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Pre-note : Be very careful when you have any 7 year old kid around you.
His name is Ryan. He is my friend's son. Ryan is just 7 years old and he likes spending time with me on weekends. Ryan would tell me all stories about his heroics in school. I would cook up some stories and fool him too. He never buys my stories but he just acts as if he believes them. He calls me "Chriz Uncle". It is fun to have a 7 year old kid around you. He makes me feel young. But sometimes his questions can actually be gun shots aimed at my head.
"Chriz Uncle! Have you kissed a girl?"
"Err.. Nooo Ryan.. I haven't.."
"Shame on you.. I have kissed Dona.."
"Dona! That 5 year old girl who lives next door"
"Yes! She is my girlfriend.."

At times like this, i would walk to the mirror, look at myself and I would see myself controlling my tears. Sometimes I fail to have a grip over my emotional-let-downs.

I sometimes tell Ryan, stories from the Bible. It is sometimes easier to tackle questions from an atheist. But Ryan's questions always end up leaving me running for shelter.On one such occasion, he was patiently listening to my story-telling skills.I was really happy that the kid was under my spell for more than 30 minutes.Suddenly he started speaking

"Chriz Uncle. Does Adam look like Hrithik Roshan?"
"May be. He should have been good looking"
"So he is a good dancer?"
" He might have been a good dancer"

He nodded his head and was silent. I was glad that Ryan was happy with my answers. Suddenly he started speaking again
"Uncle I have found something"
"What is it?"
"Adam and Eve were created from the Apple Tree"
"No Ryan! You haven't paid attention to my story"
" I was. But I lost my concentration when I started imagining you clothed in leaves"

Sometimes it is better not to carry on such conversations. I have paid heavily by replying to such comments. So this time I just ignored his statement. I went into my room to type a post for my Blog.I Logged into my mail account and started checking my mails. Ryan was busy playing in the drawing room. While i was checking my mails, one mail caught my attention. The subject line of the mail was " Never disappoint her again". The mail was sent to me by some girl by the name,"Jenny". Out of curiosity I opened the mail. It read...

Just one small strip 10 minutes before the fun starts,and the magic begins!

There was a small hyper-link next to it. I thought it must be some great illusion-magic-trick site. My love and interest for magic made me to click the link.A pop-up screen opened up and I was shocked to see the pictures of people in that screen. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me,"Shame Shame Puppy Shame". It was Ryan. He had seen the pictures too. I immediately switched off the computer. He gave me a sheepish smile and left the room.

The next day, I got ready to catch up with some tennis. I changed to my track-wear and came out of my house. I met Ryan and his Mom on the corridor. On seeing me Ryan said ," Mommy! Do you know what Chriz uncle does with his lap top?". The next second, I was inside my house. It has been two days and i have not gone out.