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These are the names of the musical bands I have sung in... It is always a great experience to sing with a band for a group of audience... There were times when we have performed brilliantly well to garner appreciation and there were instances of the band being booed down too.

Once when I sang the covers for a John Denver song,"Country roads" in college, I had been the victim of a tomato too. But I was never ever pelted with a stone or a rock. The genre "Rock music" came into evolution after a british musical band was pelted with rocks by an enraged mob.

Everyone would remember their first love. The first love would be in some part of everypne's hearts. I do remember the first time I performed a song on stage.I was 8 years old then. I had a big Givson guitar which was as tall as me.I had an uncle who accompanied me with the bass and another uncle played the drums for me.It was a romantic song and the name of the song is "Oh Judy". Recently I found an old audio-cassette-tape in the old rack at home and when I played it on the tape recorder, I was so glad to hear that same old song.I immediately converted it into a media file and uploaded it in youtube. Ladies and gentlemen! I take this time to present to you, my first ever on-stage-rockstaaaaa-wannabe performance. Check this video