Thursday, April 30, 2009

324. How romantic are you?

Note: This is going to be a mushy post. I need all your contributions to make it more mushy.

Honey, Sweetheart, Baby are some of the terms used by lovers to address their better halves. There are many many such lovely terms used by people in love. This post is dedicated to all those who are immersed in love. This is actually a competition for the most " romantic word".


1) In the comment section, you can write the romantic word that you use to address your better half. (Even if you don't have a better half, you can still enter a word that you might use in future)

2) Restrict your entries to only one word. (Let it not be a sentence)

3) But you can give more than one entry. If the word is in any other language other than english, then please write the english meaning also

4) If your entry is already entered by another blogger, then priority would be given to the early entrant.

5) The contest is open till 1pm - May5th 2009.

6) The winning entry will be announced on May 5th 2009


1)The winner will receive a VCD of romantic movies "Romance of their own" (Korean movie with English subtitles) or "Secret" (Chinese movie with English subtitles). After the winner's name is announced, the winner can send his / her postal address to .

The author will send the prize within 7 days.
Who cannot participate?

1)Renu (Because she broke my heart)
2)Mr. X (Because he is my alter-ego)
3) Jeremy and Jolena (My nephew and niece)

Just wear your romantic hats and show your romantic mettle



  1. So, as the tradition goes;


    me fishtttttttttttttt!!


  2. And, me the second! :-D

    I am so elated!! :-)

    so my entry for the contashttttt!

    1--> SHONA
    3-->KHUSI ( i have seen many people address this way too :-) )


  3. oops..

    the 3rd is "KHUSHI" !!

    espelling mishtakeeeee :-D


  4. "lencho" - that's how I call my sweetheart :) meaning Lion.. I love to play with Lion :D

  5. lol.. you know what I have run out of romance..totally..

    and one word to address the other half.. why do i need one word when I can fill the entire world with poem and stories..

    i will come back with my entry.. and I don't want the prizes.. if i win.. please pass on the award to the poor girls you mentioned in one of your recent posts..:P

  6. romantic :D....

    lets say ..."amore mio" i love to call this...its Italian...

    "Mon amore" its french :)..

    and telugu ..preyatama...which means love...and i love to call even honey...its english :P..


  7. My entry

    1) Honey-Bunny
    2) choco-crunchie
    3) teddy
    4) yummy
    5) Fiona (as I am the Shrek)
    6) melody

  8. hmmmm...the last time i was in love, i called him 'Chimpu' - he was cute baby chimp:)

    now i'm totally OUT of this love business...n i'm just commenting, not participating:):)

  9. oh bugger!! not my field at all... but i'll try...
    kid (think Casablanca)

    right now that's all I can think of.
    of course variations of the name of the lady would be applicable. but her absence at the present moment doesn't allow me to take advantage of the aforementioned situation.

  10. Errr!!! Mushy?? Romantic???

    Have I landed in the correct blog???

  11. smart u r!! searching for a name to call the grl u met ystrdy, aint ya? :P

    ill get enlightened reading some more comments and then "participate" :P

  12. errmm... how about addressing as "Love"??

  13. "madman" - thats my entry to the contest.

    i'm sure you're totally impressed and wont have to read any further to look for the prize winning entry.

    so should i wait for you to declare me as the winner officially or should i mail you my address right away ?

  14. **The winner will receive a VCD of romantic movies "Romance of the own" (Korean movie with English subtitles) or "Secret" (Chinese movie with English subtitles).

    I'd like to boycott this competition after realising what the prizes were!



  15. Munchkin
    bugs bunny pirate ( all together)

    uff somehow all that comes to my mind right now is the names i call my lab :), sweety

  16. Here's my 1st entry:



    Here are my reasons for selecting this word:
    1. The best thing about this word is that it can have so many variations in pronunciation.
    2. The length of the word can, to some extent, quantify your love for your better half.

    I shall come up with other entries as and when I can think of ;)

  17. Or may be my nicknames :D

    Eelli baby
    Queenie :)
    pumpkin ;)
    rolly polly
    golly molly

    okie I should stop there r more ;)

  18. my entries..

    1. Oieeeeee
    2. kutty..
    3. puppy
    4. loweeeeee
    5. papaaaa
    6. sweets
    7. neetaa!!

    I dont want to win the competition..

  19. (i) Kannamma (not sure if Tamil is allowed but used to call my ex that!)
    (ii) princess
    (iii) angel
    (iv) Love (simple!)

  20. my fav thing i call my crush is "chinnu" and "kanna".....i love these :D...


  21. ok alright I will take part Chriz!

