Thursday, March 12, 2009

297. Agent Jeremy-007

Not every family is blessed with Great-brains in every generations.But there are very few.

  • My Great grandfather was the first Lawyer in town. Its always a great feeling to go to my old family house, where His name still holds great respect among the people who live in the locality.
  • My Grandfather was a walking encyclopedia. He not only worked in the Income tax department, but also kept his hands clean and tidy and he was known for his straight forward nature.
  • My Dad is a Scientist and I have already dedicated a post for him here.
  • My Dad's son,"Me" did not want to follow in my forefather's footsteps and hence took the decision to become a humor blogger.
  • My Nephew,"Jeremy" is showing signs that he has the Brain-ingredients of becoming the next secret agent of the country.

Jeremy called me up two days back and asked me,"Maamaa! (Uncle!), What is Chellam?". My thought travelled across my entire head and couldn't decipher the reason behind Jeremy's question. "Chellam" is tamil for " Darling". I asked him why he wanted to know the meaning for the word Chellam. His answer made me smile.

Maama!, Lamrin Uncle, came to our place this evening and he carried me everywhere . We played peek-a-boo, catch-catch and we even went for some super-cycling.He thought that I was not listening to him. But all the time, he was talking on the phone with someone.I guess it must be a business call and while talking he used the word,"Chellam" in each and every line.

Apparently, Jeremy had overheard a romantic conversation between a guy and his lady-love.The guy might have been in cloud 29. But Jeremy, because of his super-detective skills plucked the love-code out of thin air and passed it on to me and it has ended up here as a blog post.

Well readers! Talking about lovey-dovey names, a few names strike my head at this juncture "Rasagullah, Jelaabi, Buji, Chakarey, Sweets". My romantic creativity is very poor and hence I could not think of any more romantic names that I could use for my lady love.

Please help me in pouring your thoughts on romantic names that you'd like to use to address your better half. Wear your romantic caps and let the creativity flow. Till then Let Agent Jeremy discover more through his secret-agent skills


  1. ummmm ... lets c...

    there was this idiot who used to call up and flirt while i was in coll.. on a profound call, this idiot said Rat say something sweet.. i responded "Jangiri".. he said no that the other sweet thing.. wat that saniyan meant was "Honey"... velangirum..

    anyways.. we have "sweetums, sweet heart, darling, dear.." ouch i think i am romantically handicapped... venai

  2. Chriz!!!!
    r u damn sure u have not been adopted? look at them..Absolute Heroes :):) i'm impressed..

    maybe u could put Jeremy to good use...take him to the lover points at parks, beaches..make him play close to lovey-dovey couples...we will catch quite a few romantic names that in action!!

  3. Nice to read about ur granddad and dad...

    lol @ ur nephew... wait till he grows up... he reminds me of my nephews and nieces... oh yeah, a bunch of them... with their ears tuned into my conversations... :P

    as for the codes... there are so many dude... but the special one would always be a personal nick :)

    have a nice party dude... cheers...

  4. I have become a fan...of Jeremy ofcourse:)
    what a nice n bright detective we got now:)
    romantic words????well I have always been bad at them..coz i always call my loved ones by funny names(more in the way of distorting the names)...
    coz a few that people around me i have come across have left me completely amused..
    How about jaaaanu n kuchu :P[P.S:-these words are a result of what i have observed around me..I have never ever made use of them in my context]
    *ducks to avoid shoes*

  5. wow chriz, Great grandpa,grandpa, daddy all seem to be very famous in their field.
    But Boy your doing the best job of being a humor blogger!!
    Jeremy seems to be a good detective

    And for romantic names, let me say -
    cutiepie, applepie,sweety!!

    hope that helps...lolz

  6. hehehe.. good post..
    man jeremy is growing up.. Has he heard tht song - Jeremy(Pearl jam)?

  7. Chweetu is the name i wud suggest for your sweet heart..!!!

    nice read by the way...!!!

  8. wonderful family Chriz!
    Gosh the kids nowadays! :) ..
    Nothing can ever be hidden from them :)...

