Becoming a world class model is not an easy joke.A few necessities to become a top class model are

  1. Good looks
  2. Attitude
  3. Smile
  4. Confidence
  5. Dressing sense
  6. The knowledge of posing in front of the camera.

My niece Jolena (She is just a one and a half year old baby) is already all set to become a model for the next generation. If she finds any camera in her visibility, she knows what to do in front of it. Her mother (My sister) is her costume designer and official photographer.

Jolena's brother Jeremy is her hairstylist. To become one top notch model, you need to have all the specialists around you. When Jolena wanted a Public Relations Officer, i volunteered for the role and i was indeed lucky to get my job. This blog-post is a portfolio of some of her modeling poses. Below each photograph, Jolena has her own comments.

I call this, "The relaxed traditional Indian girl pose".All you need to do is sit in a slanting position and make sure that you rest your hands on a slightly raised platform. In the above photo, i pulled down the mattress and removed the bed spread. My brother is sleeping on the couch behind me. The dress i am wearing is called "pattu-paavadai". It is a south Indian dress.

In this photo, I added a glint of smile and you can also see me throwing a little bit of attitude. The whole idea is not to look at the photographer during the photo shoot. This gives a natural effect and you can see the difference from the first photo.

This is a simple, casual all-smile pose that i do with ease.My mom troubles me by making me wear these gold bangles. Can you see that my ears are also pierced. These old people do all sorts of crazy things on us.

Some times I intimidate the photographer by looking right into the lens. My brother was my hairstylist for this snap. I am infact hiding my brother's pencil box behind my back.

Yea! Girls rock!! That is the message I want to convey here through my T-shirt.Guys! Did you hear me or should I say it again? and finally...

I leave it for you to comment on this one...