Friday, April 24, 2009

319. Wanted - A female room mate

Disclaimer: Yes! I was drunk while typing this post

That's my room. This is where i sit and type most of my blog-posts. My under-wears are on the floor and one of my socks is on the ceiling fan (You couldn't see this in the picture). I am looking for a room mate (Preferably females). You can sleep on my bed. You can also use the computer. But please stay away from my guitars and my red underwear.

My previous room mate was a guy. His name is Andrew. He had this bad habit of cracking a silent fart inside this already messed-up room. When his intake of garlic increased everyday, i couldn't take it any longer. Now he is not my room-mate anymore. Me, being a trekking fanatic, I would go for a trek in some forest area almost every month along with my friends. Once we decided to go to a dangerous forest for our trek-adventures. We did not take Andrew along with us because of this [link]

Now coming back to the topic, I also promise to cook food for my new room-mate (females are welcome to apply for this post). The new room-mate will also be taken along with me for all my trekking adventures. I once had a female room-mate and i took her along with me for one of my trek adventures. It was a memorable day. We took lot of photos and we even pitched a tent in the forest.

She: Hey Chriz! The tent is big enough. Can I also sleep inside the tent?

Me: No!

She left my room without even telling me after we came back from our trekking adventure.This is the picture of me sleeping inside the tent[link].

Care to be my roomie?



  1. Where do you SIT and type? Where is the BED? It looks like a bio-hazard not to mention a haven for vermin...

    Man, clean up ur act! (I bet as a species you've been hearin that for ages!!). But, really!

    As afar as applying for a post, i guess you should consider goin down on ur knees and beggin! LOL!

    Jokes Apart - Good Luck!

  2. ha even chk out ma bed room

  3. woaaaaaaaaaaa that was too good.. the pics made me rofl.. poor Andrew.. and the last roomie.. you have spilled the beans.. you are gonna have tough time looking for a roomie. :P

  4. Hehe, i'll apply if I get to play the guitar!! :P




  5. "My under-wears are on the floor and one of my socks is on the ceiling fan (You couldn't see this in the picture)." Wonder how you coin stuff like this!

    Your red underwear seems more famous than your guitar Chriz.

    Treeking? Good. I have never done it but would love to:)


  6. Where do you find these pictures?

  7. You BIG FAT LIAR!! Believe me, Men need NOT be DRUNK while writing this stuff.. It comes naturally to them!! p.s. my boyfriend had similar thoughts roaming around..until I came by.. Now the room's clean, no underwear & socks thrown around!!

  8. man..:P...i wish u get the girl fast and let her play ur guitar to :P..


  9. haha...

    Well, no wonder she left ur room... :)

    I'd not care to apply for that anyways... I love myself enuff to spend it in that little Den...OMG, it is so CLEAN!! LOL

  10. Y u need a room mate? Is not messy enough?

  11. Gosh that looks like a totally messed up room!!and god save the gurl who will come and stay there!! :P

  12. well u r very very messy but not as messy as me :P

    when i open my cupboard clothes come out as if a bomb exploded :P

    its better that u don't have me as ur room mate..well it will be worse than the farting guy :P:P

    its better that u marry and she'll be ur roommate for ever..but there's a prob..u won't be able to change her like room mates ;)

  13. Err... no thanks, I value my life too much to be strangled by all that stuff...

    Nice choice of photos once again... :)

  14. Ha! Tht fellow in the pic doesn't look like you! Bleh! :P

    And boy is tht one messed room... Ur mum and dad won't like it, Chriz! ;p

    Good luck with the hunt! ;)


  15. Chriz, i want to be your roommate. i have recently become a member of a group called Deprive Men of their Illusions, and i've been directed to move in with a poor deluded fool and make him as miserable as i can
    your first lesson will be called Girls Fart Too.

  16. room reminds me of our hostel rooms:)
    wht made u make her sleep outside:D

  17. gee..and i thought i had the messiest room.. :D

    so accomodating of u chriz..(ref last pic)

  18. do i need to send my resume?

  19. WOW!
    You're worse than me!...lmao!!!
    Thanks for the invite of being your room mate... but i think i'll pass :|


  20. Actually speaking, I am not even close to finding out the RED underwear in that pic . I did search for it in the pic franctically.

    Please put up a public display. Thou shalt go to heaven with your Red Underwear.

    And trekking? I had been for it three weeks back and it wasn that bad afterall. Care to come ?:P

  21. i thought my room was the messiest..
    but mine is heaven compared to this.. ;)

    i think you dont need a bed, the floor has got enough cushion.. ;)

  22. u need room(female) mate for what??
    to clean up ur mess??

    i can only pray for ur future roommate!

    and poor gal( ur old roomate)
    i pity her.. atleast she dint kick u in the middle of the forest! so gr8 of her!

    lolz.. gud luck in finding ur roomie! god, save her!


  23. lol..... :)

    but the room doesnt quite come near to the cadre as the one in which i used to be with my boys..... ;)

  24. :| :| .... and i thought i was messy!

  25. When you find one... lets have a party :P

    been working late... hope to talk to ya soon bro... cheers...

  26. Hey hi... i read most of ur posts... and i didn't stop lafing even for a moment... very stomach is hurting after lafing for almost 2 hrs continuously...I bumped into your blog few days back when i was reading "Srini's"...