  9. How About 'Dearie', 'sweetie', 'jaanu' etc...

  10. my friend calls her boyfriend an assortment of names.. chittu, cheramy and ajubajju being some of them.. mmm... from his reactions, i really don't think he enjoys them :P

  11. abt bubblegum, sugar, teddy, shona..errrr i think i shud stop! :P

  12. I love Jeremy! He's so cute plus he is so intelligent! Perfect! ;)

    As for names, a drought here! So oopsie no suggestions there...all I can think of is jaan (the Hindi one) but it's kinda cheesy! Useless me! :)

  13. lol I like the names

    Honey bunny,
    choco crunchie...may be i learnt i shud not flirt before my cousins ::P

  14. I suck at romantic names...
    but I have been called 'coochie coo', 'sweet potato chip', 'jaan' and the like. :D

  15. Get married to a sweet business guy girl !!! She will be very happy with your coochi cooings !!

  16. this guy's got a great future for sure...
    beware, its a warning to you too. Don't even dare talk sweet on the phone in front of him:D

  17. ha ha !!! nice post !! n coming to names, some things i heard are - nonu, sweetu, jaanu etc etc .. each to his/her pwn creation :D

  18. wowwwwwwwwwwwww what a great family. :)

    as fpr d romantic name... ummmmmm bng a bengali "shona" definitely tops my chart. teddy is cute too. cnt think of any othr now..:p

  19. she calls me a tiger in bed...but really dont whether thats sweet :P

  20. Act'ly differs from temper, if its a friday eve(weekend holiday) Chiizee puchee...with my kids..if its monday morn..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHIEEEEEEEEEEE

  21. Baju .. Jillu !!! Puppy !!!! Ellam Maya

  22. Nice read my little nephews were always carrying tales:) so we nevr even gossiped in front of them.

  23. wow! gr8 family indeed..
    chriz u must be very proud of ur family na...
    and abt romantic names....! hmmm.. my brain is not working.. lol
    am bad at these thngs.
    i remembr only one name and thts 'mudhu' ;)


  24. Chellam? aww..that sounds real cute a word for darling, and oh yes..Jeremy is needed in the CBI!..we need ears like that! :D
    And m really sorry for missing on some posts of yours..exams you see :(

  25. hehe that was a lovely read..

    hehe i really like ur newphew.. hehe am sure he has the makin of a good detective.. :)

    n yeh all of us have our own version of lovey dovey names.. munchkins.. sweetu.. sweets.. chakkarey.. hehe darling , honey.. n all tht.. :) hehe..

  26. Hey cutie-pie duddlums,

    You changed your blog template teddy-sheddy? Chhho chweeeet

    PS: I may be under the effect of a lot of things ;)

  27. Kids are soo wonderful...its a pleasure being around them!!

    I am here....but dont come online very often...occasionally read the blogs...and have not written anything at all!!

    Recession time :( lots of work!!

    The new format looks very nice :)

  28. GOD, such a brainy family u belong to...Anyways for the romantic words u want to learn...I used to call my ex-bf 'abbe oye' out of love :)

    no wonder he is ex now :)

  29. hmm ... you should be very careful then !!!

  30. Palli muttai, en kuttie, en alagi, en vuyire, en dosa mavu super queen. Chellam beats everything else.

  31. Aww, cute cute pics!

    Family history? Amazing, amazing!

  32. err...ur nephew must be giving u complex..isnt he??

    ahem..i just dont like such coochie-coo words..make a list frm all d above comments and giv tat list to me :-P

  33. I am must be the most unromantic person ever but - who the hell calls their love "jalebi or Rosgola?? I think that's really insulting!To the sweets *and* the person! I know a lot of mals who use chakkarey, though....

  34. man! your blog changed since my last visit... I should drop by more often shouldn't I?

  35. our country really need more secret agents....

  36. Your nephew can earn a lot in return for his services on 14th Feb every year... he won't need to work for the rest of the year... :D

  37. we all are blessed with some more or less instincts...

  38. chellamme is the best . I am partial to tamil

  39. Youngistan Kartik & One of a Kind Lancelot anbudan alaikirom...

  40. ha ha...loved your post and jeremy!
    and great family indeed...jeremy reminds me of my nephew..soo adorable that he is.

    well coming to cute nick names,dodo,sweetu,baby,....hmm can't think of any right now...i've decided that i would call my better half boo boo...i dont know why but i just liked that

  41. A great family story !!! Stay Blessed :)

  42. i know a guy who used to call his GF Shona, and another gal who used to call BETA or BETU. and than it was love and jaan.

  43. haha..nice info passed on to maama from jeremy!! ;)
    How about -
    "Nike" for its "Just do it" effect! ;)
    and many more....

  44. hahaha

    ...if the Bond flicks with em' Bond women are to be indeed inspirational then Jeremy sure is gonna be one lucky guy!! :) ...a lot luckier than mammu and his sorry-ass blogger pals...

    as for what ya want to be whispering in to the ear while you nibble (nibble...& not bite, tear, munch, chew) is something that i leave entirely up to you Mr and Mrs.Cannibal!

  45. Ewww..somehow feel those cuddly-muddly types are far too feminine for a guy to use. But u nvr know..even the strongest of guys i know melt b4 the gal they love!

  46. kids these days are growing up reaaal fast!


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