Most of us do the craziest of things when we get drunk. I do not drink now. But during my college days, when alcohol used to play hide and seek with my taste-buds, I have acted weird too.Some people get very emotional and cry a lot and realise the value of their folks when they are drunk. Some puke around the whole place and give you headaches and nauseating feelings.There was this guy who proposed his girl friend by throwing a Rose flower on her head. She suffered head injuries. Apparently he threw the rose flower along with the flower pot.

I am not gonna talk more about what others do when they are sloshed. I am gonna brag about what I do when I am stoned. The following are five things from my experience; The experience of an ex-drunkard...

1)C programming -2000

I remember this incident very well because 2000 was the year I started drinking. I also remember the year because that was the year I first got drunk too. Me and my friend were totally smashed that night after three mugs of beer (He had two and half mugs and I had half a mug of beer). I puked on his C- programming book by Balaguruswamy (Madras University students will know this name) and as a result he cleared the paper only in his fifth attempt

2)The drowning episode -2005

Me and my six friends (We call ourselves The sexy seven) drank like wild boars that night . We finished two crates of beer bottles (24 bottles in all. I just had half a bottle as usual). We all hit the pool. The sad part is all my friends can swim and I do not know the art of splashing in the pool. I had to wear the floating jacket and I jumped into the kid's pool which was near the main pool. I drowned in it and my friends had to carry me off the pool.

3)The sallu-bhai story-2003

It was my final year of Engineering. Our juniors gave a very good farewell to us. Alcohol was flowing freely that night. It was a beach party. The juniors were watching us. To prove to them that I am an expert in the art of drinking, I gulped one full bottle of beer (650ml in all). The dance floor invited us to dance. We went crazy on the dance floor. A few guys wanted to do a La-Salman Khan show. The girls went wild. I joined the gang of guys too. After a while the girls went wilder. They were cheering more than before. The next day when my friends told me that Salman khan removes only his shirt, I realised my folly

4)College Suspension- 2002

Never get drunk before you attempt any form of examination in your Engineering degree even if it is just a class test. Chances are that you might get suspended from college for 25 days. I am not gonna explain more on this.Two more guys were suspended along with me. Sundar and Edwin are their names.

5) Stairway to heaven- 2001

I was standing at the bottom of a staircase for two hours. Later I realised that it was not an escalator.