We Indians are natural cricket players. All we need is something that resembles a bat ( a wooden plank/board/stick/ or a willow) and something that resembles a ball ( paper ball/rubber ball/tennis ball/ or any nut). Cricket flows in every one's blood. It starts in school level itself, even inside class rooms in the form of Book cricket. Those days, I was a good spinner. But as time went by, I started paying attention to writing and stopped playing cricket.

Last week, I decided to make a come-back to cricket. I went to the cricket field and saw some school kids playing cricket.They were around 10 years of age. I begged and pleaded with them to include me in their team. Finally they agreed when I told them that I would give them ten bucks each.

The game started.Our team went in first.Wickets fell down like nine pins. I went in as the 5th batsman. The little boy bowled like a devil. The first ball, I faced was a full toss that landed on my groin. I was on the ground. It took me some time to recover. The second ball was a bouncer that zoomed past me. The kids were laughing at me.I survived for ten balls and even scored two runs through a deflection. Finally I was run out. Our team finally made 86 runs in 15 overs.

It was our time to bowl and I knew that with my bowling skills, the opposition team would fall down like a pack of cards. I was asked to open the bowling attack. I ran up to bowl my leg-spinners. The first ball was smashed for a four. The second ball was hit back with brutal force and it reached the boundary too. The third ball was hooked for a six. That is when I decided to use my secret weapon -"The non-spinning ball". The fourth ball went for a six too.I didn't want to continue after such a humiliation.

I told the opposition team batsman that I would not bowl to him, if he continues to hit me for sixes and fours. He laughed at me and I could not take such a sarcastical remark. It was such an insult to a great bowler. I told my team mates that I would conduct a strike against the opposition team. My team mates agreed with me when I told them that I would give them another ten rupees each. Me and my team mates left the cricket pitch and we never gave the opposition team another chance to smash us.Yes, I proved my mettle as a strike bowler.

PS: I dint give the ten bucks to the kids.The kids are roaming around my house these days. What should I do now?