Friday, April 10, 2009

309. The perfect Hubby

There are different types of hubbies around the Globe. The nagging types, Bossy types,Chicken types, Slave types, Chauvinistic types etc... This post is about six different types of hubbies.After reading the post the readers have three options. All you got to tell me is

  • Which type of hubby among these six guys would you want to be like? (If you are a male)
  • Which type of hubby would you like to have as your man ( If you are a woman)
  • If you are married, you can just give a detailed lecture.

1. The cry baby

He might have the best cross court winner, the best return of serves and the best volley in grass court tennis. But when it comes to relationships he is the emotional baby. He cries all the time and his girl-friend Mirka gives her shoulder all the time. BTW Federer is expecting a baby soon.

2. The two timer

He is the kind of guy who gives equal importance to work and home. Apparently Bill now does the dishes at home and washes Hillary's clothes. He is the action star of the STARR report.

3. The Little Master

He might be younger to his wife by five years. Millions of girls in the country dream about him. But this guy perfectly balances hos work life with personal life.

4. The creative type

Chronicwriter is attracted to girls. This phenomenon is called as being-straight. Chronicwriter has also proposed more than 100 girls in his life. Not even a single girl reciprocated in a positive manner. They all should either dislike Chronicwriter or they should fall under the category of the creative types. Ellen married Portia and Ellen becomes the husband for her wife Portia. There is a sect of such people who think out of the box when it comes to relationships.

5. The immature Kid

The perfect example of what fame and money can do to some people with low IQ and EQ levels. Some fall under this category too. K-Fed is a loser. I don't even feel like mentioning anything about Britney.

6. The Comforter

There is something about this photograph. It speaks volumes for itself. When the Srilankan team arrived in Colombo following terrorist attacks on their team bus in Karachi, a scared and worried wife of Sangakkara came to meet him at the airport. The way he looks at her and his Hug has the answers to all her questions

Now which among the six are you?

Note: Those who comment ,"nice post, good one, inspired"; Please read what is written here and comment accordingly. In other words please read the post before you comment.


  1. "nice post, good one, inspired" :P

    Ok... Ummm... I'd pick the comforter.


  2. a comforter who is immature sometimes..:P

  3. no time for lecture sweety....u r already over-matured, lol! My husband is no doubt the lil master and my comforter ofcourse!

  4. Sheesh my hubby doesn't fall in any of these categories does that make him RARE?? Chronicwriter HELP HELP!!! Can u see a damsel in distress??

    Am enjoying ur blog...for a change it's nice to see ur exposed funny bone rather than all those other bones we get to see nowadays...keep blogging dude am ur fan!!!

  5. no doubt the comforter..
    or may be a mix of comforter and little master.. ;)

  6. Single ready to mingle kind ... ;-)
    I prefer a combo hubby of all ....

    What say Chrizzz ???

  7. every1z goin to say the comfy!! includes me... wha yu think personally chriz?

  8. comforter bro...nice post :)..everything u said was wonderful...:)..

    p.s:stopped coming to my blog x-(...


  9. Nice post chrizzy.. keep it comin.. :P :P :P

  10. Did I comment before? anyways good one there chrizzy :D

    :P :P :P

  11. OK enough!

    Hmm.. Well, I would like to be the comforter but would like to be comforted too at times.. I would love to behave like an immature kid every now n then.. and I would definitely want to balance my personal n work life :)

  12. little master ..if he isn't younger 2 me

  13. Chriz,

    This one is not particularly up my alley at times but let me respond. Personal life has always taken the upper hand for me - at least slightly - vis-a-vis work; I believe livelihoods are just to make lives better.

    If I ever marry, I would just like to be myself natural: while it would make me feel most of a man when my Lady asks me to "courier" my shoulder even when I am away, I would naturally need her fingers to clasp too. I know love is not Barter system and I will therefore mention nothing of the frequency of give and takes.

    Would never want fame or money to get in between myself and my partner - from my end or hers. However, if my woman turns out to be the more famous and prolific, I will try my best to remain humble without being awkward and still be the normal husband at home.

    That's for that. Porumaa Chriz? lol.

    Maanam pogardhu... but adhu pudhusa yenna?;)

  14. combo of comforter and two timer :)

  15. man.. loved the way you commented... this post serves as a good fodder for my phsycho-analytical thesis..

    most of us chose the " comforter"..

    aint it.. does that mean, you are ready to live a wife who cries everyday and you wanna take the role of an agony uncle?

    in other words, " are we looking for a better half who is highly dependant on us?"

    the pictures lure us to answer in one way... but this post can be answered only after we give a careful thought...

    would give the statistical result soon... till then keep answering and commenting...

    select only one type

    and select one among the six types...

    normal husband at home is not one of the options..

    let us stick within the six option.. will reveal the idea behind this post after i get a decent number of comments

  16. @raaji
    what does that mean? did you read the post?

