I have never felt ashamed of anything in my life. I have cried, laughed and exhibited all forms of emotions all these years. But the one emotion "shyness" has never crossed its path with me. My parents were little bit worried when they found that i was indeed growing crazier and crankier by the day and even at night (cos my bed wetting skills grew to new design heights every night.) But that was a long time back. I don't do it anymore.

When i was ten years old, my parents were so much worried, because complaints about me poured from every nook and corner of the city.My school teachers would call my mom to school every alternative day complaining about something or the other. I was caught at least ten times trying to propose Renu with a love letter.

The neighbours fussed a lot too. I wanted to be a Sachin Tendulkar and they blamed me for the broken Windows. I am pretty sure that if i had continued playing cricket, India would have found another Sachin Tendulkar. I did not continue with cricket and hence became "The Chronicwriter".

One night, my dad and mom were discussing about me.I was in the 7th grade then. I knew that the topic was about me because i couldn't hear their conversation. The next morning my dad came to me and said ," Chriz! I have something to say to you. Listen! I know you are smart and hence I want to find out your IQ level". Indirectly he was telling me that he was taking me to a psychiatrist.I understood that the IQ thingie was just a spoof. Anyways I got excited with the whole idea because that is gonna be my first meeting with a psychiatrist.

That afternoon, dad, mom and I went to meet the psychiatrist. After a two hour session with him that included various tests the doctor told my dad that I was perfectly alright.My dad could not believe his ears. The IQ level was indeed high and my dad never expected that too. My dad sure started doubting the whole medical system.
Days have gone and nights have flown by; but the craziness is still piling up inside the brain of mine.Sometimes I am happy for it cos it helps me to smile.This blog of mine, I just wanna keep on writing. After twenty years, I will compile everything and print it down as a book and I will surely have a good time. I hope to read this very post in that book too.

Last week,I was randomly going through some world news in the Internet. One headline caught my attention. It read,"I am a serious and a shy girl:Paris Hilton". That's when I realised that the psychiatrist was right in his statement about me too.

Now you would surely agree with me when I say that I am the type of guy when some people meet me, they find the answer for the question "Why some animals eat their young ones"