Wednesday, April 01, 2009

305. I got a mail from Jenny

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Pre-note : Be very careful when you have any 7 year old kid around you.
His name is Ryan. He is my friend's son. Ryan is just 7 years old and he likes spending time with me on weekends. Ryan would tell me all stories about his heroics in school. I would cook up some stories and fool him too. He never buys my stories but he just acts as if he believes them. He calls me "Chriz Uncle". It is fun to have a 7 year old kid around you. He makes me feel young. But sometimes his questions can actually be gun shots aimed at my head.
"Chriz Uncle! Have you kissed a girl?"
"Err.. Nooo Ryan.. I haven't.."
"Shame on you.. I have kissed Dona.."
"Dona! That 5 year old girl who lives next door"
"Yes! She is my girlfriend.."

At times like this, i would walk to the mirror, look at myself and I would see myself controlling my tears. Sometimes I fail to have a grip over my emotional-let-downs.

I sometimes tell Ryan, stories from the Bible. It is sometimes easier to tackle questions from an atheist. But Ryan's questions always end up leaving me running for shelter.On one such occasion, he was patiently listening to my story-telling skills.I was really happy that the kid was under my spell for more than 30 minutes.Suddenly he started speaking

"Chriz Uncle. Does Adam look like Hrithik Roshan?"
"May be. He should have been good looking"
"So he is a good dancer?"
" He might have been a good dancer"

He nodded his head and was silent. I was glad that Ryan was happy with my answers. Suddenly he started speaking again
"Uncle I have found something"
"What is it?"
"Adam and Eve were created from the Apple Tree"
"No Ryan! You haven't paid attention to my story"
" I was. But I lost my concentration when I started imagining you clothed in leaves"

Sometimes it is better not to carry on such conversations. I have paid heavily by replying to such comments. So this time I just ignored his statement. I went into my room to type a post for my Blog.I Logged into my mail account and started checking my mails. Ryan was busy playing in the drawing room. While i was checking my mails, one mail caught my attention. The subject line of the mail was " Never disappoint her again". The mail was sent to me by some girl by the name,"Jenny". Out of curiosity I opened the mail. It read...

Just one small strip 10 minutes before the fun starts,and the magic begins!

There was a small hyper-link next to it. I thought it must be some great illusion-magic-trick site. My love and interest for magic made me to click the link.A pop-up screen opened up and I was shocked to see the pictures of people in that screen. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me,"Shame Shame Puppy Shame". It was Ryan. He had seen the pictures too. I immediately switched off the computer. He gave me a sheepish smile and left the room.

The next day, I got ready to catch up with some tennis. I changed to my track-wear and came out of my house. I met Ryan and his Mom on the corridor. On seeing me Ryan said ," Mommy! Do you know what Chriz uncle does with his lap top?". The next second, I was inside my house. It has been two days and i have not gone out.



  1. Ha Ha.... So now there is a life long black mail.

    BTW.... Im nt ready to ebelive you opened it unkowningly

  2. ha ha ha very long r u goin to hide btw.....!

  3. I know who Ryan is :P same blood :P

    and ithu enna statement ithu??

    //I got ready to catch up with some tennis//

    bandhu poriki podratha??

  4. being called chriz uncle makes u feel young is it!

    how abt calling u chris maama :p

  5. Can't u resisit ur temtations atleast wena kid's around?? :O romba kashtam saar.. :( ayyyooo!!! lol.. I know u've mafde this up too..But can't resist taking this for real.. :)

    Take care bro.. :) reg to bhabhi.. ;)


  6. Ryan is an interesting kid... ;)

    I loved his questions... but sadly he caught you... :D

  7. OMG Chriz! Better beware Chriz. You do not know what kids are upto these days! lol.

    Give me your number. I love listening to stories too;) Calls collect though. Is that ok? ;)

  8. LOL:) really enjoyed this post:)I am still laughing:)

  9. @sajeeve

    chriz uncle ! you get used to it when even 15 year olds call you like that.. The stories makes me feel younger

    politics.. all .. common .. bro..
    tennis raquet mattum irundhaa podaadhu.. vilayaada theriyanumnu solluradhu kaadhula uludhu.. freeya vudu maams.


    wanted to come up with my first lie post.. its been a very long time and i havent spoken a lie in ages... Thats y this post.. Something from my part for all fools day..

  10. That was some Blackmail :P Kids are capable of doing it albeit this is just a fictitious write :)

  11. lol...Kids these days are too smart for their own good :D

  12. humble pie Chriz!:P


  13. hahah i was gonna write something else..well



  14. LMAO...

    unna thiruthavae mudiyaadhuda.. paathu, total damage nadakarathuku munnaadi, escape-aayidu...

    take care machi.. cheers...

