Friday, February 06, 2009

289. Raka calling

I dont like waking up early..Not one bit...Just like Obama doesnt like Osama inspite of having such similar sounding names.. I dont like early morning calls on my cell.. Not even on my birthday..

Well 8 in the morning is not exactly early morning, but what the heck!Anyone who has been my friend knows this.. All my bday wishes start pouring in only after 10 am.We gonna have a party..turn the music up..lets get it started..go ahead n move your butt..I hate my ringtone.. I mean Eminem's Shake that is good all day long, but early morning even he sucks.. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the caller id.. I looked at the watch.. 8 am in the morning..Who could be calling me at this unearthly hour..Raka calling...

To read the full story, click the image below

The author of this post is Arshat Chaudhary. He is one among my first blog buddies. This was my favorite post of 2008. I still hop down to his page to read this post everytime.It sure wells up my eyes everytime.
I feel so happy to present this award to him for this lovely post. Hey Arshat! This is for you!

BTW valentines day is soon approaching and I have a very Hot date with one of my blogmates. Can anyone suggest me some good places where I could take her...



  1. the yellow font can't be seen against the white background.

  2. Congrtulations Arshat!!
    very beautiful story indeed :)

    Tips for readers: the yellow against white can be read by highlighting with mouse :)

  3. Congrats Arshat!!!!

  4. Kudos Arshat !! Is he ur IBS buddy

  5. V day wishes - in advaaaaaaaaaaance Chriz!

    Yet to read the story, will do and revert!

    Good day:)

  6. Touching story inDEED! I have commented therein though it might be a tad redundant after - now, long has it been? - six months or so since it is posting!

    Take care!

  7. Great one .... Good job Arshat Chaudhary ......... :)

  8. brother really touching story- few small things in life really matters...

    and Singapore dating eh?? Goto rupee room if u r a party animal else to Sentosa Siloso beach for a romantic get away...cheers

  9. ohh man ! Really touching ! Thanks for taking us there !

  10. thanks for sharing this wonderful post !! n Good luck with ur date.. may you do not run into some activists n all ;)

  11. Wow.. truly touching!
    thnx for sharing it with us, chriz..
    and congrats, Arshat Chaudhary for the award!

  12. A very touching post ..
    congrats on the chronic award Arshat!!

    Guess you are getting all geared up for the big valentine date :) .. do let us know how it goes :P ...

  13. hey nice story..
    thxs for sharing..

    P.S. congs Arshat

  14. looks liek someone just copied a template :)

  15. congratulations Arshat..

  16. @chriz

    Thanks for the award mate! It even has an icon.. I am so gonna put it up on my site!(hope you dont mind.. one has to brag to his friends :P)
    Btw, nice template.. cool blue..


    Thank you so much for all the kind words.

  17. Congratz Mr. Arshat... Wünderful post!

    And Chriz - Ummm... How abt funneling in more thoughts and finally stringing the right chord. U know what I mean, dontcha? ;)


  18. Hey chriz, that story was really awesome by arshat!
    And who is this blog mate your going date with??I hope there is a post coming up on that as well, cheers!!have fun!!

  19. tats one of the most touching posts in Arshat's blog! and ironically after reading that particular post nly I blogrolled him!! Hmmm.. good choice chriz!

  20. congrats arshat :)..the raka calling was awesome :)...

    thnks for the link chriz :)..


  21. It was really a great posting by Arshat!First I thought its just a story from his imagination...but when asked him..he said its real!
    Good that you gave the award to the right post!!!!

    Well,for your Vday celebration?How about malaysia..KLCC twin tower?!!

  22. Hey.... come online sometime.. missing u for the past couple of days..

    and yup thanks for the link.. nice blog he has going on there ...:-)

  23. Arshat rightly deserved the award :)

    To say the post is deeply moving wud b an understatement

    Hv fun with ur hot date:P

  24. Congrats Arshat, a great story there buddy! A very well deserved award. :) And good luck with your hot date! Do keep us informed...hehe :P

  25. yellow against a white background..enna sir?? :(

    Btw,huz tht unlucky soul hus promised to be all urs on val day.. :p

    actually,she is lucky..kno why?? :)

    have fun..but within the limits ok?? :p


  26. nice new temp btw,enne bhayandhuttu maathittingala?? :p ;)

  27. Raka calling... man i'm lost for words here... beautiful...

  28. change ur template plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  29. congratulations arshat! well deserved award indeed. really good story.. if only it was fiction.

    and happy valentines day chriz.. kya??! itni jaldi date set bhi ho gayi?? waah waah!

  30. congrts to arshat...

    and yeah chriz..u better have a blog date:P

  31. whats the connection with the post title and the post? hmmph!

    congrats to your friend...

  32. shit i screwed up..ignore my previous comment.. i didnt read through the whole thing... it didnt mean me at all.. i dont know whether i should laugh or cry! :D :P

    anyways best wishes to arshat who won and i get to be mentioned without being intended to :P

  33. kewl one dude... wishes to Arshat :)

  34. nice way to reward friends Chrizzzzzz
    as for the hot date bring her to a nice diner and go for a walk at the sunset, bring ur guitar and sing her a song:P

  35. the story is really good! :) and hey do lemme know what u did on Valentine's day?? ;) Hope the date turns out to be super hot!!

  36. If you are in Chennai, Dude, Take her to Kaiendhi Bhavan:P:P

    Yt to read the story. Will do so in leisure:-)

  37. So you aren't a morning person as well....that was my story too but this stupid school of mine....tends to wake me up at 6.ooam...THAT SUCKS!!!!

    And who is the hot date??? Curious!!

    Take Care

  38. Lovely story there...Congrats to Arshat! :)
    And thanks for leading us there by the way of awards! :)

    And hot date?? Take her anywhere, but dont burn your fingers! :P

  39. congrats arshat!! and who's the paavam gal?

  40. Thanks everyone for the comments..
    I couldnt catch up with teh comments for a couple of days..
    was out of action.
    would visit your pages and will get bck to commenting form...

    God bless all..

  41. Man it made me feel very bad!!! I wish, no shall go through such gruesome experience.. :'(


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