Sunday, March 08, 2009

295.I am a strike bowler

We Indians are natural cricket players. All we need is something that resembles a bat ( a wooden plank/board/stick/ or a willow) and something that resembles a ball ( paper ball/rubber ball/tennis ball/ or any nut). Cricket flows in every one's blood. It starts in school level itself, even inside class rooms in the form of Book cricket. Those days, I was a good spinner. But as time went by, I started paying attention to writing and stopped playing cricket.

Last week, I decided to make a come-back to cricket. I went to the cricket field and saw some school kids playing cricket.They were around 10 years of age. I begged and pleaded with them to include me in their team. Finally they agreed when I told them that I would give them ten bucks each.

The game started.Our team went in first.Wickets fell down like nine pins. I went in as the 5th batsman. The little boy bowled like a devil. The first ball, I faced was a full toss that landed on my groin. I was on the ground. It took me some time to recover. The second ball was a bouncer that zoomed past me. The kids were laughing at me.I survived for ten balls and even scored two runs through a deflection. Finally I was run out. Our team finally made 86 runs in 15 overs.

It was our time to bowl and I knew that with my bowling skills, the opposition team would fall down like a pack of cards. I was asked to open the bowling attack. I ran up to bowl my leg-spinners. The first ball was smashed for a four. The second ball was hit back with brutal force and it reached the boundary too. The third ball was hooked for a six. That is when I decided to use my secret weapon -"The non-spinning ball". The fourth ball went for a six too.I didn't want to continue after such a humiliation.

I told the opposition team batsman that I would not bowl to him, if he continues to hit me for sixes and fours. He laughed at me and I could not take such a sarcastical remark. It was such an insult to a great bowler. I told my team mates that I would conduct a strike against the opposition team. My team mates agreed with me when I told them that I would give them another ten rupees each. Me and my team mates left the cricket pitch and we never gave the opposition team another chance to smash us.Yes, I proved my mettle as a strike bowler.

PS: I dint give the ten bucks to the kids.The kids are roaming around my house these days. What should I do now?



  1. Brother u r indeed a strike what we can do to avoid them is:

    1)Lets complaint to Police that this is extortion;

    2) Can lock the house and go to a different house;

    3) Can write a letter to Obama asking him to save u;

    4) Complaint to UN about this;

    5) If nothing works as a lost resort...saashtaangama we will fall in their legs and seek mercy :P

    P.S: I will send you my bill for the advice...

  2. Nice hairstyle... Rockstar!!! Ekdum badhiya you look..

  3. kids are too fast these days. u need perfect pratise to compete with them

  4. hahaha...u must have had a great time....!!!

    n to the kids.....y do u cheat them yaar.....give them a them a rupee chocolate is more worth than a 10 rs note..!!!!

  5. Krrrrrrrrrrr... thu!! First of all very nice performance in the field.. now not even paying up the kids as you promised them.. !!

  6. i once even thought aamir cheated in lagaan :P...u had a gr8 time dude :)...

    give them a choco that will be cool tho :)..


  7. do i need to report to child rights center that you cheated them??? tell me tell me....hahaha

  8. No wonder u didn't play cricket here. Tennis is easier than cricket uh? or is it less painful? :)

    Anyway, Thank God u didn't play International cricket. You would looked like Inzy.

    good luck over there...hope u had a nice journey.

    I got a few ideas for you,
    Do either of the following to the kids whom u played with......

    1. pay them

    2. Don't pay them

    3. Stop worring, u arn't even in the your house

    4. Play another match and promise you won't strike.

    BTW, You bowl leg spin? I bowl Medium Fast Pace and can swing it either way and have a deadly slower ball.:)

    Thnk god u didn't have to face me:(


  9. reminds me of politics in bengal :P

  10. Ayyo! Seriyana strike bowler dhaan! :P I have an idea. Tell them that if you pay them this time, it would mean that you would play with them the next time too and not pay them anything then. They would go away on their own! ;)

  11. lol.. go out and have another match.. may god bless your soul :P

  12. Jaadhi kaara paiyan nee!!U are not alone....Even i've had so many cricket moments like this...

  13. Now, you ve to first play cricket with my younger bro and talk the rest out. He is just nine and swings his bat like one experienced with the nuances. Superb batsman he, i shld say.

