Thursday, April 16, 2009

314. Gimme RED

Last week, I was sitting on the couch in a very provoking posture. A mosquito sensing some action found its way beneath me and bit my bum. It was a very painful bite indeed. Out of rage, with one smack, I killed the mosquito

Would M.Gandhi file a case against me for brutally murdering a mosquito? Is there any lawyer out there who could bail me out if such a thing happens to me? I also found out that the mosquito was a girl. She had nice curves indeed. I told this incident to a few friends of mine.

This morning, the postman came and delivered a parcel to me. There was a small card on top of the parcel and it read " With love from Arv and Anusha". I immediately opened the parcel and when I saw the gift, I had tears in my eyes. Friends like them really make me feel so special. There was a letter attached along with the parcel. It read

Dear Chriz,

We know that you had to undergo pain and struggle after murdering that
mosquito. Hence we are sending you a protective gear that you can wear on top of
your pants. Mosquitoes can never ever bite your bum again.

It was a pack of 7 red underwears. They also had their images stamped on the underwears. Now when ever I go out, I wear the underwear over my pants. I added the pictures of the underwear in this page. But I removed the pictures when Arv and Anusha pleaded with me to remove the pictures. They couldn't handle the limelite, especially Anusha. She fell on my feet and cried). Hence I have removed the pictures from the post. But if my readers are eager to see the underwear, please drop a mail to me. I will send a high-pixel version of the picture exclusively to your email-id.

Thank you guys. Friends like you make me happy. Paris Hilton is searching for a BFF. I don't want her to notice you guys. If she notices you both, i might lose you both. This post is definitely not a repartee for this [link]

Note: More photos to strike this page



  1. ROFLMAO on seeing the machchhar !
    now going to read the post.

    "Paris Hilton is searching for a BFF. I don't want her to notice you guys. If she notices you both, i might lose you both." - lol. so true!!

  2. MAchi wolfie ku poison vaangi kodukaratha illa rope vaangi kodukratha??? ava eppadi tharkolai pannikuvaaa????

    appuram un mela yaaru case pottalum naa iruken machi velila edukka :P

  3. With Friends like them, you are the RICHEST person on earth!! :)

  4. It was hilarious..esp after following the link to confessions of 2 guys and a girl.
    you are blog rolled.. :D

  5. u really r the richest person on this earth......howsweet of them to have given such a wonderful precious gift, i'm speechless!So wearing that THING over ur pants, u mean like superman!!U mean like Brandon Routh!!!

  6. Chriz and his mozzies lol!


  7. superman Chriz! lol

  8. machi... am moved man...

    I can already see all the gals out there looking at my pic on ur a$$ (LMAO)

    so next time when you meet the Gal from next door... make sure you wear this undie and show her ur rear (tat way.. she gets to kiss my image) :P

    wonders how she might feel when she sees the front view though... LMAO...

    Am going back now to my silent mode...


  9. Hehehe...

    You are a creative genius I tell ya... :P

    Superb as usual!!



  10. ROFL..
    those photos attached on *** r nice!!

    and chriz! gr8 dude.. u got 7 *** as gifts! bt al red? u myt be confused which one is washed and which is not! take better care of tht! :P

    so sweet of arv and anusha to gift tht! :D


  11. Yo Chriz, thank you for visiting my blog and I love your sense of your humour :D

    Enjoy the Flyer this weekend :D

  12. why 7?
    for the entire week or to wear them together in case of a mosquito with a long 'beak'( is that what its called?)

    i think you are in love with red underwears chriz ;-)

  13. super funny!!

    and the pics.. well... Arv's comment says it all..:)

  14. Hahahahaha!!!! :D

    I love the pictures! Solid comeback bro :D

  15. hehehe.... if only people got arrested for killing mosquitoes! Almost whole of India would be in jail! woah! government would collect big amounts of money from the bail!!!!
    And, I am seriously overwhelmed. You have such lovely friends who care about u so much :P!
    The pictures are awesom
    By the way, did you post any blog called "Bank Robbery"?? Saw it on my blogroll yesterday.

  16. Lets mourn in silence for 2 seconds for the dead mosquito

    Gandhis decided to do dharna in front of the PM's office.. [too bad they forgot they r in power..] Chriz chriz murdabad

    The machchar bachao deshiyon ko bhagao samiti called for a nation wide strike..

    All coz of you!

    how could you ?

    P.S: What do you have against other colors?

  17. hehhehe...seriously, u come up with such crazy stuff, i gear myself up to laugh out LOUD !

  18. Reaaally funny...
    tell me..the C in that confessions post is you right!!!!:D
    u propose women in laundry!!!!!sheesh1!!