  15. Hehe... where did you take this from now... I wonder... meaning which real life situation has been twisted and turned so! :P

    Happy April Fool's Day btw... don't get fooled... :P

  16. *Shame Shame ...puppy shame*...
    Chriz why do u open such emails?
    and what do u think/?will Ryan be spending any more weekends with u?:P:P:P:P

  17. haha,
    chriz was caught from Ryan!
    super cool.. kids r smart for sure! its u uncles who r dumbo.. :P

    nw coz of Ryan, we came 2 knw what Chriz uncle does with his lap top!!! :D


  18. Adam looking like Hrithik???!!! Maaan, how do kids even think of these things???!!!

  19. hahaha.. i was waiting for your april fools day post!

  20. haaahahahhahaa....too good bro!!

    Shame shame puppy shame....hahahahah!!

  21. Hahaha!!!


  22. Lmao !!! Poor you !!!!

    I love the name Ryan btw.

  23. Oh yeah! A lie indeed! As if u dunno what Jenny meant when she spoke of small strips, 10 minutes and magic! ;p ;D

    ** I lost my concentration when I started imagining you clothed in leaves
    - Rofl!

    And next time, tell Ryan that you have kissed some fictitious character. ;)

    Bro', you sure do know how to tickle the funny bone! Spread the smiles!

    Peace. Be well.

  24. Oh, and btw, never leave a kid alone. ;) You'll know better now!

    PS: U have a new Chronic-Friend!

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  25. kids are trouble !! but dont worry.. i future train your own kids to spy on ryan ;)

  26. Are you still inside your house?:P

    And Ryan, I oh so like that name. Smart kid:-)

  27. phew!!

    u made a boo boo of urslef chriz :P kids r both crazier and smarter than us at the same time :D

  28. Lol.. Kids these days .. OMG! smart kid Ryan :) and poor you ;)

  29. hahaha!
    funniest part was when u said that seven year old kid has a gf..and twenty seven year old doesnt!
    cant stop laughing!!
    dont worry chriz u'l soon find one..
    all the best!;)

  30. Oh I get that one ALL the time, why don't they check gender before sending emails like that!!! I think Adam must have looked like Hritik. Though I think the stud of the Bible was Samson = John Abraham look alike :)

  31. Thanks. Im not fooled yet. Try something else.. ;)

  32. Proud of that guy !!! Thevaya idhu unaku..

    He calls you uncle and it makes you feel young huh ?! :P

  33. hehehhe..tht was hilarious!

    U can't hide all ur life :P

    I stay away frm kids..I can't answer a barrage of intriguing questns :P

  34. macha fantastic!! your the best bro...

    Hang on a sec... macha and bro? wat am I thinking...

    hilarious post...

    But let us know the aftermath after ryan told his mom...

  35. get this translated

    "kab tak chupe ga khambe ki aad mein...kabhi toh aayega bhindi bazaar mein"

  36. hahhhahaaaaa...he might have said...
    uncle is still watching semi nude pics while I've started watching xxx movies :P

  37. you are screwed buddy. and god save you if you cant come up with a great lie.

  38. @everyone

    Ryan is an imaginary character ... Avoid personal mails on this front..


  39. Had a good laugh,though it was a fool's day post

  40. having a 7 yr old calling u uncle makes u feel young??? huh???
    and btw m also trying to imagine hw u wud luk in leaves... ;) wanna like make th imagination simple for me??? lol...

  41. Thats really a laugh!! heh heh, small kid next door once asked me similar kind of question when he watched a poster and said" anne, please take me to the action movie", after i wondered and asked him puzzled he explained that" yeah, the movie which has a A with circle, so i guess sema action anne"

  42. Good one :)

    Chris ,

    Where can i find your email address ? Would like to discuss something serious ;)

  43. Oh Bro...Kids grow up fast these days...and they are so diplomatic as they know what to speak and when!! our generation forgot the 'when' part of it!!! :D
    Cool as the whole world knows reading this, get out of that house!! :P

  44. what timing i say!! :)

  45. oh dear todays kids! this seems more horrifying to me than funny.

  46. Read some of your earlier posts and left comments on them. I am sure some of them may make some wonder whether Chriz - the humorist - and the Chriz displayed there are the same!

    But as the chronicwriter hates 'intimacy',lol, let me just say that I enjoyed those deeper, intensely beautiful, simple and passionate posts as I enjoy your laugh-riots.

    I like your verses too: they seem deceptively simple but they seem to come from a sensitivity and sensibility that can be universally generalised and those are a product of quite a life!

    Good reads bro. And yes, keep blogging!

  47. Hilarious...

    i tell u, kids these days are too dangerous!!

    :-) i have similar wayward experiences...

  48. Hilarious Chriz....The last line takes the ..Kids I tell ya :D

  49. ROTFL... i like this Ryan.. intro plz :)

  50. kids are way smarter now-a-days!
    poor u :D


  51. u will never disappoint Jenny again, will u?

  52. when dey say don't mess with kids dey say it right!! nice1!!


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