When i first fell in love with Renu, i found that she was in love with Shabir.

I, Renu and Shabir were in Kindergarten then. I tried my level best to get Renu's attention for 14 years and all through she was in love with Shabir. Those were precious memories from school life. Apparently Renu is presently married to Santosh. Poor Shabir. Hahaha...

This post is about relationships. Two-timers often end up getting beaten up big time by their partners. Remember Bill clinton and Monica.I am hundred percent sure that Hillary would have kicked the brains out of Bill when she came to know about the affair. Bill would have ended up sleeping on the couch for probably months on a stretch. I don't even know the various other punishments he would have gone through.

Hope everyone knows about the legendary comedy artist, Woody Allen. He has been a source of inspiration for me and for everyone in the media field for his creative thought-flows. But he did the unthinkable by marrying his step-daughter. Guys like them complicate the whole concept behind the word,"relationships"

I know a couple of friends who fall under the same category. I came across this wonderful song and it had me in splits. This song would sure make us all think. Check this video. If you are using a slow connection, please wait for sometime till the video buffers. (Please pause the song in the bottom of the page to listen to the video)