Wednesday, March 25, 2009

303. The greatest Shazhal Singer ever...

Rock and Roll - Elvis Presley
Pop - MJ
Latin - Enrique
Reggae-Rap- Lou Bega
Opera- Lesley Garrett
Hindustani-Bhimsen Joshi
Carnatic- Balamurali Krishna
Ghazhal- Hariharan

The different genres of music and the big names associated with each. You might disagree with me on the names I have stated here. Every one has their own views. If you had not known these big names in the different streams of music, i am sure the above list would have surely helped you.

Even if you know all these music genres, if you do not know the stream of music called, "Shazhal", then all your knowledge about music is of no use at all. Even my three year old neighbour knows about Shazhal form of singing. In this post, i take the opportunity to enlighten everyone who read this post with in-depth information about Shazhal form of singing.

Shazhal is a combination of three forms of music namely Ghazal, Hindustani and Mallika Sherawat. Shazhal was invented by yours truly, yours faithfully, yours obediently, "The Chronicwriter" himself. The speciality of this form of music is that once someone listens to this form of music he/she need not listen to the same form music yet again; rather he/she would not listen to Shazhal again. The versatility of Shazhal is such that it helps the listener to attain karma the moment he/ she listens to it.

Another important feature of this form of singing is the kind of introduction that the singer gives to the listener/audience either

1) through gyrations of vocal chords or

2) through magical appearances on stage that could be done only by warriors who have undergone guerilla-warfare training.

I have attatched a special Shazhal performance video exclusively for those who read this post. After seeing the video, if you are interested to take Shazhal training from me, you can notify me of your desire by shooting an e-mail to me. But please refrain from telling about your desires on me in the e-mail.Please send the e-mail as soon as possible because the Shazhal classes will start very soon and I can accomodate only 500 seats per class.

Watch the only Shazhal singer in the world performing Shazhal form of singing in this video. It is just a 30 seconds video. Those who use a slow connection, please allow sometime for the video to buffer.

Note: My three year old neighbour starts crying whenever he sees me now.



  1. Not much keen on shooting an email to u... just wanna shoot u!! what the hell was that!!!???

  2. hahahahahahaa
    ROFLMAO !!!!!!!!

    hahahahahahahahahahaahahah !!!

    that was one of the best Mallika Sherawat poses !!!!

    if only you'd worn a little less clothes. where the red underwear?

  3. wat was that?!! HAHAHAHH

    instead of shooting emails.. everyone's gonna be shooting u! i feel ur neighbour's pain! LOL

  4. dint check the video but the ones abt the Shazal.....i dint know abt it till date....n will come back for sure n check out the vidoe and leave a comment ok..!!!

  5. what is happening to ur choice chrizzie? see what happens when u ditch me! :P

  6. Disappointed machi...I expected more gyration - and less clothes - I wud have send this video to Kasab just to let him know what he is disappointed me terribly....

    P.S: I liked the entry though :P

  7. I agree with Archana in the previous post! You do have a seemingly effortless way of tickling the funny bone!

    Another good one Chriz! And I wonder where the spring of your wit comes from!:-)

  8. che..this was a let down..Having discussed mallika,all I did was to run into the vid just to be disappointed.. :(


  9. hahaha...

    now this one is too much...:D

    U came...U made us suffer and u disappeared behing the sofa!! LOL

  10. Keep singing u wonderful person!


  11. WHERE was Mallika Sherawat???? No wonder all guys( and few gals) are disappointed... ;)

    Bad performance, but happens... next time take Sherawat lessons before appearing... :P

  12. ROFL...OMG that was hilarious..nvr knew u sing sooo

  13. seriously.. i closed my ears and saw the video!!
    and how cum u wer jumping like a monkey! is it a part of "Shazhal"
    lol.. bt it was cool.. :P

    sheers.. sorry, cheers ;)

  14. Sympathies to your neighbour.. Poor kid has been scarred for life now!

    Please please never do that ever again!

  15. seems a pretty bad impersonation of a classical Raga:D

  16. Thanks for the great response through mails...the death threats and kidnapping threats too...

    The seats are getting filled up at cyclone phase... you guys are lucky indeed. rUSH! only few seats left..

    I am planning to invent new genres of music too.. Hoping for some more new mails

    God bless


  17. wah wah! gurudev. :D

    i am nominating you for a Grammy! lolz!!

    and sign me up ustad! i have an entire summer to kill people during once i am done with the exams. i reckon such Shazhal skills would indeed come in handy.


    yours obediently


  18. lol... unakke idhu ellaam konjam overa theriyalla...

    mudiyala da... yaen intha kolla veri?

    paathu vadivelu copy pannida poraan...

    siri siri... :P

    take care dude...