    1. dumbass *its very romantic btw!*

    2. darlin

    3. bearbottoms *lol*

    4. suga

    5. hotbod ;-)

    6. hottster

    7. boi

    8. bunnycakes

    9. hunny

    10. schnoggles

    11. smoochez

    12. mwahlicious

    13. bootz

    14. bedz *lol*

    15. kittyface

    want more?


  22. koocikoochi

    brrr.. ARRGGH! Hope i never call my better half that way! HOW HORRIBLY MUSHY!

  23. nothing is sweeter than her name itself...I forego this competition:D

  24. Ooh I have a list:

    1. Ki baby
    2. Coochie
    3. Lovey
    4. Sweets
    5. Pumpkin
    6. Hottie
    7. Cupcake
    8. And my FAVOURITE - wifey. :) :) :)

  25. Oh ya! Shona and jaan sometimes too :)
    OR bebu :)

  26. good competition....
    "Choco baby" is wat I would like to call my better half in future :P

  27. romance is not my forte! sowwy..

  28. Wait wait waiit!!! Remembered a unique one tht I call my guy - twerpy. :)

  29. Well, i use Shona, Honey bun, cutiepie and honey. :)

  30. Thirudi (d one who stole ma heart :P)

  31. Chellam! dats de word I use to address my Hubster! It means "Dearest"

  32. 1. baal (bengali for pubic hair)
    2. bara (bengali for penis)
    3. gaar (b. f. rectum)
    4. khanki-r chele (b. f. offspring of a sex worker)
    5. behenchod (hindi for he who loves his sister )

  33. Am already seeing tweets saying that this is in my zone... LOL...

    I usually prefer her name or a custom nickname... a nick that has not been used by anyone to call her before... a special one... that comes straight from my heart.

    take care bro... cheers...

  34. Heh heh heh, good luck everyone. Am gonna be a spectator. :P*


  35. haha.... you searching 4 some ideas....

    I would like to call..

    nila (moon in tamil) - she s always there 4 me whether she is seen or not never matters.... you can jus feel her (how mushy is that)


    and the mushiest one of the lot...

    chu chu (the way kids over here say that they want to go to piss) - whenever i think of her, i can never contain myself until i call her or go and see her..... jus the way you cannot contain your piss for long......

    hahaha.... and how mushy was that...

  36. hmmm!!

    ok my list goes lyk this.. :P

    1) Muddhu.. (which means sweet)
    2) Idiot.. (I always call tht)
    3) Deee.. (my own framed word which i wud like to call).. no meaning.. hehe
    4) Chweety-pie :D

    ok thts it! i am lacking of romantic words..! :P


  37. well if yu see in tamil as it goes in the movies "Anbe (dear)" ,and as usual "chellam" (dear,sweetie)... ha ha and always the best is "idiot"

  38. i used to call him baby or jaan..aur uncle or bachu..golumolu..
    okay not the last one!

  39. oinkkkkk!
    romantic is as romantic does!

  40. :)
    i guess,the way i would call him wld convey it all...
    the way you roll out his/her name with all the feelings in need for anything else...
    but since it is a contest...
    A GAPI MOU..that is my love in greek..well,i like it coz it is mentioned in one of my fav M&B..
    and for what it sounds in my language..."ughgh shit" in a mallu..
    romatically decadent,isnt it?

  41. Hi Chronicwriter !!
    I simply call my better half by the name "Meethu"

  42. rofl ROFL at all the enteries..

    @ hemanths comment :-O [im still shocked]

    @ keshis comment.. the best one the list for me. :D :d the 1st 1 was damnnn romantic,keshi

    @ Muthu's comments

    heyyyyyyyyy... that not su-su how the kids piss.. chu-chu is my nick name :'(
    "rombho insult pannitei paa,ennai"

    @ swethas comment...

    thank god,u dint put a "o" in place of "u" for the 1st mentioned word :P

    and now my turn...

    1) kuchimoshhee` [ it sounds really cute 2 my ears,i call my 1st love that way ;) and he wags his tail with a lot more excitment :P]

  43. maandlaparzooh (tamil name for promogranite,guess i dint get the english-tamil spelling right) :P

  44. abrooo abroo.. (sounds nice to keep repeating it again and again.. donno from where i got this word and from when i started using it)

  45. last one..last one...

    poochlamosh! :D

  46. if i call a loved one "ma Bitch" will she mind :D..

