All of us would remember the first house that we lived in. I was going through an old photo album at home and I came across this picture taken 21 years back. Most memories are sweet especially if those are your pleasant childhood memories.

I was 6 years old then.The people in the photo are me and my folks.
  • My Dad with his broad moustache.
  • My sister frowning at the photographer.
  • Me standing in stand-ease position and
  • My mom in attention pose.
The blue colour door is still very fresh in my memory. The number 7-A was our house number. My mom forced me to memorise my house number when i was 4 years old. In case i lost my way, I was supposed to find my way back home. But it never happened.

If you take a close look at the picture, i have circled three specific places as 1,2 and 3 respectively. Number 3 is the calling bell of our house. The chime "Jingle bells" rings in my ears still now. Number 1 is the place where i would climb to press the calling bell when ever i come back from school.

Number 2 is the place where i would climb from inside of the house. I used to climb to number 2 position every single day. When ever my mom could not tolerate my tantrums at home, she used to thrash me with sticks, ruler scales, the cricket bat and sometimes even using the frying pan in the kitchen. During such wonderful moments, i try to escape from her vicinity.Most often i would reach the door. On a few occasions, i would even climb to position 2 so that i could open the latch of the door and escape from the house. But my mom is a sprinter too. She never ever allowed me to reach number 1 position during my run-away moments.

7-A Chellakan Street. My first home.I have lot of lovely memories associated with that place. Do you have any such memory associated with your first house?