Overwhelming response for my previous post. There were Love mails, hate mails, fan mails and it was fun reading them all. A couple of death threats also came to my inbox. Would make all the mails into a post and publish it soon.
Barbie doll celebrated 50 years two weeks back. I remember the fuss my sister and her friends used to create with their barbie doll collection. Barbie doll parties used to happen regularly at my place. I had a GI-Joe doll too. But I did not have friends who liked having GI-Joe parties with me. Apparently GI-Joe was not as famous as Barbie. My sister used to include me sometimes when she and her friends had the Barbie doll parties.

They used to give bubble bath to barbie and comb her hair and dress her up and it used to irritate me a lot. Barbie's legs look like chop sticks. "Why the craze for such a doll?", I used to think. I even flushed one doll in the loo. But the long legs saved that Barbie. It didn't go down the pot. I was made to take it back from the pot-hole.

As time went by, I got a few friends and we had a similar interest(Not GI-Joe). We loved Sing-along-party songs. On week-ends, we would gather at a common place and jam many sing-along songs. At times we invent our own genre (Not the shazhal one). Rolling over, Jammy, Apple pie, Old Mc Donald had a farm,She'll be coming around the mountains, were some of our favorite sing-along songs. One such song "Again and again and again" happens to be my all time favorite party song.

I had sung this song in school, college, Workplace, family gettogethers and it indeed has helped me to break the ice at any point of time.It is such a wonderful interactive song that carries a wonderful message also. After singing this song for almost 15 years, I am posting this song first time in my blog. It sure has the ingredients to tickle your laughter cells. Check this video. I have included the lyrics of the song below the video. You can sing along with me. Learn this song and sing it in any party and I am sure that it will be an instant hit.

Again and again and again (2)
When I was single,my pockets would jingle
I wanna be single again
I married a wife-oh then (2)
I married a wife,she's the plague of my life
I wanna be single again - Again
My wife had a fever-oh then (2)
My wife had a fever, I longed it would leave her
With hope to be single again- Again
My wife she died -oh then (2)
My wife she died and I laughed till I cried
With Joy to be single again -Again
I married another-oh then (2)
I married another, she's worse than the other
I wanna be single again- Again
So men who have wives-oh then (2)
Be kind to the first for the next may be worse
And you'll long for the first one again