  19. UnnakU intha Underwear mella ennada appidi oru ishtam !!1 heheh good one

  20. Chriz, yu made a big mistake in killing the mosquito and feeling guilt, shud hav realised the fact that it wud have either way died in a couple of seconds after biting yur bum !!! ha ha ..LOL!! thopi thopi..gud1 anyways as usual

  21. ROFL!!!
    Thats why i keep my pet from in my room. saves a world of trouble.
    loved it :)

  22. :) :) :)
    hope u get to exhibit ur "gifts" very often.and also that people appreciate them...
    thank you for ur comment...

  23. hahaha lol R u so fond of red undies ??

  24. HAHAHA..Nice!! :D Use all-out!!

  25. Macha.. UNDERWEAR design Sooperu!!!


  26. OMG !! That's just funny. But Kudos to you for making sure that you put a true friends' gift to use :D


  27. Chrizz thanks for this warning post will be bery bery careful while commenting next time...what if you decide to paste ur fellow blogger friends profile pics too on those red things???
    Relax M Gandhi is busy nursing her sonny boy to take notice of your crime so go ahead and commit a few massacre until Varun G decides to clean up his act...
    Loved this post...better than the cricket one!!

  28. First of all i would like to thank u for coming to my blog...and secondly i would like to appreciate your post...its a bit funny though...u have the greatest friends in the entire world...wish i could have friends like those!

  29. Lolz!!! whattay gift... ! I must say both arv and anusha creativity level is very high ... !

  30. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats all i cud come up wid...

    but u can b rest assured this time no one is gonna steal ur red underwear

  31. Hey Chriz,
    Saw the comment you left on my blog. So juz thought I'll check out your space too. And what a shock I was in for.........Your blog is pretty bold. I find it hard to believe that you would be interested in cooking. Anyways, to answer your question, there is no way you can make avial without coconut. And which remote place do you live in, to not find coconut? You, surely, must be having atleast frozen grated coconut in your place, right?

  32. I'll inform mrs gandhi of your little animal cruelty tale and then see your sorry ass being dragged for culpable homicide. :P

  33. LMAO!!omg chriz tht was too funny....u lucky to hav such friends!! :P

  34. lol!!:P

    put the pics on na please.... would be great fun!! pretty polly please!!

  35. Jetti la enna azhagu?!!! Machhar curves?? hehawww......

  36. ohh..khuni ka badlaaaaaaaaa!!


  37. LMAO! :D

    And I think this post shd be a copyright/left/center for ur red-undies! :P

    Tc, bro'.


  38. Hey bro....i dont know ur address :) else even i mi8 ve sent...hope u gt d pic of red underwear thro mail..(btw dats a new one...i didnt use it)

  39. :D good one Chriz... V.Gandhi is out today... I think you should go for that anticipatory bail...

    Ever"red"y boy :)

  40. Anusha fell on your feet? Wow! I can imagine that:D

    "I also found out that the mosquito was a girl. She had nice curves indeed."
    -Epdi unnala mattum ipdi?!

  41. haha... curvy miss mosquito... no one else but u can think of this... ROFL...

    Amazing post!! and abt tht RED chaddi.. haha... wat an idea!!

  42. lmao :D..
    now to protect us from...these deadly mostiquoes..we r going to use...underwears...instead of all out :P:P!!

  43. lol!
    the pics were ahem lovely!..i am so jealous!:P

  44. Arv told me too.. :p but dun believe that anusha ok??She is one drama queen..jus the other day........


  45. Dude you write insanely well . . . .and the frequency with which you write is truly amazing and inspiring And thats why I have blog rolled you .I read all your posts but do not comment since there are already a million compliments. . . ..I play games 18*7 sometimes more . . . .with the little time I get ,I try to write . . . .Although a novice but a quick learner . . .. Thanks for finding time to comment.

  46. thanks a bunch everyone...

    this red chaddi movement(though it has been posted a lot of times) has indeed become a part of my blog.. i would soon have it as a separate label.. " Underwear diaries"

  47. lol chriz... hope you dont put up those pics....sincerely hope!! :P

  48. ahh now i can imagine where superman got his idea from :p

  49. You wear them out? Mutalik wears pink 'pant'(hers - dont ask me, who her?) inside...JV?? :P
    Good hilarious post buddy...btw M.Gandhi is busy bailing out F.V.Gandhi to even think about filing a case upon u...but continue wearing those red ones out there! ;)

  50. You wear them out? Mutalik wears pink 'pant'(hers - dont ask me, who her?) inside...JV?? :P
    Good hilarious post buddy...btw M.Gandhi is busy bailing out F.V.Gandhi to even think about filing a case upon u...but continue wearing those red ones out there! ;)

  51. Chriz u shud b sued for causing severe damage to stomach and cheek muscles...for being so damn funny i can't stop laughing AND quoting u!

  52. great going! bechara machar...


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