Thursday, January 29, 2009

285. Five things i do when i get drunk

Most of us do the craziest of things when we get drunk. I do not drink now. But during my college days, when alcohol used to play hide and seek with my taste-buds, I have acted weird too.Some people get very emotional and cry a lot and realise the value of their folks when they are drunk. Some puke around the whole place and give you headaches and nauseating feelings.There was this guy who proposed his girl friend by throwing a Rose flower on her head. She suffered head injuries. Apparently he threw the rose flower along with the flower pot.

I am not gonna talk more about what others do when they are sloshed. I am gonna brag about what I do when I am stoned. The following are five things from my experience; The experience of an ex-drunkard...

1)C programming -2000

I remember this incident very well because 2000 was the year I started drinking. I also remember the year because that was the year I first got drunk too. Me and my friend were totally smashed that night after three mugs of beer (He had two and half mugs and I had half a mug of beer). I puked on his C- programming book by Balaguruswamy (Madras University students will know this name) and as a result he cleared the paper only in his fifth attempt

2)The drowning episode -2005

Me and my six friends (We call ourselves The sexy seven) drank like wild boars that night . We finished two crates of beer bottles (24 bottles in all. I just had half a bottle as usual). We all hit the pool. The sad part is all my friends can swim and I do not know the art of splashing in the pool. I had to wear the floating jacket and I jumped into the kid's pool which was near the main pool. I drowned in it and my friends had to carry me off the pool.

3)The sallu-bhai story-2003

It was my final year of Engineering. Our juniors gave a very good farewell to us. Alcohol was flowing freely that night. It was a beach party. The juniors were watching us. To prove to them that I am an expert in the art of drinking, I gulped one full bottle of beer (650ml in all). The dance floor invited us to dance. We went crazy on the dance floor. A few guys wanted to do a La-Salman Khan show. The girls went wild. I joined the gang of guys too. After a while the girls went wilder. They were cheering more than before. The next day when my friends told me that Salman khan removes only his shirt, I realised my folly

4)College Suspension- 2002

Never get drunk before you attempt any form of examination in your Engineering degree even if it is just a class test. Chances are that you might get suspended from college for 25 days. I am not gonna explain more on this.Two more guys were suspended along with me. Sundar and Edwin are their names.

5) Stairway to heaven- 2001

I was standing at the bottom of a staircase for two hours. Later I realised that it was not an escalator.


  1. @ chriz

    thalai...ennoda craziest stuff, I was telling whoever I met "I am not high I am not high" and called one of my classmates house and proposed to her mom instead of her :P :P :P

  2. that was interesting to read.
    well, i guess many boys can relate themselves to it ;)

  3. ahhh.. are u sure u were drunk? u are capable of doin all this even if ur sober

  4. nice one... took me back to my college days... :)

  5. Interesting.. Reminds of an incident where my friend had to finish 3 packs of fags for a whole night to get the "Hello World" printed from C program..

  6. even i yam drung tudai..sorrri if ther is eni swelling msitake..valga kudimagan! valarga avan pugal mattum! cheeeeeeeeeers

  7. Dai macha, ne romba dhan da! LOL, but seriously, half a mug of beer? And u puked? Even my sweetest, most innocent girl friends don't get drunk on that much. Ha ha, ur a kid LOL. Most girls cry when they are drunk. It's annoying. But sadly i'm one of them. Which is why I don't drink much anymore. Cheers :)

  8. the stairs one was the funniest!lolzzz

  9. No.3 was roflmao....

    and dude no kidding at no.4 ...R U Serious ...Who drinks before exam mann ???

  10. Hey chriz, may be that was actually an escalator which was drunk too and believed that its a staircase!

  11. Chriz I feel you are my twin soul. I too have some really embarrasing drinking escapades to my credit :D

    @Jyoti: Why do you say that many boys can relate to it? Girls can relate to it too ya.... me for instance. Although I never took off my clothes!!! :-)

  12. Lolz...
    Just laughing my way to glory after reading this one :D
    I too have a lot of drunken memories..
    Yours are really entertaining !!!
    Sad thing that you stopped drinking now :P !!

  13. r u sure you do all these just for half beer...huh....u shud see a

  14. u got drunk before ur exams :o

    sounds fun man.....hehehe and last point hehehe roflmao..... .. i knw most of them r a pack of lies bro...u rock man

    semma kalakura machhi !!! :p

  15. very funny...
    Once after I got drunk, I crawled on the wall like a spiderman...thats wat my friend says, of course even he was drunk then :)

  16. you have to get drunk to do all these crap?! :D

  17. THIS is why I should start drinking!


  18. puking on a book chriz??????????????? gross...!!!!

    rofl!! you can forgive me if i am stilll wondering how the girls butchered you in that farewell party.. lol..

