I first fell in love when I was just three years old. Most of my regular readers would know her. Renu. She stormed into my innocent heart with a cute smile. She was my classmate in kindergarten. I loved Renu and so did Shabir. Shabir was the class hero. Renu had a tough time to choose between Shabir and me. Shabir was brilliant in studies and he was the only guy in class who could chew a chewing gum without swallowing it. The girls were just amazed by his skills.

Renu liked my calmness too; but every time I had an opportunity to speak to her, Shabir always came in the way and took my girl away from me. As days went by i started realising that Renu was moving away from me.But one day while i was busy memorising a very tough poetry " Twinkle twinkle little star", i figured out that Renu was staring at me. I immediately turned and looked at her. She just blushed.

I was just three years old, but still I wanted to test whether Renu was possessive about me. I thought of playing emotional games with Renu and wanted to see how she reacts when I flirted with another girl. I looked around and saw my class teacher standing in front of me. I immediately flung into action and did this[link].The teacher was shocked and so was Renu. She did not talk to me for one week.

The next one week I undertook superpower training at home to win Renu's heart [link]. I even demonstrated some of the talents at school. But still Shabir defeated me round, triangle and square by demonstrating superior skills. That is when an idea struck me. I thought of studying well and in the process win her heart. I studied very well and even wrote my exams pretty well. When the results were announced, Shabir scored one mark more than me. I lost to him by just one single mark. I looked at my answer paper and saw the error that i had made [link].

All my efforts were in vain and I suffered mental agony which only a three year old guy could understand.I couldn't tolerate the pain and hence decided to end my life.I went to the kitchen; took a knife and then did this [link]. The knife broke into pieces