  17. comforter.....without a doubt..... :)

  18. :0

    i dont know!
    am stil a kid.. :D
    should i decide so soon?? :P


  19. i'd like to be a comforter! but i'll most likely become a two-timer.. haha

  20. Nice post. :)

    Good one. :D

    Ahem! Well, I'd like the comforter. But I'd like him to be a bit emotional and immature sometimes. :D
    This is why people wonder what women want!!!

  21. no answerin till d time i get to read a particular comment from a particular someone :P

  22. I pick a mixture of the comforter and little master... except that little master should be elder one..but should manage personal and professional life well.

  23. @chriz
    i disagree with u..
    being the comforter does not mean acting like an agony uncle all the only means being the wall ur partner needs to lean on..proving urself to be the one he/she had been been waiting to meet whole life..
    proving urself to be worth the wait..

  24. @prachi
    there starts the fun..

    thats more like point number 1..

    mirka is doing that..

    let us have more discussions on this..

    surely helps...

  25. Hi Chriz,

    First, hats off to you! My god! your blog is one of the most funniest blogs I have ever come across. Awesome is the word for your blog. I really enjoyed this particular blog and especially the kindergarden love story!

    I am really amazed by your creativity :) Oh yeah! I have also become a follower of your blog! Great work! I will be returning for more!


  26. one and six... give and take policy... I believe in equal rights..

  27. I want to be myself.. I'm My favorite!!! And y no Glam still of Britney Spears??

    Po pa.. U proposed only more than hundred ah?? I've so far 279.. wait wait.. a girl s crossing ma cabin!! Wowwwwww!! lemme talk with u later!!

  28. dude..??Wait for 10 years b4 I reply now.. :D


  29. nice post.. good one.. inspired.. :) amazing.. how do u write like this? cha cha great writer...

  30. I'd pick either comforter or lil master.. whichever :P

  31. Wat? everyone wants to be a comforter...
    Well, lemme join the herd... ;)

    India lacks creative chicks macha...

    Next time in a hotel I'll be sure to order aaya kada idli and aatu kaal paya... :)

  32. Of course the comforter.. n i see that majority here too prefer that :) ..

    I guess we have lack of comforter type guys :) .... hmmm serious drop down in production of such amazing pieces :) ...

    Btw "nice post, good one, inspired" :) !!!

  33. I wish i could make a decision... You could make it easier by adding my type.. :)

  34. wow!!

    see there's no one who has all the qualities..tats y am not gonna marry

  35. I think it must be the comforter with shades of an immature one :P

  36. there gott be more categories chrizzy!

    i would prefer comforter..

    how do you come up with posts (such good) so frequently???

  37. Mix of comforter and lil master :P

    enna sudden a idhu madri post? marriage plans on cards?!

  38. Ram, my hubby = Comforter.. Ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaahhhh to him...

  39. Does it really matter what type we are. Ultimately its the woman folk who always have the upper hand. The Almighty has equipped them with many deadly weapons - their walk, their talk, their smile, their tears can make or destroy a man.

    And one of the Gods Elvis Presley has rightly said, "She looks nice. She talks nice. She walks nice. But I got wise. Because she is a devil in disguise" :)

  40. and pleez don't call Federer a cry baby

    he's a gentleman

  41. i did read your post. I just refrained from answering. I don't think I would necessarily prefer any of these categories :-)

  42. nice post, good one, inspired ! :P

  43. The post sucks, Dude !! :P:P:P

  44. m not gonna pick one... but two here...comforter and lil master.... ;) .

  45. @chriz
    lo...r u sure u want to strat this discussion?..cuz we girls can go on an on abt what all we want in our life partner!;)

  46. @everyone..

    this post forms a part of my thesis .. on human psychology... would shoot the statistical details soon

  47. Hmmm....i feel this as a twister...!!! cos, i havent get into clutches....

    As of now my choice is the little master's one....!!!!


  48. I think I might be a a two timin', immature little cy baby...

    And no way did you propose to 100 women? Did you?

  49. The Little master Anytime:-)

    And what cld be the reason for such a post? Someone is thinking hard:P

    And I chose the little master coz it was minutely closest to what I have in mind:P Perhaps, you ve left a few categories! Add Machos and Hunks with some attitude dude:P

  50. And it totally depends on a woman's mind. No one wld want to be an agony aunt Like you had mentioned earlier . Sometimes, woman wld like a comforter but comforting all the time is Sick! What say? There has to be a bit of fun, a lil adventure , a lil stunt , a lil pride, a lil freakishness and all that jazz.:D

  51. my latest comment disappeared Chriz. rotfl. Abracadabra. lol.

    If you ask me to pick one among those, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar types it will be!

  52. Here we go!

    i refrain from adding all the results of the survey...

    I took a huge sample.. 1000 respondents.. This survey was done over a perid of 232 days..

    77 % OF THE RESPONDENTS wanted to be a comforter.. 62% of them were cry babies in real life.. So what they wanted and what they actually were created a great dissonance in their attitudes..

    i really loved archana's comment.. maturity written all over the ccomment..