    And dude, u got a cool hairstyle :P And i see transition with the pics, mean-the earlier one and the opnes u put up these days.

    And you are born to be a politician. TRUST.

  14. Become like Shoaib Akthar, start running two streets away and keep running...

  15. Haha..thats the best way not to get smashed all over! ;)
    And you have a deadly "secret weapon"! :D

  16. funny as usual.

    no idea abt wat sud u do :)

  17. Pick me as your PR when you become a politician one day :)

  18. Leggie here too! Used to bowl six years ago, have not played a sport for the last three...

    Those were the best of times! Another good one Chriz... take care!

  19. Machi offside la podada.. leg side la podu da... avan thaan adhikiraan nu theriyudhu la

    Chriz bowls and a 6

    Machi avan enga pothaalum adhikiraan da!!!

  20. Bro.. you shd change ur name from Strike Bowler to Sixer Bowler... lol

  21. Tell the kids you are broke...

    LOL... :D

  22. did i read we Indians... Umm i hate cricket... i know i know, my friends hate me for that.. but i persevere...

    ha ha ha.. isnt ur luck with kids very bad... ask Jeremy or Jolena for tips to escape these Kids, Chriz

  23. kids nowadays!
    Don think they will spare you until you make their payments :)
    So better pay them off :P ...

    Btw there is cute award waiting for you in my blog at

    do pick it up :P ....

  24. hehe another match mann prob's may be U can be a batsman this time :D

  25. Give yourself up! pay up or try wicket-keeping next time!

  26. Too much da... first you play with babies and then bowl a 'baby' over???

    unakku ithu thevaiya???


  27. Pesasunga !!! 10 Rupees Vachu enna panna podungaloo

  28. PS: I dint give the ten bucks to the kids.The kids are roaming around my house these days. What should I do now? - Good one Innocent Chriz

  29. Lolz...these are the post by chriz which makes me go on laughing :) Indeed a strike bowler by paying 10rs to kids. Tell them You will give them 20 rs if they leave You alone for one year. :)

  30. lolzzz-Why don't you hide somewhere behind the Indian Cricket Team? Best bet because then they won't notice YOU-they will be too engrossed in the players themselves!
    Great strike bowler we have here...

    I have written a poem on my blog.Hope you get time enough to read it..

  31. hey!! chris whr r u?? thanx a lots 4 ur comments.. ur blogs r too gud.. u opted out of orkut also..

  32. heh heh .. strike bowler.. I never thought of it that way..

  33. 1. you are mean

    2. you are hopeless

    3. you are poor

    4. i am jobless

    5. nice post

  34. god chris i didnt know you were a darpok!!god! what a revelation!! :P

  35. god chris i didnt know you were a darpok!!god! what a revelation!! :P

  36. Never knew you'd strike at fixing matches with them kids... :P

    The cherry and willow are rendered rather useless.


  37. u know what, with the crack of summer, last weekend here in US, it was a bunch of Indian kids who first broke the ice with bat, ball n stumps ! Yea cricket flows in our blood. And don't worry, u could play hard with them to get better

  38. d kids are gonna stone u saaar.. :p

    Paavakm u,chinna pasanga koode aadittu thotthutteengalaa?? :p U must have done dis deliberately na?? :p

    Take care bro,its exam tym my side.. :(


  39. he he nice cute post...and all the best for u to deal with those kids now. :) Btw nice pic. ;)

  40. You have an award, pick it up from my page

  41. Lol...the strike bowler:)...
    u better pay the kids...:D:D:D
    gosh..Chris..this is laughing my heart out:P

  42. heeheehe pay them, aur kya :P :P serves u right :P lol :P :P :))
    nice post :D

  43. nice pic btw.
    is ur hair always wild like that :O :O :D

  44. hehehhehee...u better go underground!!!

  45. how about goin bak to s'pore?;)

  46. yayy !! Cricket !!
    i'm going to playyyy !! :D


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