the english meaning also

4) If your entry is already entered by another blogger, then priority would be given to the early entrant.

5) The contest is open till 1pm - May5th 2009.

6) The winning entry will be announced on May 5th 2009


1)The winner will receive a VCD of romantic movies "Romance of their own" (Korean movie with English subtitles) or "Secret" (Chinese movie with English subtitles). After the winner's name is announced, the winner can send his / her postal address to .

The author will send the prize within 7 days.
Who cannot participate?

1)Renu (Because she broke my heart)
2)Mr. X (Because he is my alter-ego)
3) Jeremy and Jolena (My nephew and niece)

Just wear your romantic hats and show your romantic mettle