  19. Salamn only removes the shirt took the cake. great post. well i have actully done coding after i was drunk. ad yeah it was in c. but the book was diffrent. Balagurusamy's book on Basic (Programming language) is good but for C is not that good.

  20. Half a bottle???? WTH??? LMAO....

    I loved that stairway thing man... could so picture you in that scene... LOL...

  21. hehehehehehehe ... Where is the incident of HR Farewell party da ..... Any ways too good and funny maachi kallaku

  22. he he tht was funny! It was good to knw ur experiences. :P

  23. I think I'd be a talker when I get drunk or I'd do wild stuff..which is why I don't get drunk.. I am already both a talker and wild. :p Funny!!!:)

  24. he he he

    the first and last were funny....the last one was funniest...!!!

  25. ewwww!!
    Although i hate dis "balagurusawamay"...but puking on it too much!!

  26. lol!!! stairway episode was cool!!:P

    my sister once got drunk and tried to switch on the fan with the tv remote standing on the dinning table!! :P

    thank god i hate alcohol... :P

  27. Haha...I observed that you lie a lot when not drunk! ;)
    "I drank half a bottle only" - Yes I know, this is true at each gulp! :P
    I know the feeling of drowing @ hit the bottom much before you realize!
    About the Sallu show...we all know you wear your underwear! :P

  28. hahahah rofl

    5th point is absolutely hilarious.god u r one crazy soul

  29. Chriz!

    ROTFLEST - as a friend of a friend would say! I thought of quoting a couple of lines which beamed out on me most but then I would have to end up quoting three-fourths of the post.

    And, yeah, 'along with the flower pot' though expected was so fluently worded that it still made me laugh!!!

  30. :) had a friend who "warned" someone not to "bite" him every night aftr he got sloshed..a late realization that he was threatening mosquitoes made him the "hero" of us girls in college ;P - ur style of writing sure is amusing/entertaining :)

  31. LOlz !! last one was too good !! I want to just go n yell at few people and think i should get drunk and accomplish the task ;)

  32. aayyoooo!!! looks like life has taught you many lessons post all that..

    great!!and good that u dun drink anymore.. :)


  33. @arun
    and what did her mom say?

    get drunk and you could relate to it too

    doing this with and without ones own knowledge has lot of difference

  34. @vaisakh
    alcohol sure takes everyone back to our college days

    welcome to my page bro.. that was hilarious..

    di you puke on your keyboard?

  35. with half bottle you do crazy stuff, i cant imagine if you had drank more!!! BTW sallu story - was it real??? and cant stop laughing about the staircase to heaven!!! cheers :)

  36. You waited in the bottom of the stairs is it? You did that? Gawd... am still giggling at the thought

  37. OMG Im so regretting I got to ya to share my place with me!



  38. ROTFL!!! That was HILARIOUS :-D

  39. *gasp* *choke* *guffaw*

    I unabashedly state I am a teetotaller... :P

    Good on ya, mate! Takes a lot to write an exam après the booze... ;)


  40. ROFL!!! hav heard tat ppl do wierd things, but a striptease is the craziest! :D


  41. yohoooooooo,

    i like it-drunk tales can get interesting shit out of dullest of blokes-

    p.s(not being suggestive at all)

  42. puking on books...hahah..this is wat i really feel lyk doing.. jai...i got thru in very first attemp..
    i didnt puke :P

    the best one was ...
    Stairway to heaven...rofl... :D :D

  43. lol,,,,im laughing hysterically:)
    i wish even i had puked on the balaguruswamy book...i might have not been stuck in It now then:)....

  44. The next day my friends told me that Salman khan removes only his shirt

    Lolzzzzzzzzzzz :)))
    I am still laughing..

  45. hahaha! the last one is the BEST!

  46. @crow
    hehe.. could imagine how ur behavior would be when u r stoned

    haha.. cos that never happened in real life scenario

    2,3,4 are real incidents

  47. @karan
    nice lateral thinking.. cheers bro

    join the wagon..

    @charmed one
    haha.. dont wanna get into the drunken gear again

  48. @swats..
    a lady doctor? i dont mind :)

    1 and 5 are lies

    and you created a web net?

  49. ROFLMAO........ cant stop laughing!! gr8 one.. did it truly happen? or was it ur creativity? nyways, u rock!

  50. @thoorika
    you call that craap?


    hehe.. it was not a butcher party at all.. sure had many fans after that incident

  51. @santosh
    i use computer only for songs and blogs. :)

    hehe now i am picturing you in that scene bro..

    our seniors farewell party in madison? haha.. machaaa 9 pegs down incident.. wont forget it.. guess i applied pickle on joseph's face..

  52. @ria
    haha.. cheers men

    i know you are wild.. :)

    the first and last one are lies :)

    thanks for visiting my page.. do come again for some more fun

  53. @phoenix
    remote controls hehe.. that is hilarious..come again..