    U wanted a female room-mate?
    I'll follow your blog :)


  27. i know a very hot female who is looking for a place. she doesn't mind a guy for a roomie!! i almost finalized sending my sister to a boarding school to accommodate her. but apparently they do not take admissions at this time of the year.

    but you have to move & get a place in Baroda. that is the only glitch.

    ps: she is hot! did i tell ya that?


  28. come to sydney! all your 'dreams' will come true :)

    Btw over here its 'Flatmate Wanted'

    Cheers mate!

  29. :)) Yup, I smiled but I didn't actually need to Read it, the picture itself was enough .. lolzzz...

    I totally sympathize with your would be female roomie - if anyone takes up the herculean task...


  30. :D

    ewww !! your room is really a MESS !!

  31. @everyone

    i was wearing the red underwear while taking the picture.. and thanks for the good response...
    7 mails so far... :p

  32. After seeing ur room, I feel better when I look around my 'cyclone hit' room. About being ur roomie, I'm happy with what I got.

    Thanks 4 another post which brings smile on my face.

  33. my room is in almost similar condition..
    so i cant apply for the same :D

  34. boy i wish i was in India, i wud have come and cleaned ur room for free....i swear, not even a penny!!
    Hard to find a female roomy haan inspite of u showing soooooo much care n protection!!!
    I wish ur poor Andrew's condition is improved otherwise he will b left with no roomies at all!!!

  35. Nope...never Chriz...
    Hey, I commented on many of your other posts too:)
    Srry for b eing absent so long....

  36. Enna oru Villathanam !!!!

    Joseph will be a better chocie none other than him

  37. ohh ohhh ohhh...ohh ohh ohh...ohh ohh ohhh...
    is there a breathing place in this room?how do u manage to live here..phew!!!
    by the way...i think u need to increase d incentives a little higher....:Pto get a room mate!!!

  38. So pitty on u one is ready to be ur roommate......I m ready but u have to agree on some of my points If yes then no prob.....

  39. Now, that's a royal mess mate, if ever there was one. And I used to think I had seen it all with my ex flatmate. Am messy too, but this is way beyond my abilities. I can't be that messy even if I wanted to. :P
    Good luck with your hunt ;D

  40. wow... that picture makes my room look clean! hehe...

  41. Oh god! my hand itches to clean this mess... How the hell you manage to work here? Be honest.. idhu chumma photo shoot ku tharumaara potadhu dhana? say yes..Plz say yes:D

    the photo gave me a shock, but after the initial shock, I thoroughly enjoyed the post along with my brought a laugh on an otherwise tension filled day :D

  42. move ur butts and clean dis room ..u will realise that u dont need any room mate then!

  43. :P:P...
    lmao !!:D..
    u r so obsessed..wit ur red underwear...:D..
    then y u need a gal room mate:P..

  44. looks perfectly like my hostel room!!

    btw.. poor girl.. give her address of my tent

  45. ufff...! It is only you and you and you and You Chriz...!! :P
    Hope you get a Female-roomie, best of luck :)

  46. For the funny man's expert eye

    A 'tribute' to a teacher.With students like me, who needs enemies


  47. I just cleaned my room n then read this post.. am glad i did that.. I could laugh at the pic with clean conscience :D :D

    Female room mate is bad news.. you become her unofficial bf.. and also.. when her bf is around u r forgotten and.. u have to hold her when she breaks off with her bf umpteenth time to get back together again

    I tell you! very bad news :D

  48. me the back

    me the 50th comment...

    me the suggest wolf as your room mate :P

  49. //me the suggest wolf as your room mate//

    She is mine :x Lance u r gonna be dead... But I trust Chriz.. Look @ the pics.. He dont even dare or care to touch the girl ;)

  50. @everyone

    the room is very clean as it is... you should actually come to the room to understand the aesthetics


    wolf is yours only.. enjoy.. i feel sorry for you and your future :P


  51. @Karthik:-

    You are the man. Whatae thyaga manapanmai, whatae parandhu virinda manasu.

  52. Lol:), most of the boys are like that:), my son's friend nevr used to open his cupboard in fron of anyone, as everything fell out at once:)

    So ur cycle is more important than......:)

  53. dude ! how old are u ! renu looks very young :p...

    next time u tell me about ur puppy love from school ..ill kick your nuts!

  54. u had asked me to leave my application.. where do i submit?? ahem!! :P

  55. Ahem! I don't think I'll be applying for this one!!! :P

  56. hmmm...very tempting offer da!

    but i'd rather leave it for some lucky gal...may God bless her!

  57. will you entertain applications on first come first serve basis ?? am i late ?? aaarrghh!!

    the last pic is awesome!

  58. ahahaha!! now i understand wat u meant about ur room in ur comment!

  59. Dude I am sure after this would be getting several requests ....

    A "Lol" post once again ..Well done :)

  60. i have heard ..a cluttered desk is a sign of a genius mind...
    now what do we co relate a cluttered room to?

    godspeed in ur search for room mates...

  61. well, the author was drunk while typing the post... does it mean that comments too can be typed when drunk?? reply fast coz running out of stocks!!!

  62. How do you stay in that room, and you are asking for another roomie, by looking at that mess, I feel only one person can manage to be stuffed in that, and that's Chriz!!


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