My first prayer was taught by my Mother. The prayer was very simple. It just had four words. It was "Thank You, Jesus. Amen".When I woke up in the morning, I used to say this prayer.The same prayer was said before every meal also.This prayer taught me to Thank God for each and every single thing in life.

When I was Three years old, I had my first meeting with Santa Claus.I had never seen him before that. A group of people came home during Christmas season and started singing Carol songs. Suddenly a peculiar Big creature emerged from behind and started dancing with balloons. I started crying out loud and my parents couldn't control me. My dad told that it was Santa Claus and he loved Children. But that did not stop me from crying.The Santa came closer to me and scooped me up and gave me a chocolate. Not knowing what to do, I ended up biting his shoulder. Apparently, he happened to be the priest of the Church.

Next Christmas, I prayed to God that Santa should not come along with the carol group to my house. God answered my prayers. When the group came home to sing songs, the priest was not wearing his Santa suit. He had not forgotten the Love-bite yet.

God answered my prayers...

In fact when I wrote my higher secondary board examination, I prayed to God that I should get a centum in at least one of the subjects. I had six subjects in my board examination.When the results came, I looked with eager eyes at my marks in the school notice board.
  1. Physics - I didn't score a centum
  2. Chemistry - Great marks. But not a centum
  3. Mathematics- Good marks. But not a centum
  4. Computer Science - Missed centum by one mark 199 out of 200
  5. English - It was 190 out of 200
Till now I was pretty disappointed . But When I saw the last subject, tear drops welled up my eye lids. God had indeed answered my prayers. I looked around. No one saw it.

6. Tamil - Centum. Yes I had scored a centum at last.

Joy and happiness knew no bounds. I ran around the school premises and yelled out in Joy. Suddenly I stopped running. Some thing in my mind said that I had to take yet another look at the notice board. I came back to the notice board and saw my marks again. It read , Tamil - 100 out of 200.

God had answered my prayers. I had scored a centum in one of the subjects. I realised that I should be very clear when I pray. Talking about unanswered prayers,I prayed continuously for 20 years that Renu should fall in love with me. She fell in love with every Tom, Rooster and Harry in town. Finally She got married too. God never answered that prayer of mine.The same God who answered my prayers more than once did not answer this prayer of mine.


This question was in my mind for many years and I was contemplating on it this weekend, when my sister sent me a video. In the Video, my sister is teaching her daughter,"Jolena" (My niece and God-child) to pray.Jolena is just a one and half year old baby. Just watch what Jolena prays for... No wonder God does not answer certain prayers...