    2,3,4, are not lies bro.. hehe but 1 and 5 are

    sometimes we need to be crazy

  54. @pratibha
    all the best.. give your best shot

    hehe :) thanks bro

    haha love bites .. sure they are

  55. @nikhil
    drinking has to cease at some point in lifee

    sallu story happened :)
    staircase story was a figment of my imagination

    @honey bee
    welcome back after a year...

  56. @keshi
    i am not wild when i am drunk.. so dont worry


    it doesnt take a long time bro.. infact u end up sleeping if you are knocked

  57. @av
    I dint tease anyone.. It was just a bare show..

    even though it is not suggestive , you are right.. i take that.. :)

    thanks for coming. do pay a visit again

  58. @richa



    good day girl. you would have such memories too for sure

  59. @swetha
    creativity mixed with memories...:)

  60. Hahaha! Very funny! What all things you do just after half a mug of beer! Very bad! :P

  61. i dont need to drink to get high..or act weird..thats my constant state of being!!!! ;)

    but i ges u noe dat by now doncha my funny valentine?? ;) :P

  62. I once kept my hands under a tap thinking that its an automatic one.. I wasnt drunk btw ;)

  63. i rem the day still many 8 down joseph... actually he was 12 awesome drinker..who will never get drunk...a true gentlerman drinker...great post dudeee....long life

  64. Chriz, u dont drink now?? thats sad :):)

  65. hahaha...booze and the things it makes us do...

    btw just half-bottles...and that rose incident was crazy man!!

  66. @tara
    sometimes only the smell is more than enuff

    i know that now my valentine brucelee girl

    are you sure you weren't intoxicated

  67. @joseph
    its high time u started a blog and started posting all your one liners

    college memories mr. pius

    haha.. the memories still make me float

    i heard the rose incident in some comedy track in some tamil movie.. gave life to it here

  68. omg..u got drunk before an exam...AAND u got high on half a bottle of beer!! lol...!! :) it was good fun reading the post... :) :)

  69. I've never been drunk... I don't think I ever want to be. :P

  70. Balagurusaamy and C Programming...Got C still scares everything out of me. To know that you were drunk and opened the book. Good for you. You escaped insanity of one order!

  71. my god..awesome post..I got drunk with laughing:P
    puking on balaguruswamy..poor guy:D

    sallu act...superb..

    and the escalator..out of the world..

    btw, did u harm any kids when u dived into that kiddie pool?

  72. wow!:D
    gud to read ya blog after soo many days...:)
    u have quite a number of drunk posts rite?;)
    btw...looks like i wont be free even after sessionals n GATE!got lab n drawing xams cuming up :|
    yea...n me too hav 1 balaguruswamy buk at i stil dunno c++ :(

  73. I always feel the onlookers have the most fun watching drunk ppl and their gimmicks.....

  74. Chriz vazhga!! for this dose of laughter... keep 'em coming dude...

    and i ll try keep u off my swimming pool for sure.. :D

  75. @mayuri
    hha... glad to see ya here in my page.. do visit this place again

    you never know how it would hit you..

    naan bit adichu pass pannitein

  76. @praveen
    thanks bro.. i was the only one in the pool...:)

    i dont think that even balagurusamy knows abt c++

    so true.. the cochin days are the biggest painting the road days

    i am not jumping in your swimming pool anyways.. :)

  77. Thank god for people who don't ! :)

  78. The rose with the pot?? lol!!

    The stairways ROFLMAO!!

    But did you really drink before exam?? weird!!

    Take Care

  79. lolz.. and how did u realize tht it wasnt escalator?? :P

  80. @sandy

    yes true.. jokes apart, alcohol kills and its always good to stay away from that vice


    the rose pot and staircase were blownup lies

    but the exam thing was true

    once you come out of your slosh effect, you would realise it.. try getting drunk

  81. lol....a 2 hr escalator ride! u were planning to go to mt.fuji or what? fun read....


  82. Lol..interesting enough!
    Rotfl @ the sallu bhai incident..and yez..the last incident proved your lameness..but the best part is I do tht often..usually due to absent-mindedness and not drinking! :P

  83. HiLLLarious stuff. I can't stop laughing. ROTFL :D

  84. whoohooooooooooo....cheers... :-) i got dizzy when i jus had a glass of wine..he he hehehe...

  85. hahaha...

    Last one is the most hilarious... :D

  86. Mama ni kudimatkalin nenjai patham parpathu un valimaikku appaarpaatta sevalaaha ennaku thontru hirathu... nantru alla

  87. That was awesome.. Balaguruswamy...
    and escalator one ...
    I never touched thatbookm after colege albeit I m n Software field .. Great blog dude..
    Fun filled college days na...

  88. The last one abt the staircase is really funny


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