  19. hahahahahaah :D
    GOd damn it. its so damn funnyyyyyyyy


  20. Hola...what on earth was what i just saw?hmmmph!!!!!

    You know really are an all rounder:D...
    a mind blowing performance...( blew off my mind)...

  21. Oh are so funny!!! Somebody stop himmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mister chronic writer..i m sorry to break this to you..but 'I' am the one who invented shazhal..only did not put it up on my blog because the patent is still due..but i can see ppl stealing the talent through telepathy (may b) not fair!..i m gonna sue u for doing this!..apart from stealing ppl's u even realise that u also do "emosanal atayachaar!"
    great work!;)

  23. LOL
    Ok now i can't dare to upload my rap video ;)

  24. Quarter Poteengala sir? Ila fulla? Rawaa adicha effect. Music paavam:P

    I agree with meena ka. Do never attempt an encore:P

    ROTFLed btw! :-)

  25. Now i think even i can do something called as Music lol :)
    Boss, apadiye namaloda Namitha pathi ethavathu blog eluthunga!!!

  26. Chriz!!

    the Mallika thing was just a bait na? damn funny..this shazal..but sorry, me not interested saar..

  27. This is exactly why , u shudnt sing while completely drunk... :-P My my i am fighting hard to keep a straight face.. already a dozen ppl staring at me... meh!!

  28. how badly wud my "ass" hurt if i learn shazal dude :P

  29. LMAO! :D

    Heh heh heh, I second Rat - sloshed and singing dont go right. ;)

    Back from another hiatus bro'... Wassup?


  30. u r the next American idol for sure....wat r u waiting for still!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Parvale.. unaku nalla voice dha.. but still I WOULD LIKE TO SHOOT YOU..

  32. adu epdi vayiliyeh auto votringa??!!

  33. Damn! bro.You are right.I saw karma standing right infront of me :P .Never wanna listen to Shazhal again :D.

    i love the part when your raga went high enough to dethrone Mr.bhimsen joshi. :P

    rotflmfao!!!! keep em comin! :)

  34. lovely template :)

    and i looove enrique's music

    mj's too.. some of his songs are always on mu auto-repeat. like give in to me and who is it.. in the closet....

  35. ROTFLMAO!!! hahahahah :D:D

    that was funny indeeeeeeeeeeeed :D:D :P

  36. i am not able to see the shazal video only - such slow internet connection.. .:(

    please send me the link of the video via a youtube link.. i am leaving without seeing the video.. :( :(

  37. omg wht was that.... :P ROFL!!

  38. gawd! u even realise how many comments you get for your posts!!..
    i m jealous!humph!

  39. for those who wanna shoot me

    " why doyou wanna do that?"

    for those wanna know the number of seats that has been filled in so far

    " 24358 seats.. only 500 seats per class.. and i am pretty sure that the numbers are gonna increase"

    for anush who wants to know whether it is karma or moksha

    " bro check the video, you will surely attain something else"

    for first timers to my page

    " have fun.. this page is for you guys to have fun.. enjoy .. keep coming.. pourout your love.."

    God bless everyone..

    keep smiling


  40. Chris..... Dt entry cud've been a lil power packed n den u'd've showed more variations in ur voice ;)
    N d exit... D thud wasnt enuff...
    Good show... but improvements required...
    Hope u become a star sooooooon!
    Happy to comment again :)

  41. broooo.. that was some kinda MUSIC!!! :) and i liked ur entry :) perfect :D 24358?? i was expecting a eight digit number with that kinda performance!!! well, m too curious here.. what inspired you in inventing such a beautiful form of music?

  42. honestly u think lou bega is better than eminem??? :S
    and shazal...hehe....

  43. and yea count me in for the classes...

  44. omg!! i saw this soooo late :P ROTFLMAO... amazing amazing :P what a performance

    i liked the ending though!!! ;)

    would like to learn from u.. when are classes starting? and will mallika come?

  45. mallika..:O :O :O...
    u sure?:P

    heheh..nyways...keep signing..

  46. haha...Mallika would also have "fallen" for you!! ;)
    And didja cut your hair?

  47. First time here and this was tooo good :) I am still grinning:) The entry and the exit was as good as the ... ahem .. err music :)

  48. i dint get to watch the cute baby video. but there wasn't any problem in viewing this. cruel.

  49. Hey Chriz,

    Nice to see (or) rather hear a new genre of music called Shazal :-), if possible try to come up with an interview of the 3 year old neighbor, let us read his nightmares too
    Keep rocking chriz
    God Bless u well :-)

  50. Hehe.. Is ur neighbor still around? If so, please pass him my sympathies.. :)

  51. hahahahahaha... why? i mean why? what.. i mean.. er.. phew.. i give up!

  52. how come I missed this post without commenting??? lol! I WANNA ENROLL NOW chriz! now second batch of admissions going?? Wats the admission procedure???


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