Tuesday, April 14, 2009

312. The last one year

  • "...Thank you Chriz,For all the smiles..." - A few lovely lines by Kajal that made me feel special [link]
  • "...Greater than just wit;And in itself an act of love..." - A wonderful poem by Srini that made me smile [link]
  • "...It was 8 pm and Chronicwriter got ready to execute his long awaited plan.Chronicwriter had been eyeing the girl in the opposite flat ever since he had first saw her. She arrived for dinner on time..." - A deadly attack on Chronicwriter by two of his best nutty blog-mates Arv and Anusha [link]
At times like this i feel that i should have my birthday everyday. The lovely e-mail wishes, the greeting cards flown from all loved ones,the pictures that my friends made for me, the comments for my previous post... All these lovey dovey things kept me smiling the whole day. It was one of my best birthdays so far. I learnt many things in my life in the past one year. Things that taught me more than life can offer me in a decade. All these things have strengthened me to go forth and spread more smiles on every body i come across.
Very common News headlines that I read in the last one year
  • Shoe misses the VIP again. (There have been five shoe throwing incidents so far. All missed the target)
  • Sania Knocked out in the first round. ( I came across this headline many times in the last one year. Incidentally she won the mixed doubles along with Mahesh in Australian open. When the winning pair reached India,the Indian media surrounded Sania and appreciated her for her efforts. There were only two media personnel around Mahesh)
  • Obama - The change has come (Unfortunately Obama has now realised that change is the only constant thing)
  • Terrorists kill innocent civilians ( Even in computer games, the computer characters shoot back at you. These terrorists are just chickens who shoot at un-guarded civilians.)
  • Satyam Rebooted ( I am happy that Tech Mahindra has finally won the bid for Satyam with 31 % stake in the firm)
  • Shahrukh Khan - Six packs/Buys KKR/Strips... (I once appreciated his acting prowess. But now...My next post is definitely on Shahrukh khan)
  • Rakhi strikes yet again ( I have started admiring her for her courage and her out-of-the world advertising skills.)

Two wishes

Happy Easter - The Lord is risen again. Let us open our hearts to him

Happy Tamil New Year day - (Iniya sithirai dhina nal vaalthukkal)

Chronicwriter will strive to keep the upward curve intact. God bless you all

The picture in this post was taken two months back when Chronicwriter was asked to perform stand up comedy for an event.


  1. i wish to see you comerdy performance someday :P

    you must have rocked

  2. chriz, so i guess, you had a rocking birthday party !! and yes rakhi is going for a swayamvar on ndtv imagine, reality tv shows have gone too far this time!! And whats with you about SRK huh??? dostana toh nahi???
    And yes i would like to see you perform some day soon!! cheers and t.c

  3. Kewl one mate...

    As for the posts... The End is only The Beginning... :P

    Next Major Op - 3 months from now.

  4. ahen,, thank u very much for the great news updates... keep growing old :P


    and @ arv
    aiyooooo y this kola veri

  5. hey !! glad you had a super duper budday... i still need a treat :) next time you come to India.

    "Obama - The change has come" - so much that they changed facebook twice !

    shahrukh khan strips?? you've got to be kidding !! :O

  6. :) wow.. me first in the links.. thank you so much for being what you are..

    and uncommon news headlines they were..

    Tamizh Puthaandu Nal Vaazhthukkal..

  7. kewl chriz!
    guess u had a wonderful party..

    will be waiting for ur next post abt sharuk khan! :P


  8. happy vishu.. and easter :)
    SRK's shoulder injury got more publicity that Fardeen Khan got it in his whole career!
    Will surely wait for the SRK post.

  9. How come Chronic Writer eying his neighbor not make NEWS?


  10. Happy Easter Chriz and for all those friends who made your day as well: Happy Easter
    Happy Tamil New Year's
    Happy Vishu!

  11. Happy Easter :)
    Happy Vishu :)

    And happ birthday :)

  12. Belated birthday wishes :), and belated Easter wishes too. Though I AM gettin tired of the nauseating Chennai Easter eggs :(

  13. Many Many Appy Returns of the Day!!!!Turning 27th gave you a new insight naa!!!

    Always keep stolen lingerie in a fire-water-neighbors-parents-Arv-Anusha-proof vault!!!

  14. Happy vishu and happy easter!..
    guess,u have lots of wishes coming ur way...

    read the posts... it was hilarious ;)

  16. Happy Vishu Chriz:-)

    Nice news compilation by the way. And Rakhi's latest, I read today, was a 'reality' swayamvara in NDTV.And u got loads to explore in rakhi's cae. Incude her in ur list of posts as well.