  47. golu.. it means golu.. and it means a lot ;)

  48. cola of coca cola fame(the effervesence)
    coli of the e.coli fame.(the mutiplying potential)

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I'd to go thru all entries to see if my it was already taken..
    He used to call me PF(Passion flower in case u thought provident fund.. though the later makes more sense.. ;P )

  51. I mean, I really dunno. Not been much inclined in giving names. And i am in a political mood:P
    Just finished a post about elections and nothing romantic comes up:P
    And i wld be glad if you check in and gladder will i be if u drop in your comments at,

  52. I love using malayalam words to call him to see that baffled look on his sweet face...priceless I tell ya when u have a better half who doesn't understand ur language.

    Thene (honey) when am really really sweet
    Kuttimani (no idea what it means..ahem..ahem)
    Thavala Kanna (frog eyed) when I see that sparkle in his eyes

    Jaanu (every now and then when my brain is snoozing)

    Chriz what does ur lover gal call u...I mean all those 100's must have called u something or the other...or was it just redyyy beddy boy after seeing that infamous red underwear???

  53. ha haha... i read thru every single comment and laughing my gut out.. ha h aha ha.... i never knew!! phew..

    Romance is one thing thats completely outta my league... Lemme try though...

    # umpi-kin..
    # sweetie-bopara.. (courtesy some hindi movie :P)
    # Sweetie-pie..
    # Chella Kannu-kutti (means dear calf.. Tamil word)

    errm.. i ran out of steam... sheesh

  54. Best of luck to all the participants....

  55. habibi

    (my dearest, in arabic) - sounds nice even if you dont know what it means!

  56. aasa, dosa, appadam, vada.......hey these r not nick names btw, i'm just saying that i will not share my secret!!!!!

  57. Oh, I landed here in time... good. Though I don't think I stand a chance against Urv... I honestly like his entry

    Anyway, I kinda like the words 'Hey Hon' (you know short for honey) and 'Princess'.

  58. hehe...more den happy to read d follow-up comments...nice witty competition! :)

  59. d good old way-chunnu/munnu/bunty/pinky/rani/pari/babli/pintoo/sonu/monu/viki k papa...
    hows dat?

    my next entry-sweetheart...:D
    i'm really blushing now....

  60. choco-pie... coz darling, sweety and everything else is so outdated...and there is nothing as amazing as chocolate in this world!!!!

  61. This is for you and not for me
    In the initial few days call her 'Yen Chellu' like prakash raj does in Ghilli
    After sometimes, call passionately like sonu sood does in Arundhathi, 'Bommai' (Practice that voice)
    When fire does, call her like munnabhai does, "Abhey Gochu!!!!"

  62. saale!! (thats actually a bad word but still i lovee to use it)...

  63. cocotte ths french for love and it somewat sounds like chocolate :D

  64. maama ore feelings aedichu da...

  65. Its a joy reading you... happy to have come back ... :)

  66. Ti'nok - Baby

    Chaviva - Dearly Loved

    Jaffa - Beautiful

    Naama -Goodlooking

  67. Precious!

    Funny Valentine

  68. we use a word in malayalam.. 'karale'. karal means liver in malayalam, but i dont think it will sound that romantic in other languages, but it sure does in this lang

  69. Just a nooblet in the field . .but I guess she would like to hear her name instead of all the nicks that I have learned through the blogs . . .

    " Gauri ",should just do fine in my case I guess . . . .rest yet to learn the rules of the trade.

  70. I think his name would sound more romantic than nicknames. I always believe that everyone's name has that magic. And when a better half call him/her just by his name , it replicates that magic multifold:-) I don't believe in this darling and Love business:-)


  72. NE 'Jaffa' is really cute :)

    LOL @mojo! Archana nice one girl!


  73. hmmph! im not online one day and u spring up this!!:(

    my otpion has been taken away by enchantinganki :( i call my guy shona and he calls me shonai :D

    so im officially out of the race!! :( but u can still send me that DVD

    btw i used to call my guy a mechanic bcz he is an engg... but that i a long time off...

  74. Pumpkin Pudding!
    Honey Pie!

    ---Damn!..i am hungry!. :P

  75. You are a cutie pieee Chriz, muuuuuah :)

  76. I think nothing beats the good ol' Baby, or Sugar.

    Personally though, I prefer Teddy and Dumbass.

  77. Not my area...sorry
    still i hv mailed u the address. I wud prefer same day shipping. Thanks!

  78. Bebu.

  79. Oh man ! I am late !!

    I aint bidding for the win, but i sure will mention what we call each other.

    In the 10th grade when we started going around, in that snobbish catholic school typical fad he'd call me Momu (LOL ! Actually that was a derivaiton from my nick name. I wouldnt mention that here. Your intepretations are welcome.)

    Then somewhere around grads he found himself getting influnced with the western culture and over the top romantic bollywood flicks and "Momu" changed to "Shonu" and "Babe" and "Sweetu" and "Sexy" and the likes - they used to switch at unprecedented timings.

