Saturday, April 18, 2009

315. The Great bank robbery

I still have the first mobile phone sim-card, I ever used in my life. It was a BPL card. I first bought it in the year 2003. Last night I inserted the card in my mobile phone and I was surprised to see some text-messages still stored in it.

There were 8 messages stored in the card. I read them all and I was smiling all along. One message really made me crack up big time. I can't resist but post it here.

The Great Bank Robbery

Ten robbers break open a bank locker and loot TEN JARS. When they open the jars, they discover that the jars contain yogurt.So they just drink to their hearts content and escape from the bank.

The next morning, the newspapers read " Sperm bank looted"



  1. Hmmm, heard this one before. Amazed that u still have ur first card.

  2. ha ha..I had heard this one before.

    But yes,finding old texts in unused sims,discovering money in an old jeans pocket or just some old souvenir you hadn't laid your eyes upon in a long time..they all have a feel good factor about them.. :)

  3. ha ha..
    that ws nice.
    U still keep ur old sim?
    i hav absolutely no idea where my old sim cards are..

  4. This thing makes me go ewww... everytime I hear it! And yes I have heard/read it before...

  5. I was waiting for this post..Illeen said it all...

    and i will never forgive you for this post... i'm in the process of reducing weight and I live on fat free yogurts.. damn you CHRIZ :@ I am angry.

  6. hu ha haaa!!

    this post was the one i was searching all the while whn u had deleted it..

    i was wondering whether i had dreamt it or not!
    at last u did post it.. :P

    hey, wht abt the rest 7 msgs.. :D


  7. haha
    u have told me this before in a grp chat hahaha

  8. Yuck !! Yuck!!!! Yuck!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ROFl..they didn't have yogurt befor :P

  10. Read this one before. Stinks!

  11. Yealch!
    you are lucky. when i opened the draft message folder of a very old sim i found in my drawer, it turned out to belong to my ex-boy friend, and had a record of his weekly masturbation routine for three months.
    i have dated a lot of wierd people.

  12. Read this before!

    *gawk* still! :D

    Peace. Have an uber weekend...

  13. They had never tasted yogurt, did they? ;)
    Were the robbers male or wondering n not puking! :D

  14. he he...ive read dis b4..nice 4 sharin niway :)

  15. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    G R O S S !!!


    :( :X

  16. Yuck :):)
    remaining messages ??

  17. yes i have heard this one ;)

  18. I haven't heard this before.....nyways its awesome

  19. They should have cast you in place of Praskash Raj in Vasool Raja MBBS! rotl.

  20. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!! Gross man!!!

  21. heehee..
    no big deal i guess..
    good for them that it will go down d usual route and come out the usual route....

  22. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Double EWWWWWWWWWW!


  23. Yogurt and SPERMS... I am so sure, those bunch of thieves were surely virgins too.. or never-been-masturbated!!!

    That's why I am pro sex-education in school!! that people can distinguish between yogurts and sperms!!!

  24. Ethu Namma Typical Chris Post

  25. Reminded me of a SMS joke

    Sperm 1: After i grow. i'll be a doctor

    Sperm 2: After i grow, i'll be an engineer for sure

    The man goes to bathroom and wanks

    Sperm 1&2: Fuck.. He spoiled our future da!!


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