    I am sure you wld ve had a rocking Birthday. Arv and Wolfie were too rockingly evil with their post:-)

    You too, rock-on and sing-on man:-)

  17. Happy Birthday mate!! lolz...see the best part about you is that we don't have to get a clown to perform and the party!! you can do it all by yourself (i.e. when you are not doing the following)...

    sniff on some beer & jump in a cake
    sing a song & find a hot babe
    talk funny to her all night long,
    walk her back home in the morn and meet her mom.
    fall for the mom, and get booted by the dad,
    that's how chronic writer started a whole new fad.
    ...cheers and God bless!

  18. Nice recap there buddy!! nice to know that you had an awesome birthday! :)
    Have a great yr ahead! :)

  19. u doing standup comedy... coooool..

    n happy birthday too

  20. Hope you had a rocking day chriz!!!! Wishing you one wonderful year ahead.. Keep up your good work.. :)

  21. ever heard of a gpl??That is the toast down there at nitc..If u had got one for ur birthday yest,u wudn be posting this today.. :p


  22. First... wishes. As you said, let our Almighty the God our Father pour his profuse Mercy and Joy on you not only on ur Big day…. But all the days and make you feel that every day was ur best day and big day…..
    Then Tamil puthandu nal vanthukal dear……
    Now for the blog…. As soon as I read ur blog, I felt how true when they say “History Repeats itself”. I picked up the first bulletin and laughed at the targets how they react to their props(Shoe visits VIP in a noteworthy way :-).
    Now again wishes…. At least now…. U narrow down on ur “sight” results and stay focused…..
    Have a great day Ahead….. Bye……

    Always Wish to see ur upward curve enhanced

  23. hello chriz. this is my first visit to your blog, and i laughed so hard i fell of my chair. (literally, not metaphorically)

    thank you for making my day.
    now i'm addicted.

    take care. do visit :)

  24. u deserve all this and more :D

    wish u looooooonnnngg and funny years ahead..


    pregnency is like the best contraceptive... why shorten it?

    thanks for visiting and commenting. i hope you visit again. its really cool to have readers like you.

  26. Wat song were u singing???

  27. Yo Chriz!! Dya have the video of the stand up comedy act?

  28. Yo Chriz!! Dya have the video of the stand up comedy act?

  29. Ohh you deserve to be smiling all day coz you make all of us hit the floor be it at home, office or any godforsaken place..

    SRK is next on your hit list?? Wow waiting patiently for that post..plzz include Varun Gandhi and his mom - forgot her name, that mom of all dogs and cats???

  30. hey!! sry couldn't wish you on your b'day on time...you know how I was yesterday.

    nyways hope you had a rocking b'day. Continue rocking your way in life.

  31. Do post a video of your stand-up comedy, bro'! :)

    Hope Easter and b'day celebrations went well.

    Iniya Tamil Puththaandu Nal Vazhthukkal!

    Keep the faith.

    Peace. Blessed be.

    Bro', do chk the latest post when u can. :) It isnt showing on b'rolls and d'boards.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  32. hey happy to know u had a good blast on ur b'day and those were really very spl lines by Kajal, very sweet of her!

    News headlines....definetely news to me still!

    So where is the stand up comedy video?

    And is ur next post on Shahrukh seriously, i'm not a big fan of him yaa!!!!!!!

  33. happy new year... and hw'd u celebrate ur bday??? waiting for ur post on srk.. and plz dnt criticize him... i happen to feel very strongly abt him...

    U truly deserve those words of praise and affection.
    I really do hope u achieve all ur goals- personal and professional!

    And u know hw much I LOVE Shahrukh Khan! Don't u offend his biggest FAN :P

  35. wishing you a belated very happy birthday!! i wanted to wish you in person but yesterday i didnt find you online :(

    and thank god this time this wasn't a joke!! :)

  36. Last heard,Al queda techies are designing shoes of mass destruction,which when hurled at a dias,no matter how bad the aim,end up striking each and every head present on it.
    G7 leaderes wanna patent it b4 anyone else does.

  37. u deserve all those good moments that glow ur life chris, u deserve it for good :) have a beautiful life ahead. god bless you.

  38. hey Chriz I left a comment for u in ur last post. plz check tnxx!

    **Shahrukh Khan - Six packs/Buys KKR/Strips... (I once appreciated his acting prowess. But now...My next post is definitely on Shahrukh khan)

    BEWARE. Im a huge fan of SRK so make sure u say ONLY nice things abt him lol!


  39. picture abi baki hai mari bhai :)...i like to see the rusell peters type of performance from ya :)..



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