    Then came the manly man into jobdom and he somehow got used to the whole idea of referring to me as the "wife". LOL. And then the more coy "baby" and now its become "bebu". I see from the above comments many ppl use that. Sigh. I thought that one was quite unique. Well.

    I liked doing this. I hope I dint bore you out.

    Thnx for this.

  80. Chocolate... Doll... What could be more romantic for a kid! :P

  81. give the vcd to anyone ! but convert the vcd to blue-ray and send it to me !

  82. - 'Ma mie' in french (means My half)
    - 'Bel enfant' in french (means 'Cute boy' for adult though)
    - 'Poussin' (little chicken)

  83. - Babbu ( little bear )
    - sweetu


  84. My entry. (Even though it's not my thing at all)

    1- JERK
    2- Retard
    3- Hershey
    5- Oreos

    Hershey because it's my fav chocolate and Oreos are my fav cookies! Aweomeness! NO?

  85. For me, nothing can be more romantic than her name itself.

    So the next 2 entries can be Sonam/Sonu. But not the full name Sonam Kapoor ;)

  86. "" - scribble some fiction here. do check if time permits!

  87. I read Anil's comment. So this is what it's all about aye?? :D

    ok.. i'm not really good at this but here it goes:

    >> choco muffin


  88. I'll say her name... (better half)

    If she gives a WHAT'S THIS look, I'll say other than LOVE, the one and only romantic word in the world is your name*

    *- Conditions apply

    Subjected to market risks if you have more than one girl friends and dont confuse their names!!!

  89. *touch*
    very unglamorous a word.....but it is the most romantic word according to me :)

  90. i did the secret spy thingy and am back with more entries..

    # Bujji - Kutti
    # Thangame (Gold..)
    # debbie...
    # Khosu-posh...

    Don't ask me.. i said u, i did the secret spy thingy here

  91. Hey Chriz, Renu bhi commenta hai :P lol ;)

  92. I call her " SOUP " ..........

    (As we all know Soup can get hot n cold .... We can eat Soup and drink Soup ;-) .... But worries go down with Soup :)

  93. it'l be yogi bear fr me, sweetums, sweetu, cuppy cake... chubby cheeks... and mr. right hehe...

  94. choco pie
    Chocomallow (this is my favourite word.. and its copyrighted copy lefted copy centred strictly as u say)

    well nowadays i eat too much of chocolates (watta do peer pressure!! I never knew chocolate kindles so much of romantic feeling :D)

  95. Chriz ji. Our Thalaivar Bloggingaa?????I am over joyed. Aiyo, ennala Namba Mudila:P Avar videos paakama naan opru naal kooda thonginathilla:P

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. guy is a doctor (a typical like an ass..kicks like a

    n So I call him 'mojo-jojo'
    (a cartoon character frm powerpuff girls; a lil monkey with an over-sized brain :P)

    kinda silly i know...still i find it kinda cute :)

    PS- He almost dumped me once for calling him tht infront of his seniors :P

    nice post.

  98. Hey how come nobody said "Chrissy boy" so far :( Bad world na Chris?

    He he... Hey n now my turn...!

    *Jaangi (Short for jaangri dt sweet)

    *tuta pappu (Some mushy lang for small boy)

    *dingidi (Kovai sarala's Jingli la... adhoda oda new version)


  99. What a cute post :D's 'SWEETIE PIE' :D

  100. Rani Roopmati

    Kaju Katli

    my imaginary girl friend calls me Kuchi pooh

  101. My hubby calls me "Paglet"

    When I first heard I thought he said Piglet... but then he told me its paglet...since i m a little pagali and his sweetheart.. :)

  102. This is my last entry Chriz...

    JIGGLEBERRY. this is my favourite word and this was coined by me and my friend when we were in UG all of a sudden. We don't know the meaning. We assume our own meaning for this... This really sounds romantic for me :)

    copyrights to Sowmiya (the pretty angel :D)

  103. Good competition and yayayaya... mine is 125th comment :D

    First comment ezhudha mudila.. adhan idha pathachum excite agalame nu...

  104. Hmmmm... let's see...

    1. Dodo (the person would have to be as dumb as a dodo to have landed up with an intolerable specimen like me, but I would call him that out of love of course ;))

    2. Chakkara (Jaggery in Malayalam...ummm... synonymous to 'sweety' or 'sweetheart')

    3. I think I get kinda abusive, when am overflowing with love... so patti, thendi (a dog, stupid fool) etc etc. also does the trick... . You know calling ur love 'pattttiiiii' with a sweet, innocent smile has wonderful effects :P

  105. Terror Romeo Rajendhar? HAHA!