    2% fell under the category of the creative types..

    The best type of hubby according to the survey was the little master type which is a perfect balanced hubby.. But most ladies preferred an elder hubby..

    That is the negative aspect of life.. You stand to lose some when we gain many... A customised package cannot come in the form of a hubby..

    these statements here are broken disjoint statements.. Anyone interested in human psychology/behavioral science/ consonance theories can mail me for a detailed report (ofcourse coprighted)...

  53. a combination of little master & d comforter...:)

  54. Ha ha ha

    Really funny analysis. And isn't number one and the last one opposites?????

    You also think Fedex is a cry baby........Man...why does everybody thinks that???? So you are a Rafa fan uh??? He blogs too.....


    and hows life in you know where?

  55. Comforter + Little Master ;) :D

    Loved the note you wrote... :P



  56. hmmm, i want a combination of all such such n more!
    thats not an option, but Chriz, pls dont limit me:)

  57. dunno...nvr thot abt it
    am sure thr r more choices thna just dese 6, ryt?

  58. so u completely ignored 'the horny dawg' variety :P

    i'd choose a mix of slave, master, cry baby, comforter, little master

    any one by itself will be a potential recipe for disaster

    i like ure blog layout btw...good use of spcae and good pictorial depictions

  59. roger federer or rather the cry baby... wud love to have th upper hand sometimes... :) lol

  60. Why to look at the Comforter as one who always needs to talk or be there for the spouse? I mean, he/she can also be someone who doesnt really have to be "present" in every scenario. Their thoughts or a glance at their name on your contact list, should be more than enough to make you smile when you feel like hammering someone or are feeling completely lost/hopeless. Thats my perception of a Comforter. Someone who wants you to face your battles on your own, but is there to say "Its ok. So what if u've lost, atleast u have a new lesson and an experience. Nothing else matters!" Trust me, that makes a man/woman stronger and more secure. Personal experience.

  61. lol @ the last line :D

    (Thank God I read the last line at least ;-))

    BTW None of the above :D

  62. Bro', here's another revelation. The Little Master ain't the only one with a partner who is elder to him. The Grass Master (a la the Cry Baby in this post) joins him...

    Mirka is 4-plus yrs older to the FedEx...

    Easter Greetings to you and yours...


    Dude, blog updated. Ain't showin' up properly on b'rolls and d'boards. x(

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  63. Oh..what a beautiful foto, the sixth one is!! Look at her eyes! Conveys so much about the life we live here these days.

    In resp to ur Q, ye, the comforter no doubt!

  64. You didn't mention Aston Kutcher & Demi Moore.....!!


    Yey..The Comforter for me... No Doubts!!

  65. Chriz, Though it looked like you are over flooded with the "nice comments" from ours and become too head slanted, i still wan to comment on this blog. Buddy,I kind of figured you as a complicated person(Lot of mixed feeling) and u will definitely make a nice hubby(as i can see too much of home work!!).
    I have something else to say, rather than to choose the best option. When me and my frnds(one of them is married) we used to talk about our would be's.... I made a comment which made every one to laugh and the caption " Spicy Husband". U got the term what i am trying to say here. Actually he should be a combination of all the types you have mentioned from Bill, K-fed and sangakkara. Bcas life is not just abt comfort, its all inclusive of ice cream fight..... Saturday cooking time table.... J factor...Love….. tears and everything.... And i do definitely say that would prefer a "Spicy Hubby" for me!!!!!!!

    i do need answer for this coz i have commented on ur blog n number of times.

  66. @poshin babey

    you are right on target brother... you have a great analysing skill for a 15 year old .. keep it up

    @vinnie and comfortably numb
    choices are many.. infact this research was based on 27 variables.. 13 of them are dependant variables.. but i chose only 6 of them cos i dint wanna make it a boring post

    i left the horny hawty thingie .. but included the two timer.. u can dwell in deep on that option

    @everything burns..
    that would give a great balance indeed

    @ sam
    indha kalyaanam aanavangaloda romance romba kastam! should ask your aathukaarar's views for more

    mirka and fed married.. the point is not abt the age here.. fed is taken here as a classical example of a person who has emotional breakdowns all the time.. and little master is one who is of less age but still manages home and work.. will check ur page bro.

    @rush me
    demi moore! hehe wait for another two months.. she will be with some one else..

    i do get your comments. i am honoured. but i would appreciate you to comment with your name.. if you find that as a tough proposition, you would certainly shoot a mail to my email-id that is flashed on my page.Cheers

    Thanks everyone for the cooperation in this post

  67. Hello, Thanks for your reply, you have made my day..... I am gald that you read my comments. And thanks for the invitation.... Actually i want to remain as the secret admirer for some more time also…. Will that hinder you???? Hope it doesn’t.
    So Chriz dear… meet u in the next blog…


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