I dont like waking up early..Not one bit...Just like Obama doesnt like Osama inspite of having such similar sounding names.. I dont like early morning calls on my cell.. Not even on my birthday..

Well 8 in the morning is not exactly early morning, but what the heck!Anyone who has been my friend knows this.. All my bday wishes start pouring in only after 10 am.We gonna have a party..turn the music up..lets get it started..go ahead n move your butt..I hate my ringtone.. I mean Eminem's Shake that is good all day long, but early morning even he sucks.. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the caller id.. I looked at the watch.. 8 am in the morning..Who could be calling me at this unearthly hour..Raka calling...

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The author of this post is Arshat Chaudhary. He is one among my first blog buddies. This was my favorite post of 2008. I still hop down to his page to read this post everytime.It sure wells up my eyes everytime.
I feel so happy to present this award to him for this lovely post. Hey Arshat! This is for you!

BTW valentines day is soon approaching and I have a very Hot date with one of my blogmates. Can anyone suggest me some good places where I could take her...