Last week, I was sitting on the couch in a very provoking posture. A mosquito sensing some action found its way beneath me and bit my bum. It was a very painful bite indeed. Out of rage, with one smack, I killed the mosquito

Would M.Gandhi file a case against me for brutally murdering a mosquito? Is there any lawyer out there who could bail me out if such a thing happens to me? I also found out that the mosquito was a girl. She had nice curves indeed. I told this incident to a few friends of mine.

This morning, the postman came and delivered a parcel to me. There was a small card on top of the parcel and it read " With love from Arv and Anusha". I immediately opened the parcel and when I saw the gift, I had tears in my eyes. Friends like them really make me feel so special. There was a letter attached along with the parcel. It read

Dear Chriz,

We know that you had to undergo pain and struggle after murdering that
mosquito. Hence we are sending you a protective gear that you can wear on top of
your pants. Mosquitoes can never ever bite your bum again.

It was a pack of 7 red underwears. They also had their images stamped on the underwears. Now when ever I go out, I wear the underwear over my pants. I added the pictures of the underwear in this page. But I removed the pictures when Arv and Anusha pleaded with me to remove the pictures. They couldn't handle the limelite, especially Anusha. She fell on my feet and cried). Hence I have removed the pictures from the post. But if my readers are eager to see the underwear, please drop a mail to me. I will send a high-pixel version of the picture exclusively to your email-id.

Thank you guys. Friends like you make me happy. Paris Hilton is searching for a BFF. I don't want her to notice you guys. If she notices you both, i might lose you both. This post is definitely not a repartee for this [link]

Note: More photos to strike this page