I received seven e-mail applications for the post of my female-room mate. 4 were males. So i rejected them without much ado. Out of the remaining 3 girls, two were my blog-mates and one was an anonymous mailer. The two blog-mates bashed me up with non-parliamentary words. The anonymous mailer was very mushy and her/his mail was almost like reading a M&B novel. I also received a proposal from wolf-anusha. Her mail was found in the junk list. I didn't bother to read it. That is how i throw attitude.

In early January of the year 1995,when I was in class-8, my biology teacher said that AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease. I counter attacked her with my statement saying," Ma'm; Birth of a baby is the only sexually transmitted disease". I was sent out of class. That was the exact moment i decided that i would become a scientist. I started working towards my goal. Immediately, i called up my friends Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and gave them a ten minute pep talk. The very next year, they came up with Dolly (The first cloned female sheep). The world never knew the actual brain behind cloning. Now for the first time ever, this secret is revealed in my blog.

If you closely follow my blog, you would be knowing that i am a world famous scientist. I have described my findings in the sidebar. If you haven't noticed it, i am posting it again in this post so that you don't have to search for the message in the sidebar
Chronicwriter used to conduct secret nuclear experiments for an undisclosed Western Antartican province and was on the verge of Vasectomizing a female python when he decided to focus on this blog instead.
I started discovering many things about animals. I would soon publish all my discoveries in book form. Please buy the book when i publish it. One such experiment made me to study about cows. I went to my Uncle McDonald's farm and asked his permission whether i could conduct some experiments on his cows. He was more than happy. My experiment was to find out, if a cow could yield more than 20 litres of milk.

So i took a bucket and went to the farm and started milking a cow. After one hour of milking, there wasn't much milk in the bucket. I was disappointed and came back home with a dejected heart. Later when i talked with Uncle McDonald, i came to know that the only animal in that farm was actually a bull and not a cow. No wonder the bull smiled at me, while i was milking it.
My discoveries in the field of animal science was soon recognised by scientists around the Globe. Animal scientists even tried mating lions and tigers and came with a new animal "Liger". I even advised them to go forth in their scientific research to produce "Girze". They have tried all possible ways but all their efforts have failed so far.They sent me a picture of their scientific efforts [link]
Will the world ever see Girze?