News headlines of this week. These headlines are thought provoking and funny at the same time

  • Mohammed Kaif replaced by Katrina Kaif in IPL. (Where is cricket heading to?)
  • Kasab says that he is innocent. (What should we do with that kid?)
  • I have never advocated violence: Varun Gandhi. ( Yeah Right!!!)
  • Amisha Patel contests for elections ( I will vote for her)
  • Who is next in line for the shoe attack? ( Hope it is not me)
  • More than 100 electoral candidates have criminal cases against them ( And we talk of infuriators from across the border)

Its election time in our Country. I request everyone to administer their voting rights. We would have a black-mark on our index fingers when we vote. But let us not select someone who will end up giving a black mark for the nation.

Vote sensibly

I take this opportunity to talk for Mr. Sharat Babu who is contesting in Chennai Constituency. He is a BITS-Pilani, IIM alumnus. His life story is an inspiration for many souls around the Globe [link]. No wonder he is selected as MTV/Pepsi Youth Icon of India.

Let us not be political-party fanatics. The country needs individuals like him. There are similar candidates in every state. Please vote for such people. If the readers know of any such similar candidates contesting in different parts of the country, please drop a line about them in the comment box. Let us do a noble deed by spreading news about such individuals.Do it fast because we do not have much time in our hands.

Let us strive for a better future.

God bless you all