Sometimes when romance fill the air in my room; all I do is, take my guitar and dedicate a romantic song for my love. On this special day, I dedicate this song written by Aaron Wilburn for all my blog readers.Being single sometimes helps you to don the role of a cupid. Well, I am the cupid for my readers today.

When you watch this video, pull your partner close to you and say,"Honey this is for you".I have added the lyrics of this song here. You can sing along with me as you listen to this song. It is a very simple song. Hope you all would like this one. Have a great valentines day. If your connection is slow, please wait for the video to buffer and then watch the song.

You ask me if i love you and if my love is true? And if i were a rich man here is what i'd do.I'd buy you a diamond ring, A new fur coat too.If my nose was running money, i'll blow it all on you

If my nose was running money, i'll blow it all on you.I'd buy you a cadillac, a new Mercedes too.I'll build you a mansion, upon that mountain top.If my nose was running money;Oh Honey! But it's not.

If my nose was running money, you'd have anything you please. Anytime you needed cash, all i have to do is sneeze.Honey, you'd be a millionaire, when i have that cold or flu.If my nose was running money, I'